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Crypto Gaming P2E Buzz

The propulsive crypto-gaming industry is growing, but some question whether it is at all sustainable; nevertheless, P2E gamers earn a significant income flow by completing diverse tasks or acquiring in-game digital assets, such as NFTs, and earning crypto while playing P2E (Play To Earn Games).

In light of recent advances in Web3 technology and the increasing popularity of blockchain innovations in the cryptocurrency market, crypto gaming has attracted a lot of engagement from the traditional video gaming industry

This is creating opportunities for developers to create new and innovative crypto-based games that take advantage of the features offered by P2E Web3 blockchain technology

Launchpads are Making the Splash

Blockchain popularity is also catalyzing the spread of web3 Crypto Launchpads, an innovative concept that offers extensive due diligence on startup crypto projects, allowing investors to make more educated investments based on relevant and trustworthy data while helping emerging startup companies raise capital

Crypto Launchpads are platforms designed to make it easier and more secure for investors, large or small, to get involved early in the startup crypto projects in their beginning development phase. 

These Launchpad platforms allow people to buy startup projects’ tokens at discounted prices and potentially earn a higher return on their investment once the project becomes public.

Crypto IDO & IGO

One of the most prominent Crypto Launchpads that provides access to rigorously vetted crypto projects is BSC LaunchPad, the IDO platform created by Binance Smart Chain Network.

How does BSCPad work?

The BSC LaunchPad is a web3 platform that allows developers to create and deploy decentralized applications on the Binance Chain and open a new incentivizing frontier for investors and crypto startup companies.

BSCPad Launchpad is the world’s leading metaverse platform for issuing and distributing cryptocurrencies and tokens. It enables startup companies to grow and broaden their reach by utilizing specialized IDO and IGO services. 

BSCPad crypto launchpad platform is fully transparent and decentralized, allowing investors to safely invest in upcoming Binance Smart Chain crypto startup projects. 

Upcoming on BSCPad


What is CrypCade?

CrypCade is a Web3 Functional and Open Entertainment Metaverse, powered by MYRA AI

What is MYRA?

MYRA AI powers CrypCade. One of MYRA’s most significant advantages is that its investment platform uses deep learning proprietary technology to guarantee a minimum of 40% APY based on accumulated analytics and continuous data collection.

More About CrypCade

A CryptoCade network is “like Uber and Airbnb of Arcades” since it offers a gaming/entertainment ecosystem that is economically sustainable.

CrypCade (CADE) is a groundbreaking redesign of original arcade systems that caters to both high-risk players and experienced players on one platform, combining gamers’ skills and luck under one roof.

CrypCade’s monetization capabilities are one of its unique features. That allows dapp developers to deploy native applications for generating revenue

Users are able to enjoy the entertainment systems with their in-house custom-developed web3 games seamlessly.

While CrypCasino caters to the high-risk, thrill-seeking P2E players, CrypArcade reaches out to the experienced gamer community, delivering classic arcade games as well as PvP and tournaments based on high-resolution graphics. 

CrypCade EcoSystem

With CryptoCade, through an Open Metaverse concept, both users and the platform benefit from the web3 Entertainment Ecosystem.

CrypCade Metaverse is built on the blockchain, providing a secure and transparent platform for all participants, rewarding their engagement with its ecosystem. 

CrypCade aims to help grow Metaverse Entertainment Content Audiences and create a more sustainable industry using cutting-edge blockchain technology for new users and existing ones for a seamless, enjoyable experience on the CrypCade Entertainment System.

CADE Token

When a user makes a deposit and plays P2E games on CrypCade, they mine CADE tokens, which can be claimed and will be sent directly to their Tron wallet.

By freezing their CADE tokens, users can gain rewards from the dividend pool. Rewards are increased based on the losses players incur on in-house games. 

percentage of losses from partner’s games is also added. Winners are credited from the reward pool.

Tokens are automatically credited with daily payouts, at 0:00GMT, to all frozen tokens. Rewards are distributed to users on a daily basis.

The Dividends page contains information about the expiration of rewards. In the event of failing to claim the dividend during the given period, users’ rewards will be lost. 

Dividend distribution:

  • 15% – users
  • 5% – team
  • 5% – reserve
  • 75% – rolls over to the next day’s dividends

Upon redeemed dividends, players have the option to mine additional CADE or withdraw them to an external Tron wallet, ending the cycle. 

The Upcoming CRYPCADE Features

Here’s what CRYPCADE communicated about the upcoming CadeShop, CadeSole, and Arcadiums features:


“Starting off with the CadeShop, it is our Inhouse store where users will be able to buy Upgrades and in-game purchases for our Arcade games, CrypCade branded clothing, Special “Cade” boxes that have lucky mining multipiers amongst many other features that we will share in a medium very soon.

The concept of the CadeShop is to create an alternative revenue path that leads to the dividend pool for our users to enjoy more returns and increase user profits overall.”


“It is our Custom Console SDK that we are close to finishing. This can be purchased as a standalone console with some of our CrypArcade games downloadable from our CadeShop.


The same patent SDK will be used to run our arcade machines in our CrypCade Arcadiums.”

Plans for CrypArcade Section

CrypCade shared that they will have multiple sections in this regard.

“We will have a few sections on the CrypArcade section. PVP is a player vs. player environment game, and these will be free to play with options to multiplayer bet.

Think of it as Esports betting, but you and another user are playing the game as well as betting on the outcome (house fee applies). PVE is similar to PVP but with AI bots and no cross-betting.

Play-To-Earn (Idle gaming) is the type of game that can passively earn you CADE while being AFK.

PAY to play will be HIGH graphic gaming designed for enjoyment rather than cross-betting (some open-world, FPS multi-players are included in this category)”

CrypCade 2022 Vision

CrypCade Ecosystem Development Fund 

The CrypCade Ecosystem will allow small game developers to build products within it, making it a Central Hub within the Metaverse Entertainment industry.

The Metaverse enables dapps and crypto projects to create dapps together, and CrypCade users will have access to the system’s native token to play their favorite games.

CrypCade Clubhouse 

The clubhouse will be able to provide community members with virtual spaces within the metaverse as well as membership benefits. Members will be able to host various events in these rooms.

CrypCade Marketplace 

Those desiring to sell their NFTs and other such merchandise will have a dedicated space in the CrypCade Metaverse.

CrypCade Predicverse 

In addition to eSports matches, elections, and sports matches, users will also have the opportunity to predict the results of these events for which they will be rewarded.

The CrypCade City 

It consists of different districts, each of which has a different atmosphere and has its own unique characteristics. There are several ways to travel between these districts: walking, driving, or even flying.

Introducing iCADE

iCADE is the token that will drive the entire ecosystem, an interoperable CADE for data transfers between blockchains and cross-chain transfers of blockchain assets.

Existing CADE tokens (on Tron or BSC) will be easily swapped to the one token economy. Details on the swap will be announced soon. All swap participants will be rewarded with iCADE.


CryptoCade is an exciting digital realm web3 ecosystem that combines skill-based gaming with luck-based gambling in an immersive Metaverse environment

It uses blockchain technology to deliver an enhanced gaming and entertainment experience for users, offering prime classic arcade games along with graphics-intensive PvP titles and championships.

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