Bloktopia News Site Releases Jointly Owned Blok Enterprise (JOBE) Tokenomics Update March 2022 | $BLOK Land Sale MetaMask Info And Strategy Report

Bloktopia’s recent announcement about Jointly Owned Blok Enterprise (JOBE) is an exciting opportunity because it provides a way for all $BLOK holders to own land in Bloktopia at a price they can afford.

What is Bloktopia JOBE?


The JOBE has been designed to give Bloktopians a chance to own REBLOK, thus making Blokotpia affordable to all.

JOBEs will provide a low-cost entry point to REBLOK NFTs and allow as many people as possible to own a piece of Bloktopia Metaverse properties.

Jointly Owned Blok Enterprise (JOBE) was introduced in Q4 2021 by Bloktopia. JOBE has been designed to make owning REBLOK or ADBLOK NFTs affordable for everyone.

JOBE: Why should you join?

With JOBE, you can own a REBLOK and/or ADBLOK NFT in partnership with other people, making ownership and exposure more affordable.

Is my JOBE going to be a group of people?

Investors who stake $BLOK to be a part of a REBLOK or ADBLOK NFT will be members of your Jointly Owned Blok Enterprise (JOBE)

JOBE: How do I join?

There is now a number of JOBE pools on hosted by Bloktopia. There has been a lot of positive feedback from the community, and the pools are filling up fast. The Bloktopia team will keep announcing new ones. 

The pools are filling up quickly, so hurry up!


Step By Step instruction on How to join JOBE

  1. In order to contribute to the JOBE, you’ll need both $BLOK and $MATIC in your wallet. At present, only the MetaMask wallet is compatible with the JOBE.
  2. You can use the following article: ( if you have not already configured your MetaMask on the POLYGON/MATIC network. 
  3. Click the JOBE link to access the JOBE page or HERE, where you will be taken to the next screen, where you will need to click Connect Wallet.

Here you can find more detailed info if needed. 

How much does it cost to join a JOBE?

An example: A 0.1% share of JOBE #1 costs 4,800 $BLOK and consists of 1,000 lots. 

You can only contribute in increments of 4,800 $BLOK. There is no limit to how many shares consisting of 4,800 $BLOK you can contribute.

JOBEs Tokenomics

All¬†JOBE’s¬†have a¬†capacity of 4,800,000 $BLOK. In some circumstances users may have unstaked, creating space in JOBEs for Bloktopians to join.¬†

Always check individual JOBEs for the total amount of $BLOK locked. This will highlight opportunities to join JOBEs.

Can you use Trustwallet to contribute to the JOBE?

The only wallet currently compatible with the JOBE is the MetaMask wallet.

How else can I buy Bloktopia NFTs?


The Bloktopia NFT Land Sale Portal will be an area where you can be an outright owner of REBLOK or ADBLOK. All details on pricing is available on the website Announcements on the live date for the portal will be made through the Telegram announcements channel.

How does the user get revenue?

Rewards eligible to be claimed on the 2nd of each month. Claiming the reward is done by clicking the ‘Collect Rewardbutton and approving the transaction.

When can I join a JOBE?

The first few phases of JOBEs are live, and because people can always withdraw, there is always potential space available. Keep an eye on Bloktopia Telegram announcements channel and the dedicated area on the website:

Staking Live (May Update)

Bloktopia announced the opening of new stake pools and JOBEs on May 31, 2022, at 11:00 am UTC.

Three new stake pools will be available with short, medium, and long-term staking rounds. The APY will range from 20% to 60%, with tokens being locked from 90 to 360 days. 

Find out more about Staking here the pools are now open here:

More JOBEs (May Update)

More JOBEs will open on May 31, 2022, at 11:30 am UTC. Find out more about JOBEs here. Keep an eye out for the JOBEs opening here:

What are the rewards?

JOBEs give a 10% rental return on your investment. You must stake to the JOBE for a minimum of 15 days to be eligible for the rental rewards.

You can withdraw from the JOBE at anytime but will not receive any rewards if you have not staked for more than the threshold of 15 days.

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