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Crypto Gaming & Metaverse Popularity

In 2021, the Video Gaming Industry was worth around 200 billion dollars due to the exponential growth of the entire sector over the past decade. According to recent estimates, with a significant number of leading players investing in the field, the Gaming Industry is expected to be worth over 340 billion dollars by 2025.

Crypto Gaming is gaining a lot of attention due to the growing popularity of the Metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain technology and is hoping to tap into that market. 

As a result of introducing blockchain technology, crypto gaming changes the centralized nature of conventional video games by allowing items and gaming experiences accumulated from one game to be transferred to another. 

Players’ items and achievements earned while playing crypto games can now be used across different crypto gaming ecosystems.

Crypto Gaming Income

However, Crypto Gaming offers more than just entertainment – it provides crypto earning opportunities with real-world value as well. Players are now given the unique opportunity to earn money by playing games through the Play To Earn (P2E) model. 

In-game characters, for example, can be won or purchased, upgraded, and resold at a higher costIn addition, players can engage in battles with their characters to earn NFTs, crypto coins, and tokens.

P2E & GameFi Potential

This exciting Play to Earn model allows enthusiasts to earn crypto by playing games, giving the gaming industry an entirely new blockchain-metaverse dimension and attracting major investors.

Crypto gaming is expected to attract millions of new users to the Web3 blockchain-metaverse space while generating new jobs, financial gains, and significantly increasing P2E crypto technology adoption.

In that regard, GameFi outlines the concept of developing dApps (decentralized applications) based on gaming and offers a model that allows players to gain income.

Play-to-earn and GameFi are at the forefront of Seedify’s mission to bring crypto gaming opportunities to global mainstream markets.

What is Seedify?

GameFi and Play-To-Earn are two opportunities that Seedify brings to global mainstream markets by being a leading incubator and Web3 launchpad platform in the crypto gaming and metaverse domains.

With no outside funding received through VCs, private sales, or initial coin offerings since its launch on March 26, 2022, Seedify has become one of the industry’s leading launchpads with over 40 successful token offerings and nearly 4500 participants in its IGO (initial game offering).

First Gaming Launchpad

Bloktopia, Cryowar, and SIDUS Heroes were some of the most successful IGOs (initial game offering) in 2021, thanks to the support of Seedify’s thriving community and a network of industry partners.

Seedify is the industry’s first games-centric incubator and platform for launching projects, and the company has built an ecosystem dedicated to enabling project success through its infrastructure. 

The Seedify team continues to prioritize expanding Seedify’s services by supporting top gaming P2E Web3 projects and teams while also developing new revenue streams for token holders

Metaverse & Gaming NFT Assets

Seedify is primarily concentrated on the GameFi and Play-To-Earn closely connected to the NFT markets. Located at the heart of the blockchain gaming ecosystem, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are poised to transform the global gaming sector

With NFTs, gamers are now able to acquire the ability to own their in-game assets and prove ownership, rarity, and authenticity of these assets, while being able to sell them separately.

What is INO?

An initial non-fungible token offering (INO) during the early stages of a project refers to a form of fundraising in which the tokens are sold for a set period of time.

Like building blocks, NFT assets allow us to create digital representations of ourselves by using unique, digital items, such as avatars, clothes, vehicles, houses, etc., in the Metaverse – a digital realm where our imagination is the only limit.

Seedify NFT Launchpad

The $SFUND stakers will be able to participate in INO (initial NFT offering) on the Seedify NFT Launchpad and access IGO (initial game offering) after staking or yield farming on Seedify’s dashboard.

NFTs do not have a redemption schedule, unlike tokens purchased through IGOs. These NFT items will be available to owners to sell or trade if they so choose, allowing them to capitalize on the appreciation of their assets at their convenience.

Seedify’s NFT Marketplace

Owners of NFT assets can sell and buy their NFT assets on Seedify’s NFT Space marketplace. 

Due to the platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools, buyers will be able to thoroughly research and understand an item’s utility and features.

With Seedify NFT Space, users can pledge and pre-fund NFT collections via a crowdfunding platform. Moreover, users can access exclusive perks, limited edition items, and other extras in accordance with each creator’s campaign. 

Seedify’s ecosystem services, including advisory, network, and NFT launchpad, will be available to artists funded through this Kickstarter-like feature.

Seedify NFT Marketplace will also offer an RNG (Random Number Generator) reward program where every transaction executed on the platform could result in an NFT reward

However, Seedify NFT’s utility token, $SNFTS, and the size of the transaction will determine the likelihood of receiving higher value NFT rewards.

Seedify NFT Launchpad April 2022

The inclusion of the newest features in the Seedify ecosystem will provide new use-cases for the $SFUND token.

The Seedify NFT Launchpad will give $SFUND stakeholder and farmers access to INOs, giving them further opportunities to purchase in-game and Metaverse NFT assets as well as gaming tokens through IGOs

The platform is scheduled to be launched by April 2022, when holders of SFUNDs will be able to join the INOs (initial NFT offers).

While $SNFTS will provide users with fee discounts (1% vs. 2%) and an opportunity to win more valuable RNG NFT rewards, $SFUND will play an essential role in the Seedify NFT Space

Creators using the NFT launchpad tier system will be able to use $SFUND to pre-fund NFT collections using the crowdfunding feature.

Besides added utility for $SFUND, every transaction executed on Seedify NFT Space will be charged the full or regular 2% fee if the buyer or seller does not hold $SNFTS tokens.

An allocation of 25% of all regular fees collected will go toward $SFUND buybacks, which will reduce the amount of available supplies.

Seedify Partnership with Bloktopia, the Best IDO 2021 

In October 2021, Bloktopia launched the $BLOK IDO with its four IDO partners. As IDO or IGO (Initial Game Offering) partners, OxBull, Apollo-X, Trustpad, and as final, Seedify completed the list of partners.

Ross Tavakoli, Bloktopia’s CEO and mastermind behind Bloktopia Metaverse Skyscraper, then stated: 

“It’s great to have Seedify on board. They stood out as our IGO partner, given their specific focus on incubating and launching Blockchain Gaming projects only. We feel like the Seedify community are an excellent fit for Bloktopia”

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia Metaverse aims at delivering a thrilling virtual reality experience to the crypto community and bringing users together in a truly immersive Web3 virtual world. 

Bloktopia Metaverse Skyscraper

Bloktopia Skyscraper is essentially made up of 21 floors, each one devoted to 21 million bitcoins. As a central location or hub, it will serve as a repository of knowledge and experience pertaining to crypto. Information and content about crypto will be accessible under one roof for the first time ever

Powered by Poligon

Built on the Polygon Network, Bloktopia’s Metaverse serves as a link between the virtual reality and physical world in the decentralized and open-source virtual world

Cryptographic protocols will be used to manage digital assets such as digital art, virtual real estate, advertising space, and unique avatars. All payments will be made via NFTs on the Polygon Network, which is cost-effective and instantaneous.


$BLOK token owners are called Bloktopians, and Bloktopia Skyscraper serves as a central meeting place for crypto enthusiasts of all levels. 

All crypto-related information and engaging content will be accessible in one place where users can visit and receive all the services and knowledge they require. 

Earning Income with Bloktopia

The Bloktopians will have the chance to earn income through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, and many other activities such as playing P2E games and making connections. 

Bloktopia Alpha

The Bloktopia Alpha Metaverse, launched on February 15th, 2022, provides the first glimpse of what is coming later in 2022. 

It is now possible to visit and explore Bloktopia Skyscraper from a first-person or third-person perspective, allowing players to interact with games, see NFT displays, and discover the content tenants display and offer.

Accessing Bloktopia Alpha

To join Bloktopia Alpha please visit the Discord chat room #join-alpha, get a chance to win 1 million $BLOK and experience Bloktopia Alpha Version.

For more info, please go to the Discord channel #join-alpha, answer three easy questions, and you will receive further instructions.

Bloktopia’s Guiding Principles


This component makes learning Crypto easier because it is a complex and technical topic. Resources and information about crypto are scattered over numerous websites and places like YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and are not organized well. 

By providing a central location for members to connect and learn in a supportive environment, Bloktopia provides a solution to this problem.


Bloktopia provides many revenue-generating opportunities. To build wealth, Bloktopians have a range of options, such as real estate, passive income, staking, and advertising.


As a means of relaxation, entertainment, and competition, play is a core part of the Metaverse. Bloktopia Metaverse allows users to interact with friends, play interactive games, and network through virtual reality.


Additionally, users will be able to use simple tools to create scenes, artworks, and challenge themselves as well as compete in contests.Bloktopia NewsDisclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be treated as such. This content is the opinion of a third party, and this site does not recommend that any specific cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held, or that any crypto investment should be made. The Crypto market is high-risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Via this site.

Via this site.

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