Cryowar P2E NFT hybrid PvP Medieval Metaverse Powered by Solana | A.C.S Heavy Valkyrie Centurion & Artemisia CWAR Update

Safeguard Your Kingdom

Cryowar, a Metaverse NFT P2E real-time multiplayer game Powered by Solana and launched in November 2021, is taking graphics, gameplay, and medieval action fight to whole new heights. 

Cryowar is a hybrid P2E metaverse game that combines classic gaming mechanics with the latest advances in blockchain technology.

It features a multiplayer PvP (Player versus Player) arena where players can select their warriors and face off against other players to gain power, resources, and world dominance. 

Players can engage in clashes for in-game currency, NFTs, fame, and glory by taking advantage of their characters’ diverse offensive and defensive tactics.

To achieve success in Cryowar, the player must safeguard its kingdom

Players are challenged through a number of battle modes, including Last Man Standing, Death Match, the Battle Arena, and Top Score in 5 Minutes.

Early Stages, However Impressive

The work on the Cryowar P2E game is still in its very early development stages, but nevertheless, it looks awe-inspiring. The game is now in closed Beta, and only lucky 1000 players can enjoy it now.

Made with Unreal Engine

Cryptowar is built on top of the powerful Unreal Engine and utilizes NFTs exclusively as in-game assets. The Unreal Engine is widely regarded as the world’s most advanced and open real-time 3D creation tool.

Unique Warriors

Players can opt to fight with one of four unique characters in Cryowar. They have various features, battling styles, attacking, and defensive strategies. 

By selecting their favorite character, users will be able to battle with other members of the Cryowar High-Octane Medieval Gameplay Metaverse and earn rewards.

A.C.S Heavy

This character includes some of the most devastating ancient tactics and the fierce firepower of furious Gods in every blow he strikes. 

Having several weapons and defensive mechanisms, he is able to inflict maximum punishment on those who seek to challenge him while sustaining minimal damage. His playstyle is long-range and defensive.

Piercing Beam is Heavy’s powerful laser that pierces through anything it comes into contact with. 

The powerful Testudo defensive maneuver shields him and his comrades and allies within a protective zone that absorbs incoming attacks over a prolonged time. 

Besides powerful rockets, Heavy also fires multiple projectiles in the air, which rain down on enemies across a wide area. 


She is skilled in the art of close combat, and her precise and fast attacks leave the enemy utterly confused and unable to catch their breath. Legend has it that she was named after mythical spirits who carried the souls of fallen warriors to the afterlife. 

It may appear that Valkyrie is elegant and dances as she moves in battle, but she is as scary as she is kind last time we checked.

In her Snake Bite blow, she uses a razor-sharp blade to slash horizontally across the ground, cutting through anything it touches. 

A tornado of blade strikes creates a 360-degree damage radius around every opponent who is hit by Valkyrie’s Aurora of Blades attack

She uses the Berserker attack for her last move, where she gets a massive surge of power for a while that makes her blows stronger.


A legendary divine warrior, Centurion, is best known for his ability to attack from medium rangesWhile he is skilled with a sword, he is also a fine marksman capable of pinpoint accuracy when targeting his opponents from a distance.

A bright projectile in his Explosive Shot blinds opponents before exploding on impact, causing catastrophic damage to the targets. 

Utilizing his Incandescent Slice, he displays his outstanding swordsmanship. During this attack, Centurion throws his sword at his opponent. When it reaches its opponent or happens to be close to them, it explodes. Anyone within a medium radius feels the attacks, and their defenses are drastically decreased. 

When the Judgement Day effect is activated, slashes of swords and gunfire are fired in a larger 360-degree circle, resulting in major damage to any opponent.


Artemisia is the latest added Cryowar character, and she has many faces.

Gaming Modes

As the name of the game suggests, there is a great deal of conflict and suspense. 

The Cryowar P2E game provides a variety of quick-play modes to allow each game session to last no longer than three minutes, which makes it a true battle of skill.

Plus, no two games are identical with a rotating pool of level objectives that provide diversity and a great user experience.

Cross-Platform Compatible Game

Cryowar’s most notable features are F2P (free to play) and Cross-Platform compatibility. In addition to PC and iOS/Android platforms, it can also be accessed on mobile devices and gaming consoles.

Furthermore, the game takes advantage of the latest blockchain features, including DeFi, DAOs, and NFTs

CWAR Token

As Cryowar’s primary utility tokenCWAR, has a deflationary supply to keep the game economy stable, which means it will be reduced over time. By creating deflationary tokens, the market can be prevented from becoming oversaturated with the token while increasing its value.

In addition to attracting new players and hyping new gaming content, CWAR tokens will be burned in several ways, including game play buy-in fees and the in-game store.

For conquering opponents and participating in Cryowar’s environment, players wil be compensated with CWAR tokens.

Staking CWAR Token

By holding $CWAR, you can earn rewards in the gameFor staking tokens on the blockchain, players will receive a percentage of rewards.

For both investors and players, Cryowar P2E uses additional tokenized rewards, which makes the tokens more valuable.

Cryowar NFT holders will also receive randomized rewards every month in the form of NFTs, $CWAR Tokens, various in-game tickets, and other assets.

Cryowar Investors & Partners

The list of investors and partners includes many renowned names such as Animoca Brands, Polygon, KuCoin, Mechanism Capital, AU21 Capital, GD10 Ventures, Seedify, Panda Capital, Illuvium, and many others

Where to Buy $CWAR

The $CWAR is available on Kucoin,, and other exchanges.Bloktopia NewsDisclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be treated as such. This content is the opinion of a third party, and this site does not recommend that any specific cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held, or that any crypto investment should be made. The Crypto market is high-risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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