Blokpad Essential MechaChain Fantom Pad & Galaxy Blitz Play-to-Earn strategy NFT Launch | How to Buy Blokpad $BPAD on PancakeSwap March Update 2022

Blokpad by Bloktopia has announced three new projects coming to Blokpad Essential in March 2022!

Following the recent announcement that Bloktopia will offer the first AI-powered P2E shooter game, Born To Die (BTDG), through the Incubation & Launchpad BLOKPAD VIP program, Blokpad by Bloktopia is back with three more projects to launch on BLOKPAD Essential!

Blokpad Essential now offers the following projects:


MechaChain is a Play-To-Earn video game focused on robot combat and space conquest. Each robot (Mecha) is a collection of NFTs made up of robot parts, which can be purchased online with the game currency called Mechanium, Ethereum, or by card. These parts create a fighting robot in a PvP video game when assembled.

MechaChain Story


Year 2219 – the singularity, a theoretical turning point from which the technological progress goes beyond human’s comprehension, was reached tightly by two artificial intelligences.

The Conflict

The rise of those two artificial intelligences and the swift technological progresses that followed led to the formation of two opposing superpowers, both putting the machine at the heart of their government and development : Hêmérê’s techno-democracy and MR-GL-201’s algocracy.

The technological, social and economical performances of those new states were so tremendous that the surroundings nations and people soon joined them, effectively dividing in a few years only almost all of humanity in two geopolitical blocs.



The Assimilees, transhumans merging their body and mind with MR-GL-201, carry a eugenic, Darwinian and expansionist vision of the human race, similar to a sole organism meant to spread throughout the universe.

They are in a constant symbiosis with the mother intelligence and their Mechas through the mean of intrusive neural interfaces and implants, as well as hormonal and genetic treatments.



The citizen of Hêmérê’s techno-democracy are referred to as Pure-genes. Close to the original humans, they are under the governance and protection of Hêmérê and dream of a galactic empire inheriting from the great democracies of the last century, serving the individuals and ensuring their freedom.

The Pure-gene pilots use Mechas with a non-intrusive symbiosis during their fights, with which they connect through the mean of electroencephalographic headset.

You can find more info about Mechachain here.


Powered by the Fantom network, FantomPAD is the first hybrid DEX launcher. Using it, Fantom launches and lists new products. 

Combining DEX’s safety protocol with Fantom’s network has revolutionized the way projects are launched because FantomPAD goes beyond conventional incubation.

The FantasmPAD Safety Protocols

In essence, FantaPAD is a combination of decks and launchers with innovative security features to stop thieves and scammers from exploiting projects’ efforts. 

The FantasyPAD platform allows developers to list their projects without having to worry about scammers. 

The FantomPAD aims to revolutionize the entire process for launching and listing projects. 

Scammers often create duplicate listing profiles by using listing dates from another project. As a result, they intentionally prey on unsuspecting investors. 

Through FantomPAD, this issue is resolved with seamless whitelisting and sharing. 

Identifying projects with the most users and investment amount can help platforms award stars of approval to legitimate projects.

Finding the right platform can often be challenging, especially if a conventional launchpad doesn’t meet your needs.  

The FantomPAD protects against all types of vulnerabilities, like snipe bots and fraudulent listings. 

FantasyPAD simplifies the process of developing and launching custom vesting platforms. Using FantomPAD, users can easily raise and list. 

How to stake $FPAD tokens

You can earn rewards for staking your FantomPAD $FPAD tokens and help secure the FantomPAD ecosystem. 

Choose your staking preference, start earning, and use your staked funds as collateral with just a few clicks. 

Staking earns you about 8% annualized return on your invested capital up to 25% when you commit for a year.

The length of time they want their delegations locked varies from no lock to a year lock, which results in higher rewards.

FantomPAD uses $FPAD tokens to create synthetic assets called sFPAD tokens, which can be used within the FantomPAD DeFI Ecosystem. 

It is possible to get rewarded for delegating every few hours and compounding them for even greater rewards.

Galaxy Blitz

The Galaxy Blitz has been designed as a Play-to-Earn Mobile First Strategy NFT game that features real-world tokens, high-octane gameplay, and extensive history and lore to offer players an exquisite gaming experience.

For a few different reasons, NFT gaming is essential. The appealing gameplay will surely lead to more widespread adoption of crypto technology worldwide.

Additionally, NFT gaming gives the power back to gamers, as they can earn tokens from the time they spend with their favorite game.

Galaxy Blitz players will use MIT token to purchase in-game NFTs and tokens that can be used in the game.

Galaxy Blitz will let gamers devise epic combat strategies so they can defeat their opponents on a galactic scale. 

Each of the four factions in the game will have its unique skills, attributes, habitats, resources, weapons, and features that promote a unique strategy. Players can play as the TalusCentraEndari, or The Scourge.

Aside from combating across space in their own NFT ships, players will also be able to engage in battles on contested planets. A variety of weapons and combat options are used to fight in space, between one-of-a-kind starships. 

Players can overpower their opponents on land by using the unique skills of their NFT Heroes along with various weapons and superior skills. 

Defense structures play a key role in determining the outcome of battles as well as their strength and placement. The winners of these epic battles will gain resources from their opponents.

Galaxy Blitz Creating a Strategic Force

MIT token can be used to buy resources outright or to gather and farm resources within the game. 

Soldiers, tanks, and other ground units can be built and upgraded from these resources to assault and defend against other players.

In addition to providing resources to your units and structures, MIT tokens can also be used for staking, which allows you to generate rare resources faster.

Besides NFTs, players can also mint Superweapons, spaceships, and characters. 

The NFT is considerably more resilient than non-NFT units, being able to sustain a significantly greater amount of battle damage. 

However, they are not invincible but can be repaired/healed using MIT at any time at the player’s discretion.

How to Buy $BPAD on PancakeSwap

Here is a Step-by-Step guide and information on buying and selling the $BPAD tokens.

How to trade on PancakeSwap?

Please, go to:

Official BEP20 $BPAD on Binance Smart Chain:


See How to add custom token to Metamask & PancakeSwap here.

How To Connect Metamask To Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Adding a custom network to MetaMask is simple:

Once logged in, click the Ethereum Mainnet dropdown from the top. Then click the Custom RPC field from the bottom.

Add Mainnet Info Correspondingly To Metamask

  1. Network Name: Smart Chain
  2. New RPC URL:
  3. ChainID: 56
  4. Symbol: BNB
  5. Block Explorer URL:

Set and done! Smart Chain network should be chosen automatically but if it is not just click the drop down from top and select Smart Chain.

How To Add Custom Token To Metamask?

Adding custom tokens to Metamask is fairly simple process. You just need to press button “add token” from the bottom and then choose either:

  1. Search token
  2. Custom token

There are plenty of tokens that you can just add to your MetaMask using the search function. However, there are also loads of coins that you need to manually import using smart contract addresses.

In this example, we use bscscan as we will add a custom token to PancakeSwap also. If you want to add ERC-20 token the process is totally the same but instead you need to use

Search For The Token You Want To Add

First, just type the token name you want to add to the blockchain explorer search bar.

All you need to do is just pick 3 things from overview and profile summary:

  1. Token contract address
  2. Token symbol
  3. Decimals of precision

Then just add them to MetaMask and voilà.

How To Add Tokens To Pancakeswap?

Adding tokens to PancakeSwap is quite easy as well, this is not rocket science but you need to be careful and check that you are importing the right address as anyone can create bep-20 tokens.

All you have to do is go back to to get the contract address you want to add.


BLOKPAD is the first ever launchpad set in the metaverse. Owned by Bloktopia, the home of crypto, a VR skyscraper giving access to crypto information and immersive content all in one place.

The vision for Bloktopia is to facilitate global mass adoption of crypto with a focus on breaking down barriers to make crypto more digestible and mainstream.

Bloktopia, and the launch of the $BLOK token was the most successful IDO of 2021, BLOKPAD projects will follow the formula of the $BLOK launch, working with projects every step of the way to help put the right building blocks in place.

BLOKPAD will incubate top class up and coming projects, to help them on their journey into the crypto space. Giving exclusive access to the Bloktopia community.

Website | Twitter | Telegram ChatTelegram Ann

The Blokpad Essential Latest Update can be found here.

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