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There are a lot of things to consider when buying Virtual Land or other Crypto Assets in the Metaverse, and finding the perfect piece of property can be quite challenging. 

With so many crypto gaming projects launching these days, it has become increasingly demanding to keep up with all the latest developments in the metaverse crypto land market.

The process of finding a suitable parcel of Metaverse Land typically entails a systematic analysis. The project must be backed by a strong team, but more importantly, it must bring something new to the metaverse table. 

Some essential criteria for buying Metaverse Land are outlined in the following tips.

Metaverse Land Buying Tips


In contrast to investing in the real estate market, where your physical property is real, the property in the digital world will become non-existent if the platform that you purchased it from fails to deliver. Metaverse & Crypto gaming projects and platforms require the right team to carry them out.

It is absolutely essential to have an experienced team on board. Therefore, the project stands a much better chance of surviving and adapting quickly to a rapidly evolving digital environment if it’s backed up by seasoned professionals. Consider, for example, the project’s team members’ qualifications (see their profiles on social media).


Another benchmark is that, ideally, the project should develop something new or improve something that already exists on the market. We can ask: What added value does our target project offer to any already existing metaverse concepts? For example, it could be a new feature that’s still missing in other projects or an entirely new monetization model incorporated into the project we are interested in.

A completely new feature that’s never been seen before on the market is tough to come up with. Because of this, experienced teams are investigating existing ideas and products and continuously working on ways to improve and innovate them.


If you’re trying to determine which metaverse crypto token to invest in, tokenomics is a concept you need to know since the factors included will undoubtedly affect your investment decision. The project’s tokenomics can usually be determined from websites like CoinMarketCap and the project’s Whitepaper.

We must check several factors, including allocation and token distribution, token supply, market capitalization, and the token model before investing in Metaverse Land.


When researching a metaverse and crypto project, we must look up its community. A massive and passionate community is one fundamental factor in the success of a project that needs to be carefully taken care of, but they are not easily gathered around any random and plain idea. People’s knowledge of this new crypto technology and the technology itself is still in its infant stages.

We all are driven by the passion and commitment to enlighten others about the Metaverse or Crypto sphere, whether as developers, users, analysts, or investors. It is essential to continuously share knowledge to ensure innovation and adoption. For any project to succeed, it’s necessary to understand the users’ needs, and a large, engaged community is an essential ingredient.

Metaverse Opportunities

As firms like Walmart, Nike, and Hulu enter the newborn metaverse & crypto industry, JPMorgan also anticipates the Metaverse will inevitably lead to new services and business models.

In their new report, the company indicates that virtual and real worlds are indeed merging, opening up new opportunities for consumers, especially in developing countries.

According to the report, businesses in multiple industries will have more opportunities to grow with the Metaverse.

According to the paper, important groups like businesses, technology providers, large projects, and financial institutions should collaborate to maximize the potential of the Metaverse. 

J.P. Morgan Enters the Decentraland Metaverse

With the opening of an Onyx lounge in Decentraland, the blockchain-based virtual world, JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the US, has entered the Metaverse.

The biggest financial institution globally, JPMorgan Chase is the first to establish a digital presence.  

Located in the Decentraland Onyx lounge are the bank’s permission Ethereum-based services. Guests can enjoy the lounge in Metajuku, a digital version of a shopping area modeled after Harajuku in Tokyo.

JP Morgan releases the report after launching a virtual Onyx lounge on the blockchain-based world of Decentraland (MANA), making it the first major bank to enter the Metaverse.

A white paper on opportunities in the Metaverse that JPMorgan released simultaneously as its venture into virtual real estate is certainly not a coincidence. 

According to the biggest bank in the US, the Metaverse sector will eventually generate US$1 trillion in annual revenue, signaling a tremendous potential investment opportunity in the coming period.

What is Metanomics?

Metanomics‘ or the Metaverse Economy is a term coined by combining two words, Metaverse and Economics.

Like it or not, with over 2.5 billion people using technology through their phones, laptops, desktops, consoles, and VR headsets, the world is indeed becoming more of a virtual experience, especially in the Crypto Gaming realm. 

We are living through the beginning of a tremendous paradigm shift in the world of economics today. Things will impact wider society and economics in real life, tinning the barriers between virtual and real worlds

As a result of numerous interactions between the two, both worlds will be affected in a variety of ways. 

For example, we’ve seen an actual proof-of-concept demonstration of just how tightly fused the two worlds are throughout this pandemic.

Metanomics Basics

Metanomics can be looked at as a way of protecting against unforeseen situations and events.

It is especially relevant during times of growth when the real-world economy is flourishing; we can then also participate in the prosperity of the digital economy.  

However, when things aren’t working out that great for the real-world economy, the virtual economy can provide efficient shelter by offering a platform for entertainment, sources of income, and social interaction entirely autonomous and detached from external influences.

Today, virtual markets are dominated by NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and exchanges that allow people to buy, trade, and sell their virtual goods. The crypto gaming industry is once again leading the way on the digital front with many of these developments taking place within it.

Why People Buy Digital Goods?

Many reasons motivate people to purchase virtual and especially gaming goods. Digital products are often bought for the same reasons as for physical goods: whether for recognition, status, or belonging to a particular community, sub-group, or club. The new digital economy is also used for investment purposes, of course.

Metaverse Metanomics Challenges

As we look into the future, we can see that distributed ledger-based exchanges will make it relatively easy to transfer goods and services between different Metaverses.

Nevertheless, as history has repeatedly demonstrated, great inventions take time to truly take off and gain popularity across the globe.  

Fully functional interoperability between Metaverses is still a long way off from being a reality. During the early days of the Internet, applications and programs were underdeveloped and poorly interconnected, as we experience in the Crypto and Metaverse space.  

Look Into the Future of the Metaverse

Metaverse Bloktopia News

Currently, we have an array of virtual worlds with their own economies and tokens, but there is no real connection between these worlds in terms of exchange of value or assets. 

In the same vein, buying, selling, and trading crypto through exchanges require confident knowledge of the various “digital tools of the trade,” like operating a “cold” wallet or adequately understanding the tokenomics basics. 

A functioning Metaverse exchange market comparable to fiat is still in its beginnings. It might be years until we get to the point of having a fully functional Metaverse Ecosystem.

Metaverse Ecosystem Expansion

Creating and expanding the Metaverse realm heavily relies on having a secure and flexible economic infrastructure that users need to effectively connect virtual and physical spaces.

Obviously, it’s a reasonable assumption that millions of people who still do not have the slightest understanding of Metanomics but want to participate in the Metaverse will not have the required standards to do it easily anytime soon.

Gaming Industry Exploring the Metaverse

Nevertheless, we still have a great deal to discover about how these thriving economies can function within the virtual worlds and how their interactions might affect each other and the real world. 

For example, In-Game Purchases, commonly present nowadays in Free-To-Play mobile games, are a simplistic example of what’s to come in a more complex Metaverse world

Therefore, Metanomics represents a unique opportunity within the Metaverse domain in the years to come.

Whatever happens, there’s light ahead as long as we persist in building and scaling the new emerging economies and experimenting with modern decentralized business model infrastructures.

The gaming industry has always been at the leading edge of digital transformation. Now it is courageously pioneering the exploration of the new Metaverse frontiers with an eye toward the unknown!

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