Bullieverse Metaverse NFT 3D Raises $4 Million| The Bear Hunt Play To Earn Web3 Unreal Engine Launch 2022

Bullieverse 3D Metaverse

Bulliverse is an open-world 3D fantasy Metaverse island geared towards achieving the benchmarks of the innovative Play-To-Earn (PTE) trends, specifically designed for Web 3.0. Moreover, it serves as a gaming platform for both players and the content creators’ community.

Powered by the Unreal Engine, Bullieverse is a versatile gaming platform that offers an enjoyable gaming experience and integrates with Epic’s famous game development platform.

Built on Polygon, an Ethereum-based token to allow cheaper and faster transactions via layer-2 side chains, Bullieverse is ready for Web 3.0. Over 7,000 decentralized applications (dApps) are currently available on Polygon, making it the most popular destination for Web 3.0 projects.

In fact, Bulliverse fits perfectly into the Polygon network since Polygon has also become a popular destination for projects looking to build games for the Web3. Moreover, Polygon has recently raised nearly $450 million in a funding round led by Sequoia Capital India to accelerate the worldwide adoption of Web 3.0 applications.

The Bullieverse Metaverse belongs to the Community

A community-owned Metaverse, Bullieverse will evolve in the style of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Bulliverse’s mission is to build a community of loyal players who enjoy its NFT designs, simple game creation, and immersive game experience. As part of the Bulliverse platform experience, visitors will be able to enjoy the following activities:

Play, Earn, Own, Experience

Bullieverse Metaverse Essential Concepts:

  • Decentralized Governance
  • Immersive User Experience
  • Fair Compensation for users
  • Seamless Game Creation
  • Digital Asset Ownership

Bullieverse will provide citizens with an immersive 3D Metaverse environment. Bullieverse will deliver a memorable experience to the gaming and creators’ communities with a fair and transparent monetization system that powers the Play-To-Earn economy.

The platform also uses an easy-to-build low-code system to allow community members to create and publish games. Ultimately, this can help develop a premium gaming platform where players can both play and earn, but more importantly, enjoy the overall experience.

Bullieverse Gaming Ecosystem

Bullieverse is fundamentally a gaming ecosystem. However, they believe in rewarding the community for their time and commitment. In addition to owning NFTs, users can also use them to play games. Members of the Bullieverse community can also rent or lease their assets.

Besides hosting events and experiences, the Bullieverse Metaverse may host other activities that the community can access. It is expected that in the future, the Bullieverse ecosystem will be able to integrate with other Metaverse economies as well.

In Bulllieverse, you can create your own games and publish them in the community. It offers a vast selection of fun games, allowing you to make your original content.

In addition, the game provides asset creation and lending features, including land, game portals, and more.

Bullieverse advantages over the competition

Play 2 Earn

Earn rewards and collectibles by playing fun games in the Metaverse.

Create to Earn

Create games and publish them on the game store. Each game will be represented as an NFT and you own the IP. Monetize by creating engaging experiences.

Craft your Experience

Buy land and craft your experiences in the Bullieverse Island Metaverse. Unleash imagination, hang out with friends and immerse yourself in the virtual world.

DAO Governance

Have a say in the future of the Metaverse experience of the Bulliever Island.

3D Avatars

Bring your NFT to life and wear them as your avatar in the Metaverse. Your avatar is your digital representation.

Bull Token

Bull Token_Tokenomics

The Bull token ($BULL) is the governance token of Bullieverse. Three actors generally do interactions with Bull tokens, and all transactions of Bulls across these actors will be on smart contracts.

  • Bullieverse Foundation: The foundation acts as the incubator platform for the creation engine. As a result, any assets created on the platform will share a portion of its revenues with the foundation via smart contracts. While the initial embodiment of the foundation is a centralized entity, it intends to become a decentralized ecosystem over the next few years.
  • Staking Pool: This is designed to compensate Bull token holders. Bull token holders who are also game players on the platform will have higher earning potential.
  • Bullieverse Treasury: Represents the Bulls owned by the foundation, derived from the proceeds of sales of DAO assets with a 12-month lock-up. The Treasury funds will be sold back into the market to cover operational expenses.

The Bull tokens are used to vote on resolutions or connect important decisions in the game’s decentralization process.

In contrast, Shell tokens are the ones that keep the platform liquid, which fuels the Play-To-Earn and Create-To-Earn experiences.

Shell Token

Shell Token_Usecases

Bullieverse currency is called Shell. Using Shell tokens, players will be able to acquire various in-game items like weapons, special powers, health potions, skins, and other game accessories. The tokens will serve as the currency for the Bullieverse Marketplace.

Play-to-Earn and Create-to-Earn rewards will also utilize Shell tokens.

Shell tokens will have a supply limit of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens for the first five years and will be used to fund the gaming economy. The Community DAO will govern the Shell token supply.

Bullieverse: How to Get Started

The Bull NFT, which launched in 2021, gives players access to citizenship. Over 2,300 wallets have Bull NFTs at the moment.

You can choose from 10.000 NFT Bulls of various skin colors, clothing, horns, facial expressions, and accessories.

Upon fully acquiring the 3D customized Bull, the players can earn higher rewards through more NFTs or Shell tokens and enjoy their assets and land and Play-To-Earn and Create-To-Earn experience.

More information can be found in Bullieverse White Paper.

Bulliverse Raises $4 Million For its Metaverse

Recently, Bullieverse, which is one of the first 3D Metaverses powered by Unreal Engine and focused on gamers and content creators, announced that it had raised $4 million from an array of renowned Web3 sponsors.

Fundamental Labs led the round, with participation from 6th Man Ventures (founded by Mike Dudas, co-founder of The Block), C2 Ventures, GravityX, LD Capital, Rainmaker Games, Genblock Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Roark Fund, Good Games Guild, Shima Capital, ExNetwork, Mintable, DWeb3, and Gate Labs.

In addition, it was noted that the funding would support Bullieverse’s mission of establishing an open metaverse owned primarily by web3 creators, enthusiasts, and an increasingly large gaming community.

With its Open-Metaverse model, Bullieverse provides a new arena for gamers, digital creators, and investors to seamlessly interact with each other.

Users will be able to make decisions about the future virtual ecosphere through an interactive environment and earn compelling rewards.

With the latest funding round, the project can expand its ecosystem through this fresh infusion of capital by developing intuitive features and providing utility and NFTs, enabling more enthusiasts to participate and explore the Bullieverse Metaverse seamlessly.

The Bear Hunt Game

The first major game on Bullieverse is ‘The Bear Hunt,’ released for early access in January 2022, the game is now available on the Bullieverse Games Store!

Short Description

The bears have attacked in the middle of the night and occupied Verity Village. Now, they march towards the Capitol City expecting a similar result. It is time to show them how wrong they are in their assumption. Pick up your weapons, and take part in the historic battle to drive the invading bears out!

Players can still join the game and receive unique bear NFTs for slaying them.

Bear Hunt Game is now available from the Game Store.

The Bear Hunt Game

Bullieverse Play To Earn Unreal Engine

Bullieverse CEO

Srini Anala, CEO and co-founder of Bullieverse, said,

“Closing this funding round is a key milestone in [the] Bullieverse journey. We now have all the momentum we need to achieve our vision of being ‘the metaverse’ platform. We will double down on the focus of our themes’ play, earn, own and experience’ by executing our product and growth roadmaps.

There are very few web 3.0 projects that have a live product even before token launch – and we are one of them.

We are also the first 3D metaverse play on Unreal Engine with a live game. The next 12 to 18 months of execution is critical, and we look forward to that.”

Mike Dudas and Serge Kassardjian of 6th Man Ventures said,

“As investors in the web 3.0 space, we focus on product and the team.

Bullieverse clearly has a top-tier metaverse gaming product and is led by a very experienced and balanced team. Both 6th Man Ventures and Bullieverse believe in the true potential of play-and-earn gaming and its ability to expand and reign in the gaming industry.

We look forward to having a great journey together.”

Bullieverse Team and Roadmap

The company is backed by a team of highly talented industry professionals.

Srini Anala

Co Founder & CEO. He worked in various leadership roles in Operations and Engineering at UBS, Goldman, Reuters and Capital One. He also delivered multi-billion dollar Fintech successful products.

Murali Reddy

COO. He’s a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade experience in leading high performance teams in finances, at IBM, Oracle and Yodlee. He’s responsible for making sure all operations run efficiently and smoothly. Leadership Coach, Cryptographer and Blockchain Keynote speaker.

Sanjit Daniel

Head of Game Engineer. Held leadership roles in Sony R&D and Hedean. Over 20 years experience in hard-core programming at OpenGL, C++, and Real-time 3D Graphics. Also engine architecture and GPU/Shader programming, VR/AR/MR.

Arunkumar Krishnakumar

Chief Growth Officer. More than 19 years experience in financial services, tech, consulting and venture capital. Author of 2 books, one of them being Blockchain and Quantum Computing. Founder and deployer of 2 VC funds and respected member of their boards. He also holds a Master from LSE, and a Postgraduate diploma from Oxford University.


Bullieverse has a big 2022 planned with loads of important milestones coming soon!

Q1 2022

Play2Earn Bear NFT. Land auction. IDO & Liquidity Mining. Treasure Hunt – Play2Earn.

Q2 2022

Metaverse LAunch – Phase 1. PVP Fighting Game. Bull Run Game. Marketplace Launch. Metaverse Phase 2 Launch.

Q3 2022

Cow NFTs. Staking Dashboard. DAO Governance. 3D Cow Avatar.

Q4 2022

Mobile Support. DAO Governance & Staking. Annual COBI Virtual Summit in the Metaverse. Breeding.


Bullieverse Creation Engine and Metaverse Full Launch.

You can fine out more about Bullieverse here.

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