BLOKPAD Essential FantomPAD upcoming IDO Launch on 15th March 2022

After the successful launch of the $BPAD token recently, BLOKPADor more precisely BLOKPAD Essential, announced FantomPAD, another promising IDO coming on 15th March 2022.


As a result of community feedback, BLOKPAD decided to split its launchpad into two services after launching SIDUS NFT Heroes. These services are:


BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL operates as a launching pad for all projects looking to get off the ground. $BPAD will serve as a staking token for allocations in BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL. This will be handled by the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC).

BLOKPAD VIP provides incubation and launchpad for elite projects. BLOKPAD VIP will use $BLOK as the staking token. It will be operated through the Polygon Network (POLY).

Now, let’s get back to our today’s topic. Precisely, what is FantomPad? With FantomPad, Fantom introduces the first-ever hybrid listing platform available on the Fantom network.

In any case, before diving into FantomPAD, we should first take a look at Fantom.

What is Fantom?


The Fantom blockchain platform, developed by South Korean blockchain scientists in 2019, is highly scalable and has very low transaction costs. 

Fantom is setting up things for a more connected and effective environment where people can access technological advancements.

Smart contracts on the Fantom network are reportedly capable of interacting at a max waiting time of 2 seconds, which is pretty remarkable and makes Fantom an attractive option for DeFi projects struggling with Ethereum’s suffocating gas system.

Fantom is a highly scalable, secure, and scalable smart contract platform. Unlike previous blockchain platforms, Fantom provides a number of advantages over them. 

Fantom’s aBFT consensus algorithm

The Fantom project is a permissionless, decentralized, and open-source platform such that anyone who wishes can read the source code for the project and suggest changes to it. 

However, this does not imply that the blockchain isn’t secure. There is a unique consensus mechanism in Fantom, a mechanism called Lachesis. 

Lachesis is Fantom’s aBFT consensus algorithm. In its simplest sense, a consensus mechanism is an engine that powers the blockchain. 

Compared to older technologies, its revolutionary consensus engine, the aBFT, has improved Fantom’s speed and efficiency while maintaining its security.

In comparison to traditional proof-of-stake models, Lachesis uses a leaderless design that permits building and transactions without the need for network confirmation. 

Fantom’s main goal

Fantom’s main goal is easy onboarding; removing these barriers is a significant step towards making this possible.

Users can have peace of mind with Fantom’s security features and spend less time worrying about potential predators. 

Fantom transactions are completed instantly and are cost-effective. As a proof-of-stake network, the Fantom nodes form a global, trustless and leaderless network. 

Thousand of transactions can be processed per second by the platform, and there are thousands of nodes. 

In terms of compatibility, Fantom is fully compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), allowing Ethereum developers to create decentralized applications on Fantom using familiar coding languages and tools.

Moreover, Fantom offers a low fee structure and instant transactions and its ecosystem has thousands of daily active users.

Similar to many layer 1 blockchains, Fantom has attracted new users to its ecosystem by offering NFT mints way below the cost of those on Ethereum in the latter half of 2021.

The heart of all of this is Artion, Fantom’s dedicated NFT marketplace, which operates with 0% commission rates and fast confirmations. Artion can be accessed via Metamask and other popular NFT wallets.

What is FantomPAD?

Blokpad Fantompad

FantomPAD is the first hybrid dex launcher, powered by the Fantom network. It is the primary platform for launching and listing new Fantom products

FantomPAD, which has revolutionized the DEX safety protocol together with the Fantom network, is taking a different approach to launching projects compared with conventional incubation.

FantomPAD Safety Protocols

FantomPAD is essentially a hybrid of decks and launchers, incorporating never-before-seen security mechanisms to prevent thieves and scammers from taking advantage of projects’ hard work. FantomPAD is a platform where developers can list their projects without the worry of scammers. 

Thus, FantomPAD promises to revolutionize the entire process of launching and listing projects. 

It is common practice for scammers to create duplicate listing profiles of another project using project listing dates. By doing so, they essentially prey upon unsuspecting investors. 

Using FantomPAD, this issue can be addressed through a seamless whitelisting link and share method. 

Platforms can do this by identifying projects that have the most users and investment amount to grant stars of approval to legitimate projects.

In a lot of cases, conventional launchpads and exchanges don’t work very well, so finding the right platform can be challenging, especially if it doesn’t meet your requirements.  

FantomPAD protects against all vulnerabilities, be it snipe bots or false listings, for example. 

FantomPAD removed the hassle out of launching and developing a custom vesting platform. With FantomPAD, it’s as simple as raise and list. 

Staking $FPAD tokens

By staking your FantomPAD $FPAD tokens, you can earn rewards and help secure the FantomPAD ecosystem. With a few clicks, you can choose your staking preference, start earning and use your staked funds as collateral. 

For a one-year commitment to staking, staking earns about 8% APY on your capital up to 25%.

Depending on how long they want their delegations locked, users can choose from no lock to a year lock for increased staking rewards.

On FantomPAD, your delegated FantomPAD $FPAD tokens give you sFPAD tokens, a synthetic asset you can use within the FantomPAD DeFI Ecosystem. 

The rewards you get for delegating can be claimed every few hours and compounded for even greater returns.

More about BLOKPAD

BLOKPAD by Bloktopia

BLOKPAD aims to incubate top-tier projects that are heading towards the crypto sector. A unique community for these projects will be Bloktopia.

Bloktopia and the launch of the BLOK token was the most successful IDO of 2021; BLOKPAD is following the same formula as with the $BLOK launch, guiding projects as they develop to ensure they have the right building blocks.

$BPAD tokens have been created following the successful launch of BlokPad’s first IDO, project SIDUS

No Fees for BLOKPAD VIP and ESSENTIAL Participants

The launch of the Blok project wasn’t easy for the team. Many roadblocks, expenses, and questions were encountered. 

Hence, BLOKPAD was founded to continue to offer its services to Bloktopians and Non-Bloktopians alike in order to present the most successful crypto projects to the market. 

BLOKPAD will use a small fundraising effort to offset the costs associated with development, marketing, customer service, and recruitment. 

Therefore, there will be no fees for both BlokPad VIP and ESSENTIAL participants. 

In addition to offering attractive APY stake rewards, the BPAD ecosystem will also provide access to exclusive launchpad projects. 

Binance Smart Chain is also offering $BPAD to the community.

In general, Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) has speeded up transaction times and, more importantly, made them much cheaper, which is a significant factor for launching $BPAD.

You can access other projects through $BPAD, such as SIDUS, which has done well so far and was the first IDO on BLOKPAD. 


Having such a good start, the BLOKPAD could quickly become one of the best LaunchPads around on the launchpad scene. After the successful launch of the $BPAD token recently, BLOKPAD Essential could continue to be victorious with FantomPAD upcoming IDO coming on 15th March 2022.

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