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Metaverse & Crypto Gaming Growth 

Building Rome took time, and completing the Metaverse infrastructure will not be achieved overnight either. However, there are plenty of indications that this new virtual reality will come about over time, shaking skeptical minds who will eat their hats when it does. 

Blockchain is no longer a taboo topic after Bitcoin reached almost 20k dollars in 2017. The general public is starting to become curious about all that fancy stuff powered by blockchain technology. 

We are witnessing a steady influx of large companies dipping their toes into the Metaverse river, contributing needed funds and resources to virtual reality builders, allowing them to pioneer into the unknown.

A stunning $670 billion is estimated to be generated by the Metaverse industry by 2030, representing a 40 percent increase over the next eight years. 

Builders of the Metaverse

Metaverse Architects mostly come from the ranks of the gaming industry veterans, who’ve had extensive experience building virtual environments in 2D and 3D video games.

Moreover, the traditional video gaming industry is undergoing a significant transformation influenced by Play To Earn blockchain-based games. 

Video Gaming Industry Shift

After decades of console and PC premium games dominating the market, then followed by massively popular mobile games with Free-To-Play monetization models now might be the time for crypto-powered Play To Earn (P2E) games and Metaverse concepts to take the spotlight.

Some aren’t happy

The growth of blockchain technology has indeed paved the way for new monetization models, specifically Play To Earn (P2E), which presents a biblical shift to the video gaming industry as we know it today, and it has not been all that well-received by some of the industry’s OGs, who questioned the credibility of Metaverse and P2E

Gaming Companies P2E Struggle 

The truth is that following the latest Crypto Gaming trend would, for a lot of companies, involve an in-depth reorganization, a learning curve, while continuing working on the already started projects, which makes sense but is surely overdemanding, factoring all the responsibilities toward investors and risks that such a challenging shift brings.

Crypto Gaming Market Opportunity

The traditional video gaming industry raked around $200 billion in 2021, compared to the 3 billion the crypto-based Play to Earn games made during the same period.

That’s certainly one of the reasons why it is easy to underestimate or overlook the immense potential of the Play To Earn crypto-based games.

Moreover, the newest blockchain gaming trend does seem to be on the upswing and is worth investigating rather than missing out.

Crypto Gaming Market is on the Rise

Despite the time that’ll take for many to catch up, this new Crypto Gaming trend could offer the most revolutionized ways of transforming the Video Games Industry. 

While there will always be some skeptics, Crypto Gaming and the Metaverse are getting a lot of attention from frontrunners in the traditional video game sector due to rapid technological advances in Web3 and the burgeoning popularity of Blockchain technology.

Moreover, the Crypto Gaming sector is projected to reach $40 billion by 2025, which might come as a shock to all the doubters.

If that’s so, then Metaverse and Crypto Gaming might be challenging and significantly alter the established rules of traditional gaming, wouldn’t they?

Foray into Crypto Gaming Projects

Once a week, Bloktopia News will shed more light on prominent blockchain-based Play To Earn games as well as offer a broad overview of specific projects and teams that are building the new Metaverse and Crypto Gaming Industry.

Without further ado, our main entry for this week is the Play To Earn game, Mines Of Dalarnia.

What is Mines Of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) is an NFT intergalactic-action-adventure Play-to-Earn PC downloadable game powered by the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, leveraging NFTs and DAR token.

MoD Mainnet has been launched on April 26th, 2022.

MoD game was developed by Workinman Interactive and Chromia StudiosWorkinman is a company best known for working with Atari, Nickelodeon, Disney, and others. It is an award-winning US video game development company specializing in cross-platform games.

Chromia Studios is a blockchain gaming company leveraging its relational blockchain Chromia to enable a “new generation of decentralized applications to scale beyond what is currently possible”. Read more about Chromia here.

MOD Gameplay 

Mines Of Dalarnia game involves guiding a character through various levels to collect rare relics and artifacts players can use to upgrade their gear and uncover the secrets of Dalarnia.

Mining plays a prominent role in the gameplay experience in the game, as its name implies.

Players mine for resources in 4 different terrains and combine various in-game items, improving their skills and gear to unlock the MoD universe’s secrets while fighting enemies and searching for rare relics and artifacts.

The majority of in-game land plots (LAND), which are used for mining, are player-owned. Each LAND plot is unique, with a different distribution of resources, and more attributes of each piece of LAND will be unveiled over time as the game is expanded.

These LAND attributes include planet type, biome(called Aspect in MoD), resource distribution for each depth, and any special access restrictions.

Each LAND has 3 “depths” associated with it at launch, each with a required minimum Power
Level and Aspect type.

Terraforming Capsules

The resources available in a mining plot diminish over time as mining sessions are initiated. In
order to keep their land attractive to prospective renters, landowners must perform upkeep on
their plots by using consumable items called Terraforming Capsules.

These capsules replenish the resources available in a mining plot (they DO NOT change the distribution or types
of resources). Terraforming Capsules will be entirely player-generated and traded. They can either be crafted
by expending mined resources and a DAR fee, or they can be purchased on the marketplace
directly from other miners.

LAND owners must actively take care of their mining plots with Terraforming Capsules in order to remain attractive to miners.

Mines of Dalarnia 4 Types of Worlds

  • Darkness (green) — dark dungeons where you can find valuable minerals;
  • Ice (blue) — endless ice expanses;
  • Lava (red) is the underworld closest to the core of the planet, so the landscape is full of lava rivers;
  • Terrestrial (purple) is a classic surface familiar to everyone.

MOD Miner’s Goal

A Darlanian miner’s goal is to become more powerful and efficient, gather wealth, face challenges and monsters in the depths, and look awesome doing it. 

In the future, players will be a part of multiplayer shared spaces and engage in thrilling multiplayer competitions.

MOD Story

“It is the year 11,752. The Metagalactic Collective rules most of the known systems. A benevolent but incomprehensible A.I known as The Onemind guides the Collective, ensuring peace and prosperity. The Onemind has revealed a revolutionary new technology: Terraforming Capsules. 

These capsules cause a planet to spontaneously undergo millions of years of evolution in seconds. Three planets in a sector called Dalarnia have been chosen to undergo the first wave of terraforming experiments. 

Peoples from across the Galaxy flocked to the newly terraformed planets, seeking their fortunes in a spacefaring goldrush. 

As one of these hopeful miners, you have spent your life savings to travel to a moon on the outskirts of the system. Are you prepared to make your fortune in the Mines of Dalarnia?”

MoD Game Roles

Mines of Dalarnia offers two Roles to participate in the Game: Miners and LAND Owners. However, players don’t have to stick with just one role and can participate in both aspects of the game at any time. 


Miners are focused on creating and improving their equipment by playing the mining game in order to gather resources. Mining options are limited by the average power level on the miner’s equipment, indicating their overall progress. 

When a player begins a dig on a plot of LAND, the game creates a unique procedurally-generated mine based on the attributes of that LAND

Players dig, jump and fight through the mine, trying to fill their bag with valuable resources before they die or choose to exit and bring their haul to the surface, where it will be refined into usable resources. 

These resources can be sold to other players directly or used to craft equipment, cosmetics, or consumables to use or to sell on the marketplace. 

Terraforming Capsule

Among these craftable items, the Terraforming Capsule is key, as it must be purchased by LAND owners to replenish their mines. 

MoD is free to play on the introductory planet. Players need a Mining Passport to access gameplay on the larger, player-owned planet. Passports are purchased from MoD directly. 

LAND Owners 

LAND owners offer their plots for rent to miners. They directly receive a rent fee from miners who dig on their LAND in the form of the game’s utility token $DAR. 

However, as resources of a LAND deplete with each successful dig, landowners will have to manage their LAND by periodically terraforming it, and replenishing its resources. 

In the future, it will be allowed for LAND owners to upgrade their land as well, unlocking new tiers of resources and exciting new content. LAND owners are able to mine on their own plots for free.

There are also Mines of Dalarnia Monsters that are hostile and will require an individual approach.

MoD Mainnet Launch April 2022

On their Medium channel, the MoD team said:

“On the day of our launch, we find ourselves looking back at just how far we’ve come — from the first version of the game, to our TGE in November 2021, through the development of the all-new version 2.0. Today, we are proud to unveil the BNB chain mainnet version of Mines of Dalarnia!”

We would like to give a huge thanks to all the contributors that have made this day possible: BinanceChromia, our early investors, and most importantly our community who have carried us all the way through with their enthusiasm and dedication.

For anyone who is hearing of us for the first time, Mines of Dalarnia is a downloadable game for PC that uses BNB Chain integration to interact with NFTs and the DAR token itself. Anyone can try our free-to-play area, Luna Praxis.

Play-to-earn (P2E) revenue streams are available at launch for both players and mining plot owners. Players mine the depths to collect the resources needed to power up their gear as well as the Terraforming Capsules needed by landowners to perform upkeep on their plots. In turn, landowners generate revenue by renting their plots out to miners. For an in-depth look at our game mechanics and information on how to become a landowner, check us out at”

MoD Items & Resources

All in-game resources are divided into two types:


Basic minerals are the least valuable ones necessary for developing the basic stats of characters.


These are rare minerals required for advanced upgrades.

MoD Tools

Players can also equip their own characters. Each new user receives a standard set of tools, which includes:

  • a pickaxe used to mine minerals;
  • a backpack for storing items;
  • boots that increase the standard movement speed;
  • bombs used during fights with monsters;
  • a drill, as an alternative to a pickaxe with increased efficiency;
  • canar-E to help you progress through the game.

MoD Character Stats

Each character has four basic stats that determine its main strength:

  • Health (HP);
  • Oxygen for being in the world of Darkness;
  • Heat Sink, without which it is impossible to descend into the Lava world;
  • Antifreeze, used in the Ice world.

Upgrading the Tools and Performace

Players can upgrade all in-game items and stats to strengthen the character’s performance, simplify the mining process, and open up new opportunities. 

Upgrades are even available for a pickaxe, which, after being improved, will allow you to mine more minerals in a shorter period of time.

Each of the equipment items is available on the internal market, where players can put up for sale and purchase items of interest. Trading opportunities also extend to minerals. The most popular currency in the domestic market is the native $DAR token.

$DAR Tokenomics

The maximum $DAR supply is limited to 800 million coins, of which only 23% are currently circulating. The market cap of the available tokens is $308,415,043.

$DAR Token Use

The $DAR token is necessary for the Mines of Dalarnia NFT gaming ecosystem to fulfill the following purposes:

  • staking — required to confirm transactions on the network;
  • voting — each $DAR token makes it possible to support initiatives of interest, suggested by developers or validators;
  • exchange — each player can buy and sell in-game items, receiving $DAR in return;
  • NFT trading;
  • payment of commission for transactions and trades.

$DAR Staking 

Players will be able to stake their tokens in order to receive several kinds of benefits and to
participate in the game’s ongoing development.

Staking into Planets

LAND owners can stake $DAR into the planets that host their mining plots. By doing so, they
reduce the resource diminishing rate for all mining plots on that planet according to the amount
of $DAR in the planet’s staking pool. In addition to that, staking allows them to participate
regularly on the following votes:

● Pay [x] $DAR out of the staking pool in order to raise the chance for rare NFTs as mining
rewards for a limited amount of time

● Pay [x] $DAR out of the staking pool to give the planet, for a limited time, access to a
transportation device which makes it possible for miners to travel to that planet by
spending Engagement Points instead of $DAR

● $DAR staked into a Planet Pool will take [X] hours to defrost.
Due to the ability to improve the attractiveness of a Planet by staking and voting, LAND Owners
will collaborate and there will be a natural competition between LAND owners of different

Staking into Space Stations

The fees players pay to teleport to a specific Space Station go into that Space Stations Pool.
This Pool can be used in several ways depending on voting by the Space Stations Apartment
owners. Individual Apartment owners can choose to stake additional $DAR in the Space Station
Pool in order to have more impact on the votes.

Apartment owners can vote on the following decisions:
● Teleporting Fees – sets the amount of $DAR needed to teleport to a Space Station
● Space Station Location – defines where the Space Station is going to be located in the
next week
● Apartment Owner Rewards – Defines the amount of $DAR that is going to be transferred
to Apartment Owners
● Miner Rewards – Apartment Owners could choose to add a reward to successful miners
(can be limited to certain mystery box tiers) for the first mining session after teleporting.
This could make a Space Station attractive for players which in return will pay teleporting
fees in order to get there.

$DAR staked into a Space Station Pool will take [X] hours to defrost.

Staking into the MoD Pool

All players can stake into the MoD pool to contribute to the game’s ongoing development. After
a minimum staking time this will grant them the following benefits:
● early access to NFT drops
● NFT Rewards
● Token rewards
● Access to votes on community treasury use
$DAR staked into the MoD Pool will take [X] hours to defrost.
As the games development continues, new staking options could be included reflecting the
games growing feature scope.

Mines of Dalarnia Mainnet

The Mines of Dalarnia team has announced that the mainnet launch will take place on April 26, 2022.

MoD Game Director Keith McCollough first shared the news to an excited crowd exclusively at Miami NFT Week.

How to Purchase Mines of Dalarnia NFTs

All MoD in-game items are NFTs that can be bought, sold, and even rented on the built-in internal NFT marketplace.

To purchase in-game items, users need to launch Mines of Dalarnia, go to the Marketplace section, and make a transaction.

What Items Can Be Bought?

Mines and Land Plots

  • They provide the main source of income for both the owners of these NFTs and those who work for them trying to find valuable minerals.

Resources and Minerals

  • These are basic ones (cheap, found almost everywhere) and exotic (expensive and rare).

Drilling Tools and Weapons

  • Players will need them to mine valuable resources and fight the monsters that can be found in mines.

Making Money in Mines of Dalarnia

DAR, the default currency of Dalarnia, is the native token of Mines Of Dalarnia.

As part of Binance’s Smart Chain, the token was launched in November 2021. It is available on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

In April 2022, there are 185.5 million DAR tokens in circulation (23% of the total supply).

As players progress through the game, they will find many different types of resources, but the more valuable ones, relics, and artifacts are used to advance plots and advance equipment. 

The starter pack includes oxygen supplies and a basic pickaxe, which players will need to purchase before playing.

Since each type of terrain requires a different type of equipment in order to survive, players must adapt by using resources to upgrade their equipment and develop mining strategies in order to succeed.

MoD Earning Ways

Mines Of Dalarnia is a Free-To-Play P2E game, and players can earn tokens in multiple ways, such as: 

  • completing in-game quests, 
  • inviting friends to play, 
  • or winning competitions.

landowner can also earn a fee by renting out their property to miners for exploration purposes.

Each item, relic, and artifact found in the game is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be traded on open markets.

MoD Marketplace

The in-game marketplace provides a means for players to trade or sell items they don’t need. For those who do not have the patience to find specific resources, the marketplace gives them the ability to buy or rent the items they need to progress in the game.

Mines Of Dalarnia Price Predictions

DAR token, the native currency of Mines Of Dalarnia, had a spectacular run in the last two days of more than 100 % gains, reaching $2.2.

According to several price predictions, DAR token has the potential to reach between $25 to $30 by the end of this decade.


One of the advantages of Mines of Dalarnia is its foundation — the Binance Smart Chain. Most of the projects launched on this blockchain have gained huge popularity. 

In addition, Mines of Dalarnia NFT gaming is really entertaining and differs from that of other GameFi projects. The vision for Mines of Dalarnia is for the game to become an autonomous, player-owned experience that is controlled and funded by its community. The ability to earn passive income through land rent or NFT trading also attracts many users.Bloktopia News

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be treated as such. This content is the opinion of a third party, and this site does not recommend that any specific cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held, or that any crypto investment should be made. The Crypto market is high-risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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