Nissan Metaverse Ariya VR Crossing Gallery | Toyota Virtual Reality Microsoft Azure VRChat Automotive Expansion April 2022

Demand for Metaverse Soars

Once in a blue moon, new trends take the world by storm, but the Metaverse seems to be dressed to the nines.

Metaverse has never seen such a boost in interest and funding as it continues to gain momentum with many multinational companies venturing into virtual reality.

Metaverse Welcomes Autoverse 

The new kids on the block are Nissan and Toyota, both well-established brands with a strong presence in the real world. 

Once again, Toyota and Nissan, two of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, are exploring new frontiers, only this time in the virtual world.

Their recent entry into the new Metaverse landscape is an encouraging signal that large industries are becoming more comfortable venturing into digital reality and will soon take advantage of the new blockchain-powered virtual worlds. 

Undoubtedly, the Metaverse presents many business opportunities for companies looking to gain a competitive edge in the digital space. 

Foreseeing that, a number of companies have followed suit, including Lego and Sony, and are now competing to gain digital primacy in the Metaverse.

Toyota & Nissan Enter the Metaverse

Announcing their entry into the Metaverse on April 22, Nissan and Toyota are stepping into a brave new digital reality world where their users can experience unique and immersive content

The customers can expect both companies to roll out new digital experiences, host virtual events, and set up virtual service centers. 

Carmakers Virtual Presence

This Automotive expansion into the Metaverse is an exciting development for both car companies and will surely offer new and unique experiences to the public.

As reported by Nikkei Asia, the two companies plan to innovate in the Metaverse by using virtual reality (VR) to showcase their cars, as well as working together with the video game developer startup VRChat.

Nissan Crossing Gallery & VR Rooms 

With the launch of virtual reality rooms for customersNissan will focus on expanding its presence in the metaverse. 

The Nissan Crossing gallery is now available in VR (virtual reality) in the Metaverse Virtual World.

Visitors to the Metaverse Gallery in the Ginza District of Tokyo can see the new Ariya Electric Vehicle, a cutting-edge electric vehicle offering exceptional performance and range.

Toyota Virtual Offices & Avatars 

Toyota, on the other hand, will create offices in which its personnel can discuss technical developments using their virtual avatars in remote working environments.

In other words, Toyota will now hold some work meetings in the Metaverse instead of in the physical world. 

Toyota is hoping that by holding meetings in the Metaverse, its personnel will be able to discuss technical developments more freely, without the need to be in the same physical location

Toyota Is Already Using VR

Moreover, Toyota is already using VR (virtual reality) to design cars, so it’s perhaps not surprising that they’re now looking at holding work meetings in the Metaverse Virtual Reality too.

With the help of Unity, a leading game engine, and Microsoft Azure, Toyota is able to provide an immersive, digital experience that is realistic and interactive. 

Customers can, for example, park the car virtually in their garage or in front of their house to see how it will look in real life. A digital 3D car image can be rotated, zoomed, and manipulated for an even more vivid view.

A company representative commented that this new field of work is being created in response to the difficulties caused by the Coronavirus.

“As more people are working from home because of the coronavirus, we are offering young employees and others communication options within the company.”

To date, Nissan and Toyota haven’t confirmed which Metaverse they will launch their new offices in 2022, so people will have to wait to find out if they will choose to open a centralized office like Meta or if they will be inspired by some of the Top 10 Metaverse projects in 2022.

Automotive Expansion into the Metaverse

Nissan and Toyota are not the first automotive brands or companies to innovate in this new trend of the Metaverse. 

Other companies, such as Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz, launched campaigns in early April to promote their entries into the Metaverse, awarding prizes such as the latest PS5 and advanced driving lessons at one of Volkswagen’s academies.

Bridget Harpur, marketing director for Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles, said that this “new universe” offered by the metaverse “made an exceptional impact on the consumer,” so they will likely continue to create new events and experiences for their user and fan base.

In addition, other luxury automakers such as Ferrari have yet to officially enter the Metaverse but are already dabbling in creating NFTs, hand in hand with blockchain companies such as Velas Network.


The automotive industry is obviously undergoing a colossal reorientation toward virtual economies playground as more and more companies are banking on blockchain-powered technology. 

The Metaverse and Blockchain development is bound to have significant implications for the automotive industry’s future, and it is crucial to understand the underlying factors that could propel the wider Metaverse adoption.

Finally, it is worth noting that the automotive industry is not the only one weighing a move towards virtual worlds. 

Virtual reality powered by blockchain technology has become increasingly attractive to a vast array of sectors dealing for example, with financial transfers, real estate, gaming, and IoT, among many others. 

As it stands, the Metaverse is still in its early stages of development.

Still, with the help of VR advancements, the increased need for social networking, and the continued growth of the Internet, the Metaverse is likely to become a more realistic, immersive, and inevitable innovation that will transform our everyday life. 

Although there is still much uncertainty about Metaverse’s future, many trends and technologies suggest it is poised to experience significant growth in the years to come.

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