Everdome Web3 Mars NFT Land Sale Dubai May 2022 | Why UAE & Saudi Arabia Invest Into Metaverse CEO Robert Gryn Metahero & DOME Report

Gleaming Digital Horizons

Many new technological advancements and use cases for the trendy concepts like Metaverse, Web3, and Play To Earn, to name a few, are gradually filling the once complete informational void. Scattered bits of data are slowly falling to place, fueling the exposure of the virtual world concept to the mainstream about the world going digital. 

Numerous important discoveries and revolutionary breakthroughs have always been made throughout history by pushing beyond the status quo, where the few stand out and lead the rest.

While most old dogs can’t learn new tricks, we can always rely on the new kids on the block – Architects of the blockchain-powered Metaverses are now building future worlds and economies where everyone will be able to create a nook for themselves. They are providing VR, crypto, and Web3 enthusiasts with something to dream about looking at the gleaming new digital horizons.

The Metaverse Market Growth

A number of indicators support the prediction that the

Metaverse Market will reach an astounding $1 trillion by 2030.

The Metaverse and Web3 have enormous potential for large companies and conglomerates engaged in various industries. Increasing demand for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality applications is one of the principal factors driving Metaverse’s expansion. As well as NFTs, the growth of virtual economies is stimulated by their popularity.

NFT Market Growth

Starting in 2021, there were $55.5 million in sales for the collectible NFT market. 

According to the latest forecasts, non-fungible tokens (NFT) are expected to reach over $140 billion by 2026.

A land plot in Decentraland sold for $2.43 million in November 2021, for instance. Sandbox had previously sold plots for over $650,000. All of this was sparked by Axie Infinity’s record $1.5 million sale at the start of 2021. 

Digital Advertising Growth

Since 2015, the global digital advertising market has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 15.7%, reaching a value of nearly $374.2 billion in 2020.

It is predicted that the digital advertising market will grow by 15.3% from $374.2 billion in 2020 to $763.6 billion in 2025

Taking the logical progression from Web2 to Web3, we can expect that a rapidly growing percentage of online spending will shift to the Web3 experience; while immersive advertising will enable brands to engage with their customers in a profoundly new way. 

Gaming Market & In-Game Items Growth

About 2.7 billion people play games worldwide. In 2020, they spent around $159 billion on games, a number that is expected to grow to at least $200 billion by 2023.

According to current estimates, virtual game items account for $50B in sales. Many items are sold by third parties. 

VR/AR Industry Growth

Currently, the global market for augmented and virtual reality sits at $30.7B and is expected to reach $297B by 2024Global business meetings, meetups, conferences, entertainment events such as concerts, and much more can all be leveraged through VR.

Metaverse Growth Forecast 

Quite clearly, writings are on the wall, and hence, there is no doubt that the metaverse market will flourish over the next decade.

As the world evidently goes toward digital, we’re going to get more and more involved with it. Metaverses will be places where we can interact, share our thoughts and ideas, have a voice, do business, shop, and be entertained.

Having a strong digital presence will become increasingly important going forward.

In the light of the above, the following article explores the exciting Metaverse Creators Everdome and Metahero, both founded by the same man.

But first off, we’re bringing the most recent update on the upcoming Everdome Mars Land Sale, where the Metaverse Virtual Land on Mars will be auctioned off on May 20th!

Everdome Mars Land Sale

Everdome ($DOME), a hyper-realistic Web3 metaverse, will begin the Web3 Mars Land Sale on May 30th for those investors who wish to own a piece of the Red Planet.

For eight weeks, 12,000 plots of Everdome Mars land will be available for purchase within the Everdome Web3 Metaverse ecosystem.

More info about the upcoming Everdome Mars Land Sale can be found here


Everdome Web3 Metaverse is a fully immersive web experience built with Unreal Engine 5. Bringing together concept artists, game producers, 3D designers, visual effects experts, urban planners, marketers, and developers that have delivered graphics and effects for almost a decade, Everdome promises to deliver an immersive Web3 experience

Metahero Ultra Real Avatars and Worlds

Within the ecosystem that includes Metahero/WDW (Wolf Digital World), Everdome Web3 Metaverse will serve as the destination for ultra-HD avatars and real-world scanned objects generated by Metahero/WDW

The Everdome Metaverse will serve as a home for Metahero’s remarkable technology to live, interact, and thrive. 

Together with EverdomeMetahero will become a ubiquitous Web 3 VR experience – a point at which taking off your VR headset will leave you unsure whether it’s real or not. 

Everdome To Colonize Mars

Having launched in three phases this year, Everdome will take users on a journey to colonize the Martian surface from Hatta, United Arab Emirates. 

HQ Dome on Mars

The massive dome of Everdome Metaverse will be built on Mars, where people, artists, musicians, businesses, brands, and companies can buy space, land, or set up shop fronts for advertising and/or real-world transactions. 

Think of a dome-covered city with lots of buildings, parks, and streets to walk around on. They all promise to be superrealPeople who wish to be in the center of Everdome life will converge at the HQ dome on Mars – the heart of the settlement. 

Everdome Metaverse Community Domes

Want to settle Mars by yourself…or with others? In addition to providing land and domes for those who wish to colonize Mars on the edge of Everdome’s headquarters, the ecosystem will also provide the land and domes for brands and communities

You can settle your company or community here with complete sovereignty, and Everdome will provide all the assistance you need. 

Everdome & Unreal Engine 5 Photorealistic Graphics

Photorealistic graphics in Everdome are made possible through Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 and the latest 3D scanning technology. Players will be amazed by Everdome’s Metaverse photorealistic graphics.

12,000 Plots

Everdome will begin offering 12,000 hexagonal plots of land for sale in eight-week auctions starting May 30th 2022. A total of 1,500 plots will be auctioned off during each auction, which will run for one week in one of the six unique districts of the game. 

Metahero 3D Avatars Rewords

Metahero 3D chambers placed around the Everdome Web3 world allow anyone to scan anything, including themselves, at ultra-high resolutions. 

Metahero will be paying people to be scanned, in $HERO, as part of their mission to create the largest database of scanned objects and real-world people.

Everdome 3D NFTs

Artwork will be scanned into 3D NFTs similarly, where time spent using Metascanner will be reimbursed using the $HERO token rather than by the item scanned.

Dome-estate offering 

Land Sales – Users can purchase land in Everdome Metaverse to increase their holding of NFTs and digital land.

Property Sales/Rent 

Whether you are a developer or not, you may want to invest in a project and purchase or rent property. With Everdome Metaverse, you will be able to expand your real-estate portfolio like you would in the real world

Everdome Advertising 

Getting in early doesn’t necessarily mean you have to own property at Everdome; it’s an environment where brands can flourishUsers can purchase advertising space both in the Metaverse and in the real world if they’re looking to grow their business or product.

Everdome Marketplace

Need a new place to sell your products or services? Everdome will help you facilitate your marketplace, allowing you to increase your reach and customer base, while at the same time allowing you to offer new types of products for an exciting new world (Metaverse).

Who is Robert Gryn, Everdome & Metahero CEO and Founder?

Robert Gryn is the youngest self-made entrepreneur to make the Forbes 100 Richest list in Poland. He’s the former CEO of Codewise, the 2nd fastest growing company in Europe. 

While working as chief executive officer at Codewise, Gryn was always passionate about cryptocurrency and Metaverse. After selling Codewise he shifted 100% of his attention and focus to crypto. His new mission is to help accelerate the mass adoption of this revolutionary technology. 

The Dubai-based company, Everdome, aims to leverage Metahero’s ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technology to bridge the physical and digital worlds allowing people to replicate real-world objects in photo-realistic 3D. This enables a platform for the creation of NFTs.

Like many, Gryn believes that blockchain will make the world a better and more equitable place.

“Society’s shift toward a more connected way of living was accelerated due to pandemic restrictions. This paved the way for the Metaverse, which is free from the restrictions and limitations of everyday life, to grow at an immense rate. 

The future is in the Metaverse, now more than ever before; people want their real-world experiences available at the press of a button, which is exactly what the Metaverse offers

From sales and marketing to hospitality, education, and everything in-between, the Metaverse is the solution to delivering premium experiences.”

In a recent interview, Everdome CEO Rob Gryn shared Everdome’s vision of colonizing Mars:

Q: Everdome has been labeled as the most hyper-realistic metaverse, but can you tell us more about the concept – and what are the primary objectives of your three-phased plan which will be rolled out later this year?

Robert Gryn

Everdome aims to create the most hyper-realistic metaverse that will bring brands and people together – all with the intent of building the most realistic web3 experience.

Through the creation and facilitation of NFTs, land sales, marketplaces, and the highest quality avatars on the market, Everdome will define life in the virtual world, providing a place for brands and individuals to interact in the highest possible quality.

The three-phase plan is our way of tying our settlement of Mars (where Everdome will be located) to a real-life type experience. Instead of just creating it and saying “hey, here it is – we hope you enjoy it,” we have put together a program that will allow our community and investors to join us on the journey of development and the many stages that have to happen to make Everdome a reality.

We work very closely with scientists, astrologists, and engineers that have studied and understand what it will take to get to Mars, much like a real exploration organization (NASA, SpaceX, etc.).

Phase 1 will allow people to experience our launch room while interacting with our experience, each other, and big-name brands – essentially to give them a taste of what’s to come, the quality and type of experience that they will enjoy on Mars.

The second phase, the launch, will allow a select group of people to actually board the space vessel, and enjoy the journey to Mars – which will take roughly 123 days (actual data and experiences from real-life used to determine this timeline). Those who are not aboard the vessel itself will have the opportunity to watch the launch from their desktop, notebook, or phone.

If you were around, imagine the excitement and engagement that the Apollo 11 launch in 1969, with the world around their TVs all watching – this is the type of excitement and feeling we aim for with our launch.

Phase 3 will be the landing (settlement) of Mars, where the first boots will hit the ground. I can’t say more around this phase for obvious reasons. You can be sure that we aim to wow and provide an experience like no other.

Following the landing, like any settlement, we will focus on building and expanding. Early settlers of any era of region can attest, this will be a time of getting our hands dirty and building for the future.

Q: Can you provide us with some more background on the company, in terms of when it was established, what inspired you to create Everdome – and how have you financed the company? Have you embarked upon financing rounds to attract investment from private equity investors and venture capitalists, or has investment come from different channels?

Robert Gryn

The idea of ‘Everdome’ started popping up around the fall of last year (2021) and moved fast from there.

Everdome was a concept built out of need, ability, and vision. Quickly after launching our first project (through IDO) Metahero, we quickly realized that for Metahero/WDW to really be able to show their potential we needed to develop a place for the tech/avatars/objects to live.

Metahero, our first project, is what we refer to as ‘the gateway into the metaverse,

where we use photogrammetric scanning technology to scan real-world objects and people – creating the most realistic & authentic avatars on the planet.

Due to the fact that other metaverses such as decentraland, sandbox, etc, while paving the way and really helping to open people’s eyes to web3 possibilities, were lacking the bandwidth to support the avatars that were being created by Metahero/WDW. Out of this need, the idea of Everdome was born.

This just being the beginning, Everdome has VERY quickly spawned into this massive ecosystem project that aims to essentially rebuild life as we know it – without the constraints of our physical world. The metaverse allows us to use reality as a foundation to create life as it should be, overcoming real-world limitations from the likes of gravity and distance to disease, inequalities, and everything in between.

Q: We know that we live in the ‘experience economy’ and the metaverse and Everdome are designed to fuel incredible experiences for their end-users. However, can you tell us how you intend on monetizing this experience offering, will end-users pay for the privilege of experiencing what it is like to land on Mars?

Robert Gryn

Everdome the metaverse is a project that is backed by $DOME token, which will play a big part in the financing of the project early on, plus the utility that will be packed into this token for transactional purposes around anything and everything Everdome will be vast. Imagine all the different things you might need to survive on the red planet, you can assume that some of those things may need to be purchased in-game.

Additionally, we are currently developing an NFT marketplace, as well as individual NFT collections that will be sold and given away to the community. Allowing people to get involved in Everdome in more symbolic ways. The marketplace will be a place where people can sell/trade their NFTs with others.

Furthermore, we will be holding land sales, where people can buy up land or buildings (to sell or rent) which will engage the users and allow people and organizations the opportunity to be part of the settlement of Everdome.

Lastly, we will be allowing in-verse advertising with key partners and brands that meet our criteria and vision of what we collectively want from Everdome.

Can you give us more information on the technologies that you are leveraging to deliver these experiences – and how important next-gen technologies like 5G will be to really provide a solid connectivity foundation that is ultimately needed for you to achieve your goals?

Without going too far into depth I can say that the key driver for the “hyper-realistic” vision we have is delivered through Unreal Engine 5.

Initially a gaming platform, UE5 provides amazing building capabilities, graphics second to none, and the added benefit of being so widely adopted and used in the gaming community that there is a sense of built-in familiarity with the technology – making it easier for people to associate with rather quickly.

Obviously, technology will play a major role in the quality to which anyone will be able to experience Everdome. Internet connectivity will be a key factor, as will the hardware setup that’s being used. Obviously, almost everyone (outside of dial-up) will be able to experience Everdome, to what quality depends on their setup.

The beauty of it is the same as with anything else, if you have never experienced, let’s same gaming on a proper piece of hardware, then you really don’t know the difference in quality. So, when it comes down to quality, minus the very experienced gamers, the quality is in the eye of the user, and needless to say, Everdome will be offered in the highest possible quality for anyone to tap into.

Q: We are hearing a lot more about the metaverse since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, and Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, which it said was to help position itself as a global leader in the metaverse. For those, still grappling to understand what exactly the metaverse is, how exactly would you best describe it?

Robert Gryn

The metaverse means different things to different people, so it’s really hard to pin down one definition. The metaverse (web3.0) to me (us) is an opportunity to experience the internet in a very different way – a full sensory experience. While the tech is not widely available, there are going to be ways to tap into all of your senses in the coming years – as people rush to replicate physical experiences in the digital world.

A more utopian explanation would be that the metaverse is picking up where the physical world leaves off.

We are essentially rebuilding life as we know it – but without the constraints of our physical world.

The metaverse allows us to use reality as a foundation to create life as it should be, overcoming real-world limitations from the likes of gravity and distance to disease, inequalities, and everything in between. There are no boundaries or borders in the metaverse. A blank canvas.

Metaverse Web3 Concept

Sure, the Metaverse isn’t a new concept in the world of Web3. In contrast, until recently, virtual worlds where virtual characters walked around as ‘avatars’ were only available in games and movies. 

In fact, Neal Stephenson coined the term Metaverse in his science fiction novel Snow Crash (1992), in which humans interact with software agents in a virtual world. 

Robert Gryn 

“I like to think of the metaverse as the next evolution of not only human communication but of society as a whole,” says Robert Gryn, chief executive officer and founder of Everdome and Metahero. 

“It (Metaverse) will play a role in redefining our entire relationship with the internet, especially as we move into the Web3 era

Landowners in Everdome can develop their land as they see fit, generate revenue, or even resell the land in the future if they choose. 

Everdome is equipped and staffed with all the equipment and expertise necessary to design, architect and create individual lands as the settlement grows. 

The possibilities are endless,” said Gryn. “In the metaverse, the only limits are our imagination.”

Users can learn about space exploration and the journey that lies ahead by exploring the launch room in Everdome’s phase one, set in HattaDuring phases two and three, Everdome continues its journey, from the voyage to Mars to landing and settling on the planet.

UAE & Saudi Arabia Metaverse Investment

There are no limitations to the Metaverse, and people are free to explore every corner of these virtual worlds.  Through immersive customer experiences in a metaverse, for example, marketing and sales can be dramatically increasedAny aspect of the real world can be duplicated in the Metaverse, and the only limitation is the imagination of the user.

Middle Eastern countries, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, massively invest in digital technology

Dubai Municipality recently announced that it would partner with private sector companies and investors to build a futuristic, human-centered version of the city that capitalizes on the opportunities provided by the Metaverse concept. 

Saudi Arabia Metaverse Adoption

Moreover, Saudi Arabia announced that it is planning to invest over $6.4 billion in advanced technology, including Metaverse and blockchain.

Robert Gryn 

“The Middle East has a culture of early adoption and innovation, especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. That’s why it’s so refreshing to be here and also why we chose Hatta, in Dubai, as the virtual launch site of the Everdome mission. 

The UAE’s got strong interests in Mars, which made it a natural fit – and Hatta’s mountains look amazing in our Metaverse,” adds Gryn. Robert Gryn believes there is immense potential for growth in the UAE and Saudi Arabia region. 

“People here want to be part of the latest trends, especially when it comes to technology and gaming

When people are excited about something, brands get excited too, which means they will make a move to invest in their metaverse presence

That will fuel the Web3 economy, especially in light of the push cities like Dubai are making towards blockchain and digital finance.”

Everdome Web3 Genesis NFT collection

Everdome’s Genesis NFT collection will offer its holders a wide array of benefits both short and long term. 

Most notably, holders of an Everdome Genesis NFT will hold a ‘golden ticket‘, acting as a right of early access to Everdome’s launch facility & Space Port.

You can find a complete list of benefits for each of the three tiers in the Everdome Genesis collection here.

To learn more about land sales, visit map.everdome.io

What is Metahero?

The Metahero (HERO) project was launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to enable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well as meta tokens and meta avatars to be generated.

Blockchain and 3D Scanning

Crypto makes contact with 3D scanning technologies, linking the digital and physical worlds. That’s how Metahero defines its own initiative, and it’s simple to understand why it’s gotten so much attention.

Metahero’s fundamental technology is 3D scanning, which examines a real-world item to collect data on its look and recreate it digitally

With the help of Wolf Studio and its innovative technologies, Metahero has access to the top 3D scanners in the entertainment sector, including music, gaming, and fashion.

Metahero (HERO) gives its customers the capacity to transform almost anything into an ultra-realistic NFT. However, just replicating something digitally represents only a portion of the value

Metahero Marketplace

Every Metahero NFT is immutably registered on the blockchain and instantaneously monetizable. In this approach, Metahero creates a web3 marketplace and token ecosystem to provide entrepreneurs and innovators access to the future’s unique, all-digital possibilities.

Using Next-Gen 3D Tech

Metahero scanners are a new technical innovation. Each one employs a mobile 3D chamber made up of 16 moveable stanchions, a server unit, and four cameras. Furthermore, a total of 64 devices are ready to shoot photographs in perfect sync.

Through the use of Ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technology Metahero and WDW have partnered to bring on the next 10 million new users to cryptocurrency

Gaming, NFTs, Medicine, Fashion, VR/AR, Social Media, and the Metaverse are all destinations of scanned people and real-world objects. With Metahero, users can:

  • Create their own 3D avatar
  • Scan & create 3D NFTs
  • Use HERO token to transact

Metahero Token & Marketplace

The HERO token is a utility token that grants access to the Metahero ecosystem to users. The token has a revolutionary deflationary methodology that gradually reduces the overall supply. 

In terms of use, HERO allows its holder to deal on the Metahero NFT marketplace, pay royalties, and fund its own scans.

Metahero (HERO) can be traded on Gate.io, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, and other exchanges.

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