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Bloktopia Discord Open

Bloktopia launched a Discord server dedicated to its community on March 16th, 2022. 

Bloktopians can join Bloktopia’s Discord server, a place to have talks with like-minded individuals interested in exclusive updates and engaging conversations.


Having a Discord Server will allow Bloktopia to set up several chats on different topics, allowing for more focused and higher quality conversations.

CMO Paddy Carroll explained:

“We’ve listened to feedback from our community, and we want to encourage richer conversation and share a better quality of update. We have been aware of the limitations of Telegram for a while. Once a group gets to over 100k members, the chat becomes hard to moderate. Discord is set up to segregate conversation threads and offer more help and support. It will also be a place where we can gather user feedback from our community more frequently as we start to release our product.”

The Bloktopia Announcement and Chat groups will still be available, and community members are welcome to interact there.

Bloktopia will allow Telegram and Twitter users to connect to the Bloktopia Discord Server. Users will be required to verify accounts before they can participate in the Discord chats.

Accessing Bloktopia Alpha

In Discord, #join-alpha! is the chat room for Bloktopia Alpha. Here’s another chance for Bloktopia’s community to win 1m $BLOK and experience Bloktopia Alpha Version.


Visit the Discord channel #join-alpha!, answer three easy questions, and you will receive further instructions.

More About Bloktopia Alpha

The Bloktopia Alpha Version delivers Bloktopians a unique opportunity to experience the new Bloktopia Metaverse.

Bloktopia Skyscraper can be viewed and explored from the first-person or third-person viewpoint, allowing players to interact with games, view NFT displays, and see what tenants bring to the virtual world.

The Bloktopia Alpha Metaverse, which was launched on February 15th, 2022, is the first working and playable demonstration of what is coming in 2022. 

Bloktopia Alpha Version System Requirements

  • The Alpha will be compatible with both Windows and Mac, as the cloud-based streaming service will be the means of running Alpha, providing performance data.
  • In the Alpha, users will use a keyboard and a trackpad/mouse (the latter is recommended).
  • All other applications on a computer should be closed for the best experience.
  • While the Alpha does not have multiplayer functionality, users are still required to have a good wireless internet connection.
  • FURIOOS, the cloud-based streaming technology which has been chosen to run the Alpha, requires a high-speed internet connection and low network latency.
  • A download speed of 15Mbps is recommended.
  • An upload speed of 5Mbps is recommended.
  • A latency of 70ms or less is recommended.
  • Hardware with a reasonable amount of power and modern features is recommended.
  • The player can choose to change the display settings in-game, go full screen, or change their resolution if jittery performance is witnessed on their device and the internet. It is recommended that the resolution be 720 or lower.

About Bloktopia

Bloktopia metaverse was designed to deliver a rich VR experience to the crypto community and connect users in a single immersive virtual environment. 

Bloktopia CEO

Ross Tavakoli, the Founder & CEO at Bloktopia is the mastermind behind Bloktopia Skyscraper Metaverse that enables crypto explorers to study, play, earn and create in an “open, safe, and welcoming environment” suitable for all levels of expertise.

Bloktopia Skyscraper, in essence, is composed of 21 floors dedicated to 21 million bitcoins. It will serve as a central location or hub for knowledge and experience relating to crypto. Crypto content and information will be available under one roof for the first time


Those who own $BLOK tokens are called Bloktopians, and Bloktopia Skyscraper will serve as a central hub for crypto enthusiasts at all levels. 

It will allow users to access crypto-related information and engaging content all in one place. Consider an all-in-one place where you can drop off and get all your needs met. 

Real Estate Income

In addition to the opportunity to own real estate, advertise, play games, make connections, and many other activities, Bloktopians will have the chance to earn income through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, and more. 

Bloktopia Metaverse Powered by Unity 3D Engine.

Bloktopia partnered with Sony Playstation and will work with their VR Headset to bring users the phenomenal virtual reality within the Bloktopia Metaverse.

Bloktopia will also utilize Unity, a leading-edge and the industry’s most advanced 3D Creation Engine, to create spectacular visualizations and experiences.

A majority of all gaming studios use Unity nowadays, especially when creating mobile games. Numerous console and PC games are also designed using Unity.

Game developers used to write out game programs with tons of artwork, animation, and sounds. Then they had to write the rendering engine, the animation, sound, and the physics system as well. Once they decided to port their game to another platform, they had to start from scratch.

Challenging that problem, Unity successfully gave the competing edge to game developers and creators today with its platform and robust infrastructure.

Unity’s developer-friendly pricing structure also significantly contributed to its popularity. 

With Unity, game companies do not have to give a cut of their revenue. Instead, they pay Unity per seat as part of their subscription. In other cases, they will need to sign revenue-sharing agreements with other companies to use their engine.

Using Unity 3D Engine, Bloktopia will build its most attractive feature, the Bloktopia Metaverse.

Bloktopia Metaverse

Bloktopia Metaverse is the most exciting aspect of this ambitious project. Metaverse serves as the bridge between the physical and virtual worlds within the decentralized and open-source virtual universe. 

Digital assets, like digital art, digital real estate, advertising space, or personal avatars will be managed by cryptographic protocols. 

Payments will be handled through NFTs on the Polygon Network, which is cost-effective and rapid.

Bloktopia’s Four Pillars

1. Learn: Crypto is a complex and technical topic, so this component is designed to make learning easier.

The information and resources about crypto are widely scattered on websites such as YouTube, Telegram, Crypto Twitter, etc., where they are not well organized. 

Bloktopia solves this problem by providing a central location for users to connect and learn in an open, caring environment.

2. Earn: Bloktopia offers several revenue-generating opportunities. Bloktopians have many options to choose from in terms of building wealth, including real estate, passive income, staking, and advertising.

3. Play: Play is integral to relaxation, fun, and competition, which is why it is an intrinsic part of the Metaverse. By visiting the Bloktopia Metaverse, users are able to participate in interactive games, converse with friends, and network through first-person VR experiences.

4. Create: Furthermore, users will be able to extend their creative abilities through using simple tools and creating scenes, artworks, and various challenges, as well as participating in contests in which prizes are offered.

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