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Metaverse Promise

Metaverse, virtual reality, and artificial reality hold such a futuristic ring that we might never be able to experience them within our lifetimes. However, the revolution has already taken place over the last several years. Nevertheless, there is another question.

Which metaverse are we going to use? It seems as if everyone is building their own sets of rules for their metaverse. Facebook renamed itself Meta and is trying to create its own metaverse. As you probably know, Microsoft, Fortnite, and Nvidia are all attempting to create their own versions of the metaverse.

Metaverse games based on Ethereum, such as Sandbox, have seen exponential growth, but investors are also interested in building projects on stable PoS networking systems, such as Cardano.

During the ongoing bear market, Pavia’s entry into the Cardano ecosystem comes just about at the right time amidst the constant downward pressure facing ADA, the native crypto-asset of the platform.

Nonetheless, the NFT activity on top of the ADA network gave the token a much-needed boost, with a 14% jump in the last 24 hours and a current price of $1.55.

Pavia – Metaverse comes to Cardano

Cardano, the cryptocurrency project named after Gerolamo (Jerome) Cardano, was born in Pavia in September 1501. 2021 marks the launch of, a metaverse built on Cardano. Having named it Pavia, it seems pretty fitting.

Pavia, the newly launched gaming application established on the Cardano blockchain, has some exciting plans in store for this year.

As of today, the project has issued at least 100,000 “land parcels.” Each has a unique Cardano NFT (CNFT) number based on coordinates.

Pre-sales for more than 60% of the land parcels were completed in October and November last year. All the remaining parcels are expected to be sold during this quarter.

Pavia has more than 8,300 landowners, according to its official website. They cannot access or deploy any content onto their respective land parcels at this time. The platform clearly states that the team is working on “delivering the in-game Pavia experience.”

Like other metaverse projects, Pavia has its own in-game currency, PAVIA, for use within its ecosystem. After a blockchain snapshot in December 2021, 25% of this native token was airdropped to Pavia NFT landholders.

An exciting aspect of the project will be customizing avatars inside the Pavia Metaverse. The development of avatars will become more significant as time goes on, as the team mentioned.

Pavia experience will also provide virtual goods, similar to how we now shop for clothes and accessories. The Pavia creative team expects an entire industry to cater to avatar fashion.

Pavia also announced a partnership with, which allows users to design their own avatars for use in more than 700 apps and games outside the Pavia ecosystem.

What’s Next for Pavia?

Pavia will add liquidity to Cardano decentralized exchanges [DEXs] in the first quarter of 2022 and explore cross-chain liquidity.

In addition, it plans to explore on-platform assets, gamification, etc. As part of the next quarter, the project aims to compile all feedback and develop the interoperability, cross-chain, and cross-metaverse experience within Pavia Plaza will begin testing Pavia portals as part of this quarter’s live event.

As the company stated; “Welcome to the future, we are just getting started.”

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