Bloktopia Menzy NFT M2E FitFi Metaverse Investment May 2022 | Stepn vs MNZ AMA Move To Earn Roadmap Update

Bloktopia Keeps The Momentum Going

The number of Bloktopia partnerships is growing day by day, and although it doesn’t necessarily give the price action a leg up, it certainly lays the groundwork for future growth and development.

Currently, the price of $BLOK is hovering around $0.008, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. In the last eight months, the crypto market has fallen from almost $3 trillion in November 2021 to around $1.1 trillion in May 2022, a shocking decline.

There is also a possibility that the crypto storm did not ultimately end the chaos it caused, which could result in continued free-falls of Metaverse, NFT, and Web3 projects like Bloktopia. That’s yet to be seen.

Still, there are two sides to every ($BLOK) coin, and it appears the Bloktopia team is doing everything they can to be ready to shoot from the hip when the positive sentiment returns to the currently ravaged crypto landscape.

Bloktopia Menzy NFT M2E Investment

Bloktopia’s latest announcement about the Menzy FitFi Move To Earn project investment is indeed an exciting development. 

It is clear that the Bloktopia team is aware of the newest M2E concept buzzword, which in fact, has been used for years to gamify exercises. This article will explore the Move to Earn monetization model and provide an insight into the Menzy NFT M2E platformLet’s get started.

What is Move To Earn?

How exciting would it be if you could make money by moving? Yes, it does sound pretty exciting, right?

Using the M2E monetization model, users are encouraged to get in shape while also earning rewards. This is definitely an innovative system, as you are exercising to improve your health while earning rewards for doing so.

The M2E Model

M2E is not a brand new concept. It has been around for some time as a means of gamifying exercise.

Through gamification, traditional gaming elements are incorporated into non-gaming activities to make them more accessible

We are all familiar with how Nintendo popularized mobile games through Pokémon Go. Before that, there was the Wii console, which introduced the world to Wii Sports.

Professional sports are a form of M2E (Move To Earn) game since athletes earn money through sponsorships, winning competitions, etc. Even though it appears impossible for most people to play sports professionally, M2E provides an opportunity

M2E Potential

You may remember how much Play To Earn exploded last year with Decentraland, Axie, and Star Atlas? Well, now that same level of success has spread to a brand new industry called Move To Earn (M2E).

The Web3 Move To Earn model (M2E) has enabled everyone to earn financial rewards due to their daily exercises and movements

Moreover, it opens a unique crypto billion-dollar fitness opportunity for various companies and investors.

So now that we know what Move To Earn is, let’s see what Menzy NFT M2E (Move To Earn) does and what could be the reasons Bloktopia invested in it.

What is Menzy Move To Earn (M2E)

Menzy FitFi NFT M2E is providing a unique Move To Earn body movement count platform as a way to earn passive income through MNZ Tokens. 

The Menzy team is developing the world’s first Crypto NFT wearable cold wallet with facial biometrics and the first hardware wallet that supports passive income in the form of M2E for a healthy lifestyle.

The majority of existing M2E platforms only provide step counts. However, Menzy has developed an algorithm that is capable of detecting any sports activity going on through the use of a camera on the smartphone or other enabled device

How Menzy NFT M2E AI Works

With Menzy FitFi M2E, all a user needs are a camera or geo-location device like their phone to earn while being active. The Menzy platform and algorithms make it possible to generate passive income while exercising and staying on the move.

Using computer vision programming, Menzy seamlessly integrates AI into the Blockchain and helps users get in their best body shape.

The Menzy platform makes it possible to visually detect people’s activities by looking at 17 different spots on the person’s body.

Specifically, Menzy’s AI-based pose estimation identifies the joints of an individual user in real-time. With that information, the Menzy FitFi platform then creates a unique reward structure.

In the wake of the pandemic and post time, a decrease in active lifestyles has occurred. Menzy was designed to help people maintain an active lifestyle with minimum effort and encourage movement as people work from home more often these days. 

Menzy FitFi System

The Menzy FitFi system is the ecosystem for the entire Menzy platform, and the team is focusing on developing Menzy Move and Menzy Step in order to ultimately transition to the Menzy Metaverse. That will be the greatest Menzy FitFi goal.

The majority of the projects coming out in the Move To Earn space focus on a relatively elementary mechanism that allows users to generate tokens based on their movements; therefore, Menzy FitFi wants to add some different aspects.

Menzy MNZ Token Utility

As part of the Menzy FitFi ecosystem, MNZ tokens will have utilities such as staking, payments, transfers, and base swaps, collateral for BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later). 

MNZ Tokens can be used for a wide range of features and activities in the real world and the Metaverse

Menzy Facial Biometric Verification Wallet

Afterward, these MNZ tokens are stored in the user’s Menzy NFT M2E wallet after they have earned MNZ from different activities. The Menzy wallet app uses the 3D Facial Nodal 3 points to create your password hash

This means that all blockchain assets on Menzy’s software wallet app are highly secured and only accessible via facial biometric identification.

The Menzy team announced the following update regarding the Menzy wallet: Web 1 + Web 2 + Web3 Wallet integration “Our goal is to welcome more and more people outside of the existing crypto space; therefore, all three web integrations are designed for global fitness & reward mechanisms.”

Menzy NFT 

Using Menzy’s step mechanism, individuals can earn passive income by holding its unique Menzy NFTs

Each Menzy NFT M2E has its own features and functionalities in the Move To Earn (M2E) realm. Here, all Menzy holders can compete with their fellow Menzians and even sports stars in outdoor sports and physical activities, such as running, squatting, skipping, boxing, and so on. 

The Menzy team announced the following update regarding Step count and GPS integration: “We focus on having a low-barrier to entry. Our NFTs are classified in 5 different categories & we aim to remove the costly barrier for a healthier lifestyle incorporated in the Metaverse & crypto space.”

Menzy FitFi Virtual Training

Menzians are not only able to compete in real-world sports and athletic competitions but also engage in peer-to-peer virtual training meetings and access different crossfit qualified trainers around the world for training plans and routines.

What is Menzy Move?

Menzy Move utilizes an AI-driven computer vision algorithm to reward users based on preinstalled sports movements such as football, jump rope, boxing, yoga, etc. 

This Pose Estimation & Semantic Segmentation adapts itself to the environment & rewards users in a competitive & exclusive manner.

Menzy hopes to leverage the capabilities in the M2E space to create a machine vision component that builds upon neural networks and would allow a mechanism for activity classification based on self-learning.

As more users are added to the system, the self-learning mechanism will improve. Menzy FitFi would train the system so that people could become more skillful and compete.

Menzy Move allows users to show off their skills, earn MNZ Tokens, and earn income through competing against other holders in physical sports, games, and activities in real-life.

What is Menzy Step?

Menzy Step is a simple version of both Move To Earn and FitFi. It eliminates the need for expensive NFTs or even sharing earnings. 

Users just need 30k $MNZ Tokens as a sign-up fee to get started. With Menzy Step, users need to download the Menzy app from the Google Play Store/App Store and buy $MNZ tokens for their wallets. 

With the Menzy app, the user will be able to track their daily activity and receive cryptocurrency into their wallet automatically.

What is STEPN?

STEPN is Solana blockchain-based gaming and social networking Web 3 app. SOL can be used to buy any STEPN product on its marketplace, but the game itself uses Green Satoshi Tokens (GST), which is what the users will be earning.

STEPN is the first Web3 NFT game in which your goal is to move outdoors from one place to another to progress. 

Gaining more tokens and more chances to win valuable items is accomplished by moving around. With NFT Metaverse Sneakers, you can jog, walk, or run outside to earn tokens, which you can put toward leveling up and enjoy now features like mystery boxes, NFT customization, and minting new Sneakers.

Stepn GMT by Bloktopia News

STEPN is a blockchain-powered Move-To-Earn healthcare and fitness application. Users equipped with Web3 NFT STEPN Sneakers can move outdoors to get paid to moveearn tokens and NFT rewardsSTEPN has a built-in wallet, swap, marketplace, and rental system that allow non-crypto users to onboard STEPN.

STEPN also has a dual-token system, a game token ‚Äď Green Satoshi Token (GST) and a governance token ‚Äď Green Metaverse Token (GMT).

How does Menzy compare to STEPN?

At this moment, Stepn is, without a doubt, the most significant Move To Earn player that has the largest market share. However, some unique features set Menzy apart from other projects, giving it a competitive edge.

Namely, Menzy products are divided into two parts, Menzy Step and Menzy Move

Specifically, Menzy Move has everything to do with the platform’s vision, which enables users to earn rewards based on their full-body movements.

Firstly, Menzy, with the step part of their app, lets people run and earn passively without users opening their app.

In other words, users can walk about their daily routine, going about their day, and then they will be able to see what rewards they have earned without having to open the app.

Secondly, it’s a relatively low barrier to entry right now.

In similar apps, people earn about twenty dollars a day, but they have to put in a few thousand dollars to get their NFTs to participate in these Move To Earn projects like Stepn.

Menzy is removing these high entry barriers and is looking at lowering them to 50 dollars. Therefore, the average blockchain user or sedentary person can easily begin using the app and earning with Menzy.

Next, Menzy has many other activities besides walking and running.

In addition to dancing, users may also be able to earn points by performing push-ups or performing any of those activities in front of the camera, laptop, or any other camera-enabled device.

Last but not least, Menzy will be looking at virtual training development more deeply. 

Menzy envisions having people compete on rowing machines and treadmills and integrating the process into the Metaverse as part of their larger vision. 

That way, people will be competing in virtual worlds and moving in the real world simultaneously. Menzy’s goal is to implement long-term integrations, but they will be focusing on short-term integrations at this point.

Menzy Roadmap 2022/2023


  • Website, Whitepaper, Socials, and Audit + KYC released.
  • Initiation of technical development of the wallet app, integration with Marketplaces.
  • AI Computer vision software development for measuring Menzy Move.
  • Completion of Facial Biometric Software for In-App Wallet Security.
  • Menzy Step development commenced for all menzians.
  • Formulation of pose estimation rewards.
  • $MNZ Private Sale + Public Sale


  • Menzy received strategic investments from specialized IDO platforms.
  • Complete technical development of Menzy step -> Rollout of Menzy App.
  • Giveaway quarter FitBit Smartwatches fully integratable with Menzy Step and Menzy Move.
  • Collaboration with Cross-Fit & Professional Athletes from all over the world.
  • Further anti-cheat systems implemented ML & vision based both.
  • Menzy Move development trialed for all Menzians.
  • Release of Compete2Earn within Menzy Move.


  • Release of Digital Avatars + NFTs with specialties in the Menzy Ecosystem.
  • Completion of Menzy In-App Marketplace.
  • Research commenced to Improve AI activity classification algorithms with human pose ,object and environment context.
  • Rollout of Menzy In-App Wallet with various unique features and functionalities such as facial recognition based transaction authorization in the blockchain space.
  • Bug Fixes + Testing GPS inaccuracies and system cheating for Move2earn.
  • Partnership with Global Gym franchises for acceptance of membership through Menzy Platform. Gyms incentivizing Menzy.


  • Integration on Binance and Dapps login protocol.
  • Collaboration with other wallet apps for subscription of run-time Facial Biometric and KYC solutions.
  • Integration of swapping and trading.
  • Upgrade In-App Wallet to Multi-chain.
  • Upgrade In-App Marketplace to Multi-chain.
  • Community Event (Expected Date: 21st December 2022).



  • BNPL Development -> Buy Now Pay Later DeFi for Menzy holders. Anyone holding MNZ Tokens may avail BNPL services for products on all marketplaces in the blockchain space.
  • Touch Tap and Pay for easy transfers.
  • Hosting a Hackathon for welcoming users to spoof Menzy Move or Menzy Step.
  • SocialFi Element commenced for all Menzians. (Given that the community consists of more than 50K members).


  • Enabling all features of the Menzy ecosystem including but not limited to; wealth management module and Menzy’s very own metaverse focused on well-being and fitness of all holders.
  • Rollout of Menzyverse -> Menzy’s very own metaverse for virtual training, fitness and social competitions between users. Embedding VR based fitness competitions.

Menzy Team

Humza Azeem

Co-Founder, Ops & BizDev

Managing Director of a Successful computer vision biometric suite. Graduated in Economics. Graduated from University of British Columbia

Ammar Khurshid

Co-Founder, Tech Lead

6+ years of Research experience from Cambridge University. Worked on Self-Driving Cars, microsimulation modelling and smart cities. programming mostly in Python. Graduated in Engineering

Zeeshan Jillani

Co-Founder, Design Lead

5+ years into Blockchain, Web Developer, NFT Artist, Web3 wallets, Metaverse and MovetoEarn projects. Graduated in Web Design and Project Management

Abdul Ahad

Co-founder, Program Architect

Certified Data Scientist, Expert in Computer Vision. Specializing in Solidity, Rust, Javascript, Web 3, JS, Node Js, Python, R Studio & PowerBI. Graduated in Mechatronics Engineering.


Menzy M2E NFT platform act as a bridge between the crypto and non-crypto markets and have the potential to attract millions of runners and walkers to the Move To Earn Web3 world and, in addition, improve their health. Bloktopia Menzy investment opens the door to up-and-rising Move To Earn trend with various markets like M2E Web3 wearables, gadgets, and fashion.Bloktopia News

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