Bloktopia community joins Wilder World Metaverse | HODL your BLOK with Diamond Hands 2022

Wilder World announces Bloktopia as their newest collaborators in the Metaverse.

Although it may seem like Bloktopia and Wilder World are competitors, it’s exciting news that they will be working together!

Bloktopia is one of the first communities to use the Wilder World Metaverse as soon as it is released from closed beta later this year.

Bloktopia and Wilder World:

Here’s a short overview of the cooperation potential between Bloktopia and Wilder World:

While Wilder World acts as a portal between worlds, Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse created to deliver a unique VR experience for the crypto community and bring users together in one immersive and participating virtual world. 

Fundamentally, it’s a Skyscraper with 21 floors intended to pay tribute to 21 million Bitcoin. It will operate as the central hub and include all crypto experience and knowledge stages.

Bloktopians can earn revenue using their innovative metaverse model by owning real estate, advertising revenue, building networks, and playing games.

Bloktopia, incorporating Unity technology by the founders of Sony PlayStation VR, offers some cyberpunk-style visualizations and a very engaging user experience.

Bloktopia’s new BLOK21 Clubhouse in Wilder World will act as a gateway into both worlds, allowing Wilders and Bloktopian visitors to explore and roam freely in both dimensions of the new reality they are creating together as decentralized, interconnected Metaverses.

Just as WILD powers the Wilder Nation, BLOK powers Bloktopia. 

You can use it to purchase real estate, purchase avatar items, or buy NFTs on the marketplace. 

We expect that there will be some exciting collaborations in the near future that will benefit both communities and holders.

Bloktopia’s community will be one of the first to use Wilder World’s Metaverse once it emerges from closed beta later this year. 

Meanwhile, both projects will collaborate closely on designing the architecture of the BLOK21 Clubhouse in the Wiami and many more metaverse projects.

What Is Wilder World?

Wilder World aims to provide a decentralized platform for artists and creators. 

This platform would allow creators to showcase their projects and products to a broader audience. It also aims to provide exposure to virtual reality through a community-centered platform. 

By building cities for exploration, it hopes to accomplish this. Wiami, one of the project’s first cities, bears a striking similarity to the famous city of Miami. 

In addition, by using Ethereum and ZERO technology, the team behind the project managed to build the city on a blockchain. 

According to recent reports, the city was designed to enable users to explore metaverses. It is possible to play numerous in-game games in Wilder World and earn money at the same time. 

Play-to-earn games are becoming increasingly popular, allowing gamers to find another way to earn money. Wilder World is similar to many other metaverses in that it exposes users to NFTs. 

Users can earn tokens by playing some of the world’s mini-games. 

Wilder Wheels, one of the most popular games in Wiami, is an example of one such game. With this game, which is exclusive to the Wiami platform, users can race or even rent out their favorite cars for a fee.

Moreover, the cars offer intriguing programming features, affecting their performance and gameplay. You can easily explore a variety of car designs that are similar to cars in reality if you need a new vehicle.

Considering that these cars are NFTs, it should come as no surprise that they look very artistic. 

What Is Wilder Wheels?

Wilder Wheels is essentially a game in Wiami in which players can race other players for rewards. 

It is powered by the $WILD token. It is possible to rent another user’s car for a limited period if you do not have a car of your own.

Wilder World is credited with a lot of success due to its many contributors, who help it grow impressively.

Wilder World Metaverse: How it Works

As an NFT platform, Wilder World runs seamlessly using blockchain technology. 

This metaverse exposes the NFT industry, which has skyrocketed recently.

There are a few components that are fundamental to the platform. Following is a brief description of some mechanisms that are integral to the Wilder World ecosystem.


The platform uses non-fungible tokens as its core. The metaverse contains some of the most amazing 3D artwork exploring virtual reality. 

It is also possible to trade these artworks as NFTs and sell them to earn money. It welcomes not only artists but also art collectors

Because they’re so valuable, art collectors need the rarest pieces. Since collectors know that the rarer the piece, the higher the value, this metaverse has become their favorite.

The world is full of mini-games that allow you to find numerous tokens.

NFT Market:

It is no secret that the non-fungible token industry is exploding, and since these pieces are so scarce, you have to buy or sell them through a Wilder World marketplace. 

As we have mentioned previously, the metaverse has a large market for collectors, thereby making the market that much more significant. 

The platform also allows users to liquefy assets.

Artists’ Guild:

It is envisaged that the platform will facilitate the connections between creatives and allow them to intermingle within the Metaverse. 

Thus, they will be able to build meaningful relationships and create more projects. The guild welcomes 3D artists and allows them to sell their work for tokens. 

When artists sell their artwork, they receive payment in $WILD tokens.

Wilder World Mechanism

This metaverse is a 3D world that works with non-fungible tokens. makes it possible for the team to build a realistic world for players. 

It goes without saying that everything in the game is 3-dimensional, and many of the assets that holders own are also NFTs. Interacting with other players, acquiring properties, and even selling some products are all possible inside the game.

It, therefore, has a great deal in common with the real world. Unique projects can be created and minted in the space. 

Additionally, artists interested in collecting rare and intriguing artwork may join the ecosystem.


NFT marketplaces face some challenges that the Wilder World ecosystem hopes to resolve. The marketplace is rarely decentralized; for the most part, a single organization controls all operations. 

Wilder World plans to remedy this by acting as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) where sellers and buyers get to transact through a community-centered platform.


Besides, Wilder World strives to find a solution to the issue of liquidity, which has been a problem throughout the industry. 

As the number of artwork collectors increases, it may be easier to get liquidity when an asset is sold.


Ultimately, Wilder World plans to provide utility, especially to digital products. While many NFTs have no utilities, tokens on Wilder World have a few. 

An NFT car, for instance, can be driven in the metaverse in addition to being rented. You can also own pets and fly aircraft.

Here’s how to get started

As the metaverse is still in development, many features have not yet been added.

On the Wilder World official website, you can bid on NFTs that have been created, such as kicks and wheels, to become an owner when the developers have everything fully ready. You can, however, purchase the $WILD token while the project is still in development. 

The first step you take to purchase your coin is to register with an exchange that supports it, like

The account creation process requires entering your basic information, such as your email address, name, and other KYC information.

Depositing fiat into your account is the next step. You can choose from various currencies at most exchanges, and you can also use your favorite payment method.

Buying the coin is the final step. When you credit your account with fiat, you can easily search for WILD and buy the amount you prefer. 

Once this is done, you can transfer your token to your preferred wallet. 

Despite Wilder World’s current state of development, holders can expect new features that will help restructure the game’s appearance.


Wilder World has tremendous potential, even as it is still being developed. It gives a futuristic impression of a new, virtual reality world that would be interesting to visit.

A lot more people are becoming interested in metaverses, making this an even more exciting release.

When the team completes the development, the metaverse should give the users an excellent opportunity to earn extra income. 

Furthermore, you get to experience the thrills of discovering a new digital world.

Bloktopia overview: 

Bloktopia News

With the growing momentum of Blockchain adoption worldwide, it is also predicted that the Metaverse industry is likely to expand within both the Virtual Reality( VR) and Non- Fungible Token( NFT) sectors.

Analyses around this area show that the metaverse market is expected to reach a $280 billion valuation by 2025. 

This is why metaverses such as Bloktopia have a massive opportunity to take off and skyrocket. 

Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse built and supported by Polygon, and in this post, we will be shedding more light on the project’s pivotal visions.

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse created to deliver a unique VR experience for the crypto community and bring users together in one immersive and participating virtual world. 

Fundamentally, it’s a Skyscraper with 21 floors intended to pay tribute to 21 million Bitcoin. It will operate as the main hub and include all crypto experience and knowledge stages.

This will be the first time users have access to crypto information and interactive content under one roof. 

Bloktopians will be known as token owners, and Bloktopia will act as a central hub, welcoming crypto enthusiasts of all levels. 

Users will be able to connect to crypto information and engaging material all in one place for the first time ever. You could think of an all-in-one place where you can drop off and have all your needs fulfilled. 

In this case, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with decentralization. 

Bloktopians will have the opportunity to earn revenue through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, playing games, making connections, and many more activities. 

Bloktopia will use this technology to create spectacular visualizations and experiences using the world’s most advanced real-meter 3D Creation Engine.

The most exciting feature of this ambitious project is the Metaverse.

Metaverse is the bridge between the physical and virtual world within the decentralized and open-source virtual universe. 

Cryptographic protocols will be developed to manage digital assets, such as digital art, digital real estate, advertising space, or making personal avatars.

Facilitators will be NFT’s on the Polygon Network, allowing cost-effective and rapid transaction processing.

Bloktopia’s four leading principles

1. Learn: This is the first component and was built on the premise that crypto can be pretty challenging to steer around.

Information and resources on crypto are sown randomly around the Internet in places like YouTube, Telegram, Crypto Twitter, etc. They are very disorganized. The goal of Bloktopia is to address this challenge by positioning itself as a central hub where users can gather and learn in an open, caring environment.

2. Earn: Bloktopia offers opportunities to earn revenue through the many income streams it provides. Bloktopians have many avenues, such as Bloktopia real estate, passive earning, staking, and advertising to build wealth.

3. Play: This is another integral part of any metaverse, and one cannot imagine relaxation, fun, or competition without it. Bloktopia allows users to play interactive games, converse with friends, and network while experiencing a virtual reality world from a first-person perspective.

4. Create: Lastly, development projects will volunteer their users a chance to push the boundaries of their cleverness by establishing scenes, artworks, challenges, and more, applying the simple make tool, and then taking part in affairs to triumph prizes.

Bloktopia tokenomics

Bloktopia is powered by BLOK, the native token of the project. In addition to the decentralized exchanges, BLOK will also be traded on the centralized exchanges. In addition to this, the BLOK from initial real estate properties purchases will be publicly burned, resulting in a decline in the overall supply of BLOK. Two more options will also be available;

1. Reblok, a means of buying properties located in Bloktopia. After the TOKEN distribution event (TGE), Bloktopians will have the opportunity to purchase real estate. It will be a valuable asset in Bloktopia that they can resell for profit or lend as a passive source of income.

2. Another one is Adblok. Advertising within Bloktopia is one of the pivotal revenue opportunities for investors. Key brand collaborators have the option of advertising on Bloktopia. The Bloktopia real estate will be sold over three periods, and all BLOK tokens used to purchase the BLOK real estate will be burnt, reducing the supply of BLOK tokens by 22%.

Bloktopia recently announced that ADBLOK NFTs will go on sale through the Binance NFT Marketplace from January 31st, 2022:

Lastly, there will be a total ply of 200 000,000 000 signs, an initial afford of 2,000, 000,000 and an initial market cover of $500,000.

Incalls of clue utility, the sign will have four main uses;

1. Being the native token of Bloktopia, BLOK be required to purchase or lease all real estate within Bloktopia,

2. Bloktopians will be able to purchase entries from the Bloktopia marketplace via an NFT mechanism. The marketplace will showcase items to personalize both real estate properties and customize avatars,

3. Blok will too give purchasers a wide range of pieces within Bloktopia.

Examples include accessing exclusive happens, meeting pre auctions, and staking.

4. Finally, Bloktopia is also currently working on a Governance model. Bloktopia will have a Governance token known as BLOKG. This token will be required for token incumbents to vote and appear in Bloktopia.

Feel free to check out more details of the tokenomics in the lightpaper by following the link on the official website of Bloktopia and learning more about the vesting stage details, token rationing, etc.

The Team and Collaborations

Bloktopia has top-tier collaborators on board, including Venly, Anzu, Polygon, and Zokyo, which is a good sign of its vast potential. 

Big names also invested with them, including Animoca Brands, Jake Paul, Bitboy, Moonwhale, GenBlock Capital, Polygon, AU21 Capital, Shima Capital, and Exnetwork Capital.

Elrond, a blockchain platform, has recently signed a significant deal with Bloktopia and joined the growing number of crypto businesses venturing into the metaverse. As an Anchor Tenant, Elrond’s virtual HQ will be placed on Level 1, which is a privileged location since it’s where all players spawn by default.

The team behind Bloktopia comprises qualified and experienced actors from different fields: Space, Business Marketing, Film industry, and even Immersive Technology. 

Bloktopia even has PlayStation and Sky Vegas as one of their corporate members.

Last-place but not least, Bloktopia has made some mileage in its pursuit to establish a world-class Metaverse. In Q2 of 2021, they launched their impression, did a feasibility validation, constructed their squad, drafted the design, wrote the script, finished their lightpaper, and even designed their Reblok and Adblok NFTs. 

The NFT Marketplace and Staking were launched during the third quarter, along with the early adopter round. 

As for the rest of Q3 2021, the team has made plans to hold two NFT Real Estate auctions, complete 3D modeling, environmental planning, develop wire formulas and the front-end infrastructure.

Bloktopia Q1 2022:

Bloktopia has also begun 2022 on a positive note: Bloktopia will be launching ADBLOK NFT sales through Binance!

Bloktopia announced that ADBLOK NFTs will go on sale through the Binance NFT Marketplace from January 31st, 2022:

Small advertising totems will be discounted by 33%, while large advertising totems will be discounted by 50%!

ADBLOK RECAP: Generate revenue from global advertisers

Bloktopia offers investors the opportunity to earn money by advertising. 

Bloktopia Media Management will partner with key crypto brands and the media agencies Anzu and WPP to offer global brands an exclusive opportunity to advertise within Bloktopia.

The 21 levels of Bloktopia have five advertising totems each. One large one is located in the center of each level, and four smaller ones are located in each corner.

The totems have multiple ownerships and come in two different sizes. 

It is expected that each totem will generate revenue based on the impressions seen by the Bloktopia daily active users.

The advertising fees generated by the ADBLOK totems will be distributed to the owners of the correlating NFT.

ADBLOK Pricing Discounts – Levels 1 and 6

ADBLOK prices were set before $BLOK IDO. For ADBLOK on Levels 1 and 6, there will be a 33% discount on small totems and 50% off large totems during the January sale.

Small totems cost 1.5m $BLOK and large totems 3m $BLOK per ADBLOK NFT.

Binance NFT Marketplace

The Binance NFT Marketplace does not yet support $BLOK as a currency. 

Therefore, Binance NFT will set the currency to be used to purchase ADBLOK.

Considering $BLOK’s primary function is to buy NFTs, Bloktopia has devised a mechanism for matching the amount raised from the sales of NFTs on Binance NFT with a purchase of $BLOK by Bloktopia.

According to a recent Bloktopia announcement, 50% of the $BLOK tokens will subsequently be locked up for two years and 50% will be burnt!

Due to the market’s current volatility, the pegged price will be set on the day of the sale.

More info:

And of course, Bloktopia has made sure that you can learn more about them and keep in touch through various communication channels. 

These include Telegram, Twitter, and Medium. You have the potential to shoot them an email through their official email address, especially if you have specific questions such as how to participate or even offer your suggestions on various aspects of the projects.

Bloktopia News

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