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Bloktopia Metaverse Welcomes Telos

Telos joins the Bloktopia Metaverse!

The Telos network, a Proof of Stake blockchain, went live with its mainnet in December 2018. Since then, it has greatly enhanced decentralized economies and provided scalable solutions.

Gasless transaction speeds of up to 10,000 transactions per second are delivered through the Telos web3 platform, making Telos competitive with traditional payment providers such as Mastercard and Visa. Telos is hailed as “Home of Ethereum’s fastest Virtual Machine.”

As the newest virtual tenant of the Bloktopia Metaverse, Telos (TLOS) is already planning on putting its virtual space to good use, and it’s gearing up to host metaverse events, AMA’s, and much more! 

With Bloktopia Alpha Version in place, Telos can make the space available for virtual meetings and AMAs.

In addition to Telos’ recently launched Ethereum Virtual Machine (tEVM), its decentralized file storage system (dStor), its new roadmap, Telos made another pioneering move toward Metaverse with its virtual space within the Bloktopia Skyscraper.

In fact, both tEVM and dStor will be able to meet the needs of Web 3.0 based dApps in the future

Telos CEO

Justin Giudici, the Acting CEO at Telos Foundation, commented: 

“Bloktopia’s Metaverse is a positive step in Web 3.0 adoption and the Telos team is eager to jump in feet first. This is just the beginning of a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and this is just the first step of our grand metaverse ambitions.”

Telos is Web3 Ready

Venture capital and tech companies have recently expressed interest in Web3, a new buzzword in the Internet Ecosystem. 

With the popularity of the MetaverseWeb 3.0 has become the most used in connection with a third version of the Internet – Decentralized Web 3.0. Telos provides Web 3 blockchain technology to develop scalable, fast, and fee-free distributed applications.

Since 2018, Telos has reliably executed energy-efficient smart contracts on a 3rd Generation, ESG compliant layer 1 blockchain. 

Telos Network transactions use less than 0.000002 kWh of energy per transaction, and end-users pay no gas feesTelos is faster than any other chain when it comes to generating blocks / smart contracts for Solidity, Native C++, and Vyper. A major strength of the network lies in the use of C++ and a custom runtime environment called Wasm

Due to its efficiency, Telos is one of the main reasons why Web 3.0 dApps can deliver instant transactions. The Telos system is already capable of delivering 100 million transactions a day, almost fee-free without any further sharding or rollup

This level of capacity is necessary for the Metaverse to thrive. Telos currently has enough ability to meet the needs of all existing layer-one-chains, including all their projected growth needs for the next decade.

Following are some third-party comparisons that demonstrate some of the proven strengths of Telos.

For Web 3.0 commerce and entertainment to thrive, dApps need speed, capacity, affordability, energy efficiency, decentralization and even decentralized file storage. 

Telos Core Team AMA New Road Map


P2P file storage is the reason why Telos dStor was created. Telos’ decentralized file storage system, dStor, is an innovative peer-to-peer cloud-based storage system.

All of the digital Web 3.0 content can be stored by individuals, collectors, digital graphic artists, musicians, filmmakers, and gaming companies with dStor. 

The availability of this storage capability is worldwide, in a decentralized environment, and at significantly lower prices than those associated with conventional services that are restricted to one region only.

Telos Foundation 

To advance the Telos Blockchain Network and provide support to network applications, the Telos Foundation was established as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

What is Bloktopia 

Bloktopia News

Bloktopia metaverse was designed to deliver a rich VR experience to the crypto community and connect users in a single immersive virtual environment. 

It is essentially a skyscraper with 21 floors dedicated to 21 million bitcoins. As a hub, it will bring together all experience and knowledge stages related to crypto.

Users will have access to crypto content and information for the first time under one roof. 


Token owners are called Bloktopians, and Bloktopia will be a central hub that welcomes crypto enthusiasts at all levels. It will allow users to access crypto-related information and engaging content all in one place.

Consider an all-in-one place where you can drop off and get all your needs met. The freedom that comes with decentralization can be appreciated in this situation. 

In addition to the opportunity to own real estate, advertise, play games, make connections, and many other activities, Bloktopians will have the chance to earn income through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, and more. 

Using Unity, the most advanced 3D Creation Engine in the world, Bloktopia will create outstanding visualizations and experiences.

Bloktopia Metaverse is the most exciting aspect of this ambitious project. Metaverse serves as the bridge between the physical and virtual worlds within the decentralized and open-source virtual universe.

Digital assets, like digital art, digital real estate, advertising space, or personal avatars will be managed by cryptographic protocols. 

Payments will be handled through NFTs on the Polygon Network, which is cost-effective and rapid.

Bloktopia’s Four Principles


Crypto is a complex and technical topic, so this component is designed to make learning easier.

The information and resources about crypto are widely scattered on websites such as YouTube, Telegram, Crypto Twitter, etc., where they are not well organized. 

Bloktopia solves this problem by providing a central location for users to connect and learn in an open, caring environment.


Bloktopia offers several revenue-generating opportunities. Bloktopians have many options to choose from in terms of building wealth, including real estate, passive income, staking, and advertising.


Play is integral to relaxation, fun, and competition, which is why it is an intrinsic part of the MetaverseBy using the Bloktopia Metaverse, users are able to participate in interactive games, converse with friends, and network through first-person VR experiences.


Furthermore, users will be able to extend their creative abilities through using simple tools and creating scenes, artworks, and various challenges, as well as participating in contests in which prizes are offered.

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