Plutonians VR MMORPG Powered by Solana Launches an IGO on Bloktopia BLOKPAD Essential 15th February 2022 | Play-To-Earn VR-ready Metaverse from U.A.Fabrica

Plutonians, U.A.Fabrica’s upcoming game, aims to take play-to-earn gaming and the Metaverse to a whole new level in the blockchain games realm.

Powered by Solana, Plutonians is a VR MMORPG with NFT Shipyard, Game Builder, Story Editor that also provides the opportunity to learn more about DeFi and blockchain for new players.

Plutonians is launching an IGO on BLOKPAD on February 15th, 2022.

More about Plutonians

Plutonians is the flagship game IP of U.A.Fabrica’s gaming department. It’s a VR-METAVERSE-Blockchain-DRM-NFT-ecosystem on Solana. 

With user-editable levels, content, and story, along with the feature of including the best content in the master narrative, the most talented developers and artists have been brought on board to build official expansions.


Plutonians is a mixture of Escape Velocity, Homeworld, and real-time RPG games, featuring classic shooter action, co-op in-game, building, and collecting. 

You can become a pirate, board and plunder disabled ships, or approach the situation more diplomatically in a nearby cantina. 

You can even create your own level using the level editor when you’re done with the single-player mission. The best of the work of the Plutonian community may be included in the next expansion pack. Indeed, this is one of those things that really stand out.

Metaverse and VR are intertwined

U.A.Fabrica believes the Metaverse and VR are inseparable; therefore, players will be able to explore the Plutonians universe using WebXR and Unreal Engine 5 in multiple ways.

Plutonians is the first to bring to market a VR-ready Metaverse. To experience the game live VR demo on your headset today, visit

With the use of AR, VR, web, and mobile, users can collect valuable NFT-backed in-game items and make trades across a wide range of markets and social spaces across the Metaverse.


In using web technologies for the game interface, the company would be primed to take advantage of and be a first mover in the approaching WebGPU specification

Almost as soon as they are available on VR platforms, it will allow the company to expand the game’s front-end graphics capabilities. Standalone VR headsets (Oculus Quest 2, etc.) already support these technologies.

VR-ready Metaverse and the Future of VR

A growing number of compact VR goggles are capable of retina resolution, thereby taking the technology out of a hobbyist niche and into a dedicated and rapidly growing user community. 

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly scalable, fast, and trustable enough to operate this kind of virtual reality.

One could argue that, in this case, the Metaverse encompasses both of those things, that is, XR (extended reality VR/AR) combined with decentralized public trust (crypto). 

VR has transformed from massive bulky headsets tethered to your PC to standalone devices and now googles in recent years.

The road ahead becomes clearer as these lenses and screens improve. Using their investment in Oculus, Facebook is leveraging its pivot into the Metaverse. 

Still, the artists, app developers, and content creators are best positioned to take advantage of these emerging crypto economies that these new devices enabled.

Plutonians Games Key Features

  • Level editors to allow freedom of development and open source uptake
  • Story editors everyday players can edit and administrate
  • Spaceship and component editor (custom NFT system)
  • In-game token powered spaceships
  • ‘Chase items’ of increasingly elaborate and powerful ships, weaponry, and technology
  • Realtime’ space travel (changing destinations and exploring other worlds will take real strategy)
  • Community-created and curated free content to continue your missions beyond the main story pack
  • Free expansion packs (as value is created via burning tokens to explore them)
  • In-game economy, markets, and trading systems, including NFT Marketplace, in-game DEX AMM, in-game Yield Farms, and in-game lending platform
  • Leaning into humor and memes to continue to capture the energy of the moment

Plutonians’ Tokens

Plutonians’ Ecosystem is comprised of TWO fungible tokens, and these are:

PLUTONIAN DAO ($PLD): The Governance Token of the Plutonian Game Ecosystem that works to create a decentralized law system.

REPUBLIC CREDITS ($RPC): The in-game currency of Plutonians. It serves as both a payment token and a means of exchange within the gaming ecosystem.

What makes Plutonians unique?

Plutonians is a video game that utilizes SPL tokens and NFT technology to enable a high-quality space RPG experience. 

Web2-multiplayer universe and web3-enabled metaverse will be blended into the game framework.

Plutonians is a persistent-state web3 video game that reflects the spirit of openness that characterizes the Metaverse. 

The game is powered by an underlying framework of simplistic components, built to easily allow the community to reimagine the graphical layer as they see fit. 

That unique feature opens up a number of possibilities for development in mobile, tablet, AR, VR, and much more. 

In Tom Sachs’ words: “Resist the temptation to know where you’re going.”

The Plutonians also plan to release an official NFT Marketplace where users can buy non-fungible Spaceship NFT tokens. 

To play the game, you do not need to purchase an NFT because the first shuttle is free!

To experience the game live VR demo on your headset today, visit

More about U.A.Fabrica

Creating Metaverses

The company is more than just another game developer. Fabrica builds APIs and crypto frameworks for game developers who may already be proficient in programming but don’t have the time or resources to learn blockchain from scratch. 

For the same reason, most game developers don’t code their graphics card instructions directly. Instead, they rely on an API or game engine to do the heavy lifting so they can focus on developing games.

Game developers will benefit from a game-focused Web2 abstraction set. Initially, to launch blockchain/web3 enabled games and reduce the time spent on launching new game IP.

Furthermore, they are expanding the talent pool for video games beyond the already stretched blockchain development community. 

Additionally, they want to position themselves as a fundamental tool for the millions of indie game developers out there who will benefit from these new business models.

What would this look like in reality? Something like Unity/Unreal drag-and-drop plugin for in-game transactions that supports their own token, as well as an NFT management dashboard for minting and managing items and items in-game sets.

U.A.Fabrica’s Open standards

When everyone is on the same page, open standards are excellent. U.A.Fabrica hopes that Facebook’s enthusiasm for contributing to the Metaverse will result in some open standards for cross-application compatibility (taking the same avatar from world to world). Still, they say, “we aren’t going to sit around and wait either.” 

Since day one, they’ve been focused on creating open standards, and they soon are about to launch their flagship title, Plutonians.

Metaverse Colaborations 

They also state that they do not want to limit themselves to one platform since it would be impossible for just one company to build the Metaverse. 

Instead, they want to remain open to the new platforms their users are already using; for example, an NFT avatar would come with a version rigged for VR chat in addition to being used within the Plutionians game. Or a spaceship in Plutonians could be represented in other games, and vice versa in a kind of metaverse collaboration. 


U.A.Fabrica has a significant number of partners, and (SFUND) is one of them. (SFUND) is a blockchain ecosystem with a community-driven seed-stage fund, decentralized incubator and launchpad.

You can check the list of partners here

What is BLOKPAD?

BLOKPAD is the first-ever launchpad set in the Metaverse.

BLOKPAD is owned by Bloktopia, the home of crypto, a 21-floor VR skyscraper giving access to crypto information and immersive content all in one place.

Bloktopia aims to facilitate global mainstream adoption of crypto by removing barriers to make it more digestible and mainstream.

The most successful IDO of 2021 was Bloktopia and their $BLOK token launch. 

Projects in the BLOKPAD program will follow the same formula as the $BLOK initiative, working with them every step of the way to assist with setting up the right building blocks for success.

Bloktopia’s incubator, BLOKPAD, provides exclusive access to the Bloktopia community to top-notch upcoming projects such as Plutonians.

How does BLOKPAD’s launchpad work?

After launching the SIDUS NFT Heroes IGO, the BLOKPAD team considered community feedback and decided to split the BLOKPAD launchpad into two separate services


BLOKPAD VIP will be a service that will be able to facilitate the incubation and IDO launchpad of elite projects. $BLOK will be the staking token for allocation in BLOKPAD VIP.

BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL is a launchpad for any project that wishes to launch. The $BPAD token will be the staking token for allocation in BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL.

The $BPAD token not only supports the BLOKPAD team’s running costs but it also ensures that the BLOKPAD services are free for participants.

As an added benefit, it will allow staking rewards to be issued (which were not possible with $BLOK tokens already allocated to Bloktopia).

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia (BLOK)

Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse powered by and built on Polygon

Bloktopia is a decentralized virtual reality skyscraper where users can interact and utilize content and crypto information all in one place. The virtual reality skyscraper has 21 levels (to represent 21 million Bitcoins). 

Bloktopians can learn crypto-basics or more advanced crypto-learnings, earn revenue by owning virtual properties, participate in games, and build networks. 

This will be the first time users have access to crypto information and interactive content under one roof. 

Bloktopians are known as token owners, making Bloktopia a central gathering place for crypto enthusiasts of all levels. 

For the first time, users will be able to find crypto information and engaging material all in one place. Think of an all-in-one service that would meet your needs and serve as a convenient drop-off point. 

Bloktopians will have many ways to earn revenue by owning real estate, playing games, making connections, and more. 

The platform also offers Advertisers and Sponsors a way to monetize its user base via its dedicated NFT tool. 

Bloktopia provides a VR experience for the crypto community, allowing users to engage in an engaging environment according to Bloktopia’s four core pillars: Learn, Earn, Play, and Create.

Organized Information

Resources and information about crypto are dispersed randomly around the Internet on YouTube, Telegram, Crypto Twitter, etc. 

As a result, they are very disorganized. Bloktopia addresses this challenge by positioning itself as a central hub where users can meet and learn in an open, friendly environment.

Bloktopia tokenomics

BLOK, Bloktopia’s native token, powers Bloktopia. 

As well as the decentralized exchanges, BLOK will be traded on centralized exchanges as well. Furthermore, the BLOK from initial real estate property purchases will be publicly burned, resulting in a decline in the total supply of BLOK. There are two more options available:

1. Reblok, which allows you to purchase properties in Bloktopia. Following the TOKEN distribution event (TGE), Bloktopians can buy real estate. They could resell it for profit in Bloktopia or lend it out as a passive source of income.

2. Another one is Adblok. Bloktopia provides investors with significant revenue opportunities through advertising. Bloktopia offers advertising opportunities to key brand collaborators. Bloktopia’s real estate will be sold over three periods, and all the BLOK tokens that were purchased for the BLOK real estate will be burned, resulting in a 22% reduction in BLOK token supply.

Bloktopia’s Investors

Funds like AU21 Capital, Magnus Capital, Polygon, Avalanche, and many others participated alongside its lead investor, Animoca Brands, one of the top crypto venture capital firms.

In addition to them, a number of other big names invested in Bloktopia, including Jake Paul, Bitboy, Moonwhale, GenBlock Capital, Shima Capital, and Exnetwork Capital.

There’s also Elrond, which has recently partnered with Bloktopia and joined the growing number of crypto businesses that are venturing into the Metaverse. 

As an Anchor Tenant, Elrond’s virtual HQ will be placed on Bloktopia’s Level 1, which is a privileged location since it’s where all players spawn by default.

The team behind Bloktopia comprises qualified and experienced actors from different fields: Space, Business Marketing, Film industry, and even Immersive Technology. 

Bloktopia even has PlayStation and Sky Vegas as one of their corporate members.

More Info

You can find more info about Plutonians at:


VR-enabled Demo:






The above news has caused tremendous excitement and positive anticipation within Bloktopia’s community. Bloktopia News is genuinely eager to see what 2022 holds for Bloktopia, its partners, and forthcoming projects.

Bloktopia News

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