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The Crypto Gaming market is flooded with countless NFT games and fierce competition, making it extremely difficult to determine which games have the best chance of becoming a massive success over the long run.

Therefore, to make the process easier for our readers, we have outlined the basic research steps to find the next potentially successful NFT Play To Earn game and present the Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars P2E.

Deep Research

When it comes to finding future NFT Play To Earn superstars with 20X, 50X, or even 100X potential, it’s necessary to first lay down the law of deep research.

Do we really want to find a game with that much potential? Of course we do, which is why it would be wise to look for games or projects that have all the essential components and earliest structures in place, have been well thought out, and haven’t received a lot of mainstream attention and investment yet.

Crypto Market Repetitive Pattern?

Currently, the crypto gaming market cap is around $21 billion, and many of the projects will not succeed in the long run. It is difficult to ignore these statistics.

Eventually, the pretenders to the throne will replace big-cap projects, ultimately flexing their muscles and improving their development to overthrow the leading projects.

A comparison between the current crypto gaming market and the top ten coins on the general crypto market over the past several years may serve as a good way of forecasting the outcome.

The Top 10 list has changed over the years, even though Bitcoin remains the untouched king. Many crypto projects have sunk into the ground in the past few years and been replaced by new ones.

Businesses are Embracing Crypto

Metaverse Market and Crypto Gaming may experience the same challenges, particularly since the unexplored territory in both markets remains to be conquered.

Still, Crypto Gaming and Metaverse are getting a lot of attention from big companies. Facebook is also interested in the Metaverse as well. 

Most of them appear to have entirely bypassed bitcoin’s initial rise and instead shifted their attention to Crypto Gaming and Metaverse.

In light of the possibility of a hard crypto reset, the Metaverse and Crypto Gaming might make a huge comeback. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the number of big names entering the space lately.

Crypto Gaming Teams

There’s no doubt that Play To Earn games are hot. In order to qualify for review, we are looking at NFT games with the future potential of having a thriving ecosystem with many players that will have shops, in-game assets, and much more

The platforms they have built upon and their strong partnerships are also fundamental elements to consider. 

To measure the future success of the NFT game, or any project at all, it is also required to look at the teams’ previous work done

Strong Team is Everything

The team may have worked on multiple projects outside of the crypto space before, so their experience will significantly impact the performance of the projects they are developing currently in the Metaverse and Crypto Gaming. 

Moreover, it will take a number of extremely powerful teams to make a substantial impact on the future of the Metaverse and Crypto Gaming space.

Although the above suggestions should not be blindly followed, they provide an overview of how one can view the Crypto Gaming market and Metaverse from a bit different perspective.

The following is the Rebel Bots project, a promising NFT Play To Earn game that we have identified as a potential winner in the future.

What is Rebel Bots?

Rebel Bots Bloktopia News

Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars is a cross-platform, skill-based Play To Earn card battle game. In a sci-fi-themed game set in outer space, where players can play, progress, and earn. RBLS is the native Rebel Bots token.

What is Xoil Wars?

The Rebel Bots universe starts with Xoil Wars. A play-to-earn card battle game is using Unity Engine, and will be available on mobile and the web in Q2 2022. Unity is a leading-edge and one of the industry’s most advanced 3D creation engines.

In the game, players will unite around extraterrestrial kingdoms, create armies of fighting robots and compete with other players to acquire valuable Xoil resources

With Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars, players will be able to interact within the game’s ecosystem in multiple ways, but they will also earn revenue by using their land and battle bots. 

Xoil Wars Gameplay

Xoil Wars is a skill-based, play-to-earn game. In a nutshell, it is a digital collectible card game that takes about 10 minutes to learn, but it takes a lifetime to master.

There is actually plenty of parallels between Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars’ combat system and that in Axie Infinity, for example.

Adventure Mode

However, there is also an Adventure Mode – a multiplayer mode where you can race against other players and demonstrate your skills in battle. Each player will have battle bots with a wide range of abilities, attacks, and defense cards to help get the upper hand.

Whenever the player wins a battle, they win the native Rebel Bots RBLS token.


Ubisoft backs Rebel Bots

It’s important to say that Rebel Bots is backed by Ubisoft, a world-renowned company founded in 1986.

Ubisoft is a pioneer in the gaming and entertainment industry, with 19,000 employees in offices and studios worldwide.

Ubisoft is a giant corporation that only invests in quality AAA projects, and it entered the Rebel Bots Play To Earn game before everyone else. Having Ubisoft backing up the project alone is a diamond in the rough.

Crypto & Non-Crypto Investors Interested

Rebel Bots has raised $4 million in funding capital from top investors to expand operations, add talent, and develop the game.

Along with Ubisoft, Makers Fund, and Overwolft, here are investors such as LD Capital and Remagine Ventures. 

In addition to crypto investors, Rebel Bots is one of the few P2E games that attract investors from non-crypto sectors. Participants in the funding round primarily came from the classic gaming and entertainment industries

The fact that blockchain technology is being understood outside the crypto sector proves its immense potential.

Powered by Polygon

Rebel Bots is built on the Polygon networkThe Polygon platform has become a prime destination for projects looking to develop Metaverse and Crypto Gaming projects and games on Web3

The Team

NFTs are the future of gaming, according to the team’s founders and core members who have developed highly successful mobile games. 

The company has decades of experience creating, developing, and delivering social games for companies such as Tencent, Gameloft, Youda Games and Playtika. 

Rebel Bot has a team of over 25 people and uses all of its capacity to develop the world’s best play-to-earn game.

Where to Buy Rebel Bots $RBLS token

$RBLS tokens can be purchased on Gate.io and SushiSwap (Polygon)

Future Potential

Given the size of the NFT Play To Earn market, the expertise of the team, and their partnerships, Rebel Bots RBLS Token could prove to be very valuable in the future.Bloktopia NewsDisclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be treated as such. This content is the opinion of a third party, and this site does not recommend that any specific cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held, or that any crypto investment should be made. The Crypto market is high-risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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