BLOKPAD VIP to Launch AI-powered P2E Shooter BORN TO DIE | Bloktopia Alpha Update 2022 

BORN TO DIE is Launching on BLOKPAD VIP!

More good news from Bloktopia and their BLOKPAD!

Bloktopia has announced that the world’s first AI-powered P2E shooter game Born To Die (BTDG), will be accessible to the community via the Incubation & Launchpad BLOKPAD VIP program.

A BLOKPAD VIP IGO will be conducted for the Bloktopia community soon, with full details on how to participate to be released shortly. 

Born To Die is another highly anticipated project from BLOKPAD VIP, which compliments the high standard of products that the company incubates & launches. 

There will also be an allocation for BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL.

Born To Die Gameplay

Born to Die game is an AAA first-person shooter set inside the Metaverse. Within the Metaverse, players compete against each other and the environment to unlock teleportation and time travel.

In this game, players fight for rare NFTs across different levels, missions, and PvP battles between four factions.

The player must unlock time travel for their faction to win the game. 

With the unlocking of time travel, a faction gets to advance to the next season with their Heroes, Weapons, Levels, and NFTs, and they gain certain advantages as the game progresses.

The artificial intelligence engine of the Born To Die game sets it apart from the rest of the league. Besides Mission/Campaign modes, advanced AI is used to play multiplayer PvP and Battleground modes as well.

It should be noted that Born To Die is not only a game, but also a metaverseThroughout the game, the gameplay forms the core and the metaverse part revolves around the shooter gameplay itself. 

Tokens are earned through gameplay. Those tokens become the basis for economic activity.

As they progress through the gameplay, complete missions, or play the PTE version, they must invest/spend tokens in other places to complete various tasks.

Born to Die (BTDG)

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More about Bloktopia

The Bloktopia Metaverse is unique in that it incorporates its whole Metaverse into a single 21-floor skyscraper, in contrast to projects like Decentraland.

Everyone is invited to the Bloktopia skyscraper, which serves as a central hub for all crypto enthusiasts tailored to their crypto experience and knowledge levels.

Learning the basics of cryptography and critical theory will allow users to build networks and gain income through owning and renting real estate and advertising activities. 

Through its Metaverse, Bloktopia is dedicated to building the crypto community of the future.

How to participate with BLOKPAD

BLOKPAD by Bloktopia

The BLOKPAD VIP IGO for Born To Die (BTDG) will soon be taking place utilizing $BLOK and $BPAD as the tokens to gain allocation.

$BLOK Token

Several exchanges offer the $BLOK token for sale, including QuickSwap, KuCoin,, and others. Head over to to get involved.

$BPAD Token

$BPAD tokens can be purchased on PancakeSwap and can be staked on

More about BLOKPAD

The BLOKPAD launchpad is the first launchpad ever created in the Metaverse. 

Bloktopia, the home of crypto, owns the virtual skyscraper. It contains one-stop crypto information and immersive content. 

By removing barriers and making crypto more digestible and mainstream, Bloktopia aims to facilitate global crypto adoption. 

In 2021, Bloktopia and the launch of the BLOK token were the most successful IDO, and BLOKPAD will follow the same model. BLOKPAD will help projects build the proper foundation as they develop.

BLOKPAD aims to incubate top-notch projects on their way to the crypto sector. Bloktopia will be exclusively dedicated to these projects, giving the Bloktopia community exclusive access to them.

Register for the Bloktopia Alpha today and enjoy the taste of the Metaverse!


Bloktopia is inviting its community to become one of the first to enter the Bloktopia Metaverse and participate in Alpha testing! Register today!

What is Bloktopia Alpha?

Bloktopia Alpha Version will be available in February 2022, as announced by the company.

Bloktopians will have the opportunity to experience Bloktopia’s Metaverse firsthand with the Alpha Version.

Both a third-person and first-person perspective will be available in the Bloktopia Metaverse. 

Play To Earn games will allow players to earn $BLOK tokens, while NFT displays will provide them to see what tenants are bringing to Bloktopia.

Bloktopia Alpha is said to be the first functional and playable demonstration of what to expect later in 2022.

Register for the Bloktopia Alpha today!

As the Bloktopia team and the broader tech community know, testing typically involves discovering and documenting software defects (bugs). 

To provide their partners and community with the best user experience, Bloktopia finds this test necessary.

The quality assurance program for Blokopia Alpha will involve selecting users from the community for insight and feedback.

Review and feedback are essential and will be used to further develop the product before its commercial launch. 

Bloktopia will benefit significantly from this testing process as it strives to become the one-stop Metaverse for everything crypto.

Bloktopia will allow players to view it from both a third and first-person perspective, take part in games, view NFT displays, and visit virtual stores to learn more about what tenants will be adding to the Bloktopia metaverse.


The Bloktopia Alpha will be the first playable and working demonstration of what is to come later in 2022. The Bloktopia team will contact you if your application has been successful.

Important Note: the application form will close 24 hours after being posted here. No applications will be considered after the deadline.

Bloktopia Alpha, register today!

Do not forget to sign up for Bloktopia Alpha

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