Top 5 Blockchain IGO Launchpad Platforms for Investors April 2022 | What is Crypto Launchpad IDO Startup Incubation Vetting Process

Crypto Market Threats

The Crypto Market has sparked a worldwide interest in recent years and attracted the attention of investors from across a wide range of sectors, but it has also drawn the eye of hackers and scammers alike.  

There have been countless instances of crypto investors being scammed due to shady and unethical business practices like making a fake website, stealing private information, or sending funds to compromised wallets.

In an increasingly cyberspace-driven world, we see these things happening every day on the internet, especially when it comes to blockchain.

Need For Rigorous Due Diligence

During the early days of blockchain, many things were highly unregulated and swamped with fraudulent projects, resulting in millions of dollars of losses for investors.

Since then, despite the numerous advancements the crypto industry has made in the past few years, we still read about crypto exchange security breaches that result in billion-dollar losses or firms that shut down and disappear with investors’ money after a rug-pulling scam.

That’s where Launchpads come into play.

What is a Launchpad?

Launchpad is a platform that provides rigorous, in-depth due diligence on crypto projects, helping investors make safer investment decisions based on relevant analysis while helping start-ups raise much-needed capital.

The best crypto launchpads carry out a detailed verification process for new projects before they are allowed to be added to the platform. 

The blockchain industry has evidently experienced a fast-paced upsurge in recent years. The Launchpad platforms have also gained much traction in the broader crypto community as a highly sought-after solution that is helping emerging start-up companies raise funds and crypto investors make educated investments

Crypto Launchpad or IDO?

Crypto Launchpad is usually known as an IDO ( Initial DEX Offering) platform, providing support in launching new cryptocurrencies or crypto-based projects and the subsequent raising of liquidity.

Usually, IDOs are launched through a decentralized liquidity exchange, also known as a DEX. Using liquidity pools, these types of crypto-asset exchanges provide trading of crypto coins, tokens, and stable coins.

DeFi & Launchpads

Launchpads are the blockchain’s hot trend, especially when it comes to DeFi (decentralized finance), which provides direct financial transactions using blockchain technology.

How Launchpads Help Startups

Getting to showcase and promote their project to investors worldwide and possibly persuade them to invest is every startup’s dream.

Project Incubation Service

Launchpads could also provide the incubation of start-up projects.

Through the incubation process, Lanchpads can help newly born companies ease up their growing pains and provide support in terms of marketing and business advice, set up offices, connect with potential investors, partners, users, and more.

How Launchpads Help Investors

Exclusive Access to All

Crypto Launchpads link potential investors with crypto start-ups before they become public, allowing investors to get a good deal on each token in the pre-sale process

Launchpads have also given ordinary people the capability to become investors in assets that were once only accessible to VCs and other large investing companies.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

By joining the launchpad ecosystem, investors get early access to projects and could be offered discounted token prices. The prospect of native token value growth is another incentive for investors to learn more about launchpads.

Lucrative ROI

Early investors realize they will generate a higher return on their investment once the project goes public and gains momentum; as such, investing early in the project could yield great rewards when the project takes off, and the value of the projects’ coins and tokens rises.

Safety First

Cutting-edge crypto Launchpads also minimize the risk of fraud schemes, in which scammy startups disappear with investors’ money.

Investors should not be concerned with the risk of being scammed or losing money since only thoroughly vetted projects are available on the premium launchpads. 

Promising Investment Opportunities

In a nutshell, the meticulous vetting process provided by the top Launchpads goes a long way in providing investors with the ability to find the most promising investment opportunities.

Crypto Launchpads are perhaps the best place to find thoroughly vetted crypto-based projects in the early stages of development that are worth checking out.

In this article, we’ll explore what the start-up project vetting process looks like and what are today’s 5 top best Launchpads fit for the job.

Vetting Process

Incubating and launching a successful crypto-based project requires extensive vetting and due diligence, which takes time and effort. 

In the following, we provided a more detailed explanation of the incubation process, which serves as a business acceleration service that assists emerging companies in getting off the ground.

Project Incubation Step By Step

When it comes to vetting and assisting new startup projects in the LaunchPad, the following are the most important activities to be carried out.

Preliminary Fact-Checking

The start of the review process encompasses having a thorough discussion with the team to gain a detailed understanding of the project and, consequently, define realistic use cases for the digital asset or a token to quantify the project’s potential. 

Meanwhile, the launchpad team may address any questions and concerns, developing a technical overview of the project, including a description of the project’s architecture and how it operates

Team Evaluation

The team’s qualifications are assessed to see if they have the skills and experience necessary to complete the project successfully. 

The project management team and the development department are reviewed to see whether they possess the qualifications necessary to make the project run smoothly.

The assessment will involve establishing whether both groups have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to perform well and complete the project.

This comprehensive evaluation will help to ensure that the incubated project is carried out competently and effectively.

Project’s Tokenomics 

Tokens are the fuel of a cryptocurrency ecosystem. Tokenomics is the methodology of creating, issuing, selling, and exchanging tokens to maximize the project ecosystem’s value. 

Therefore, a thorough research effort is being conducted to determine the expected value of the project and the number of tokens to be distributed. The tokens will be based on the amount of contributions and the location of those contributions

The launchpad team conducts a token review to ensure that the tokens comply with all applicable regulations

The project’s tokens are also analyzed with a proposal for a long-term vesting period to keep everyone engaged and ensure that the team is committed to the project’s ultimate goals. 

Investors’ loyalty to the project is ensured by maintaining their interest and focusing on the clearly defined project’s vision and execution.

Smart Contracts Analysis

Smart contracts are internally audited to help safeguard everyone involved in the launchpad activities and protect the blockchain structure to ensure accuracy and trustworthiness.

In addition, proposals are made regarding new crypto based-projects that seek to have audits conducted by independent third parties. Launchpad’s company can contract these third parties, or they can be independently hired.

holistic security strategy considers the entire ecosystem support, from the data and applications housed on the blockchain-based launchpad to all users and communities participating in the launchpad’s activities.

360 Review

As part of their everyday work, the Launchpad team will come up with suggestions for improvements to the project’s light paper. 

They will also discuss any other points that might add value to the project, such as suggestions on branding, design, or the utility of the token itself.

Linking Investors & VCs to Startups

There are a number of prominent Launchpads with extensive networks and links to well-known crypto investors and venture capital firms

Additionally, Launchpads offer different services such as consulting and introductions to other potential investors.

Partner with other Launchpads

Moreover, Launchpads offer startup projects the opportunity to network with other crypto launchpads to build a larger and more vibrant community.

Additionally, this can lead to even greater engagement and success for the startups.

Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are business executives, bloggers, Twitter and YouTube influencers, and experts who influence the buying and use of products and services. 

These KOLs can help build a community around the project’s uniqueness and connect with new fans and investors to promote the project’s social media channels. 

KOLs can also provide advice and guidance on social media strategy and tactics to help startups build engaged communities and increase their followings.

Listing on Exchanges 

Launchpads have strong relationships with many exchanges, like Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin Gemini, Bitfinex, Kraken, etc.

The Launchpad team introduces startup projects to some of the world’s most well-known crypto exchanges and helps those projects get listed

This is a huge value for the project, as it can drive tractionvolume and build up a larger community along with the TGE (Token Generation Event) as a means of crowdfunding a new cryptocurrency or blockchain project.

Market Makers & Legal 

When a project launches its token, it is essential to have a legal opinion to be listed on an exchange. 

Aside from legal opinion, it’s also vital to secure the view of the Market Makers. Market makers are typically large banks or financial institutions.

For the purpose of aiding in the project and streamlining the process in order to be listed successfully, this information is necessary.

Consultation & Continuous Assistance

In addition to its advisory services, Launchpads offer a number of tools and resources to help startups grow.

These include access to both an extensive library of various resources and proactive support to the startup projects. 

As launchpads have a direct investment interest in these projects, they are here to support startups at every stage of their token launch and beyond.

Top 5 Best Launchpads

Following our introduction to Launchpads and how the whole incubation process works, let us take a look at the Top 5 Best Launchpads in the world today.


Binance Smart Chain Network’s first decentralized IDO platform is BSC LaunchPad.

BSCPad Launchpad is a platform that allows cryptocurrency projects to raise liquidity and distribute tokens. The platform facilitates transparent and decentralized token launches.

The BSCPad platform aims to be the next-generation launchpad for blockchain projects that address staking issues. 

The problem with existing launchpads is that gaining enough tokens to be able to participate in the ecosystem is too expensive. Even after staking the tokens, allocation spots are not guaranteed. 

The Binance Smart Chain Launchpad is a platform that is helpful to token holders and promotes fair launches, enabling investors, large and small, to invest in upcoming Binance Smart Chain projects. 

Every tier level is allocated a share of the BSCPad through its two-round system

The company specializes in bringing users a unique approach from ideation to execution with their advisory, planning, investment, social media marketing, and law expertise. 

BSCPad works with a range of organizations and users, including small and medium businesses, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofits, and the government.

The price of the $BSCPAD native token is currently $0.56. Binance Smart Chain Launchpad BSCPad ($BSCPAD) can be traded on, MEXC, PancakeSwap, and other exchanges.


Seedify is the world’s first games-centric incubator and project-launch platform, and the firm has created an environment committed to project success through its infrastructure.

With over 50 Blockchain Gaming projects launched, Seedify is the leading Incubator & Launchpad for Blockchain Games, NFTs, and Metaverses.

Seedify stated that they didn’t decide to become the first blockchain gaming launchpad because there was a trend at the time.

This was what they believed in, and they wanted to pursue it completely, without hesitation.

Seedify, a well-renowned crypto Incubator and Launchpad platform, recently released its 2022 Roadmap, and it’s clear that they bring a lot to the table. 

First Gaming Launchpad

Bloktopia, Cryowar, and SIDUS Heroes were some of the most successful IGOs (initial game offerings) in 2021, thanks to the support of Seedify’s thriving community and a network of industry partners.

Seedify is the industry’s first games-centric incubator and platform for launching projects, and the company has built an ecosystem dedicated to enabling project success through its infrastructure. 

The Seedify team continues to prioritize expanding Seedify’s services by supporting top gaming P2E Web3 projects and teams while also developing new revenue streams for token holders

The $SFUND stakers will be able to participate in INO (initial NFT offering) on the Seedify NFT Launchpad and access IGO (initial game offering) after staking or yield farming on Seedify’s dashboard.

The price of the $SFUND native token is currently $4.03. Seedify ($SFUND) can be traded on KuCoin,, PancakeSwap, and other exchanges.


FireStarter, the first IMO – Initial Metaverse Offering – launchpad, supports DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Social Token projects powered by the Polygon network. Investing in Metaverse-integrated projects at the start of their development is a unique experience provided by the Firestarter launchpad. 

With Initial Metaverse Offering (IMO), upcoming crypto projects can raise funds on this platform, allowing the community to invest in something they believe is headed for success.

FireStarter is used mainly by crypto projects to get a more extensive fan base, build community awareness, and get faster funding.

By purchasing $FLAME, FireStarter’s native token, investors of all levels have access to pre-sale funding rounds and early participation options. 

The project promotes community-driven, culture-reinforced projects, attracting people to the Metaverse Worlds

In addition to funding crypto projects, FireStarter engages celebrities, influencers, and business partners — boosting each project’s community growth in this manner. 

The price of the Firestarter $FLAME native token is currently $0.17. Firestarter ($FLAME) can be traded on KuCoin, QuickSwap, and other exchanges.


GameFi ($GAFI) provides a full-fledged game finance ecosystem as an ultimate gaming destination for gamers, investors, and other game studios. It is the first IGO (Initial Game Offering) launchpad with tools to help games succeed.

The purpose of GameFi is to become a global platform where users can interact with players from anywhere in the world and play games without restriction. 

GameFi offers access to the broadest range of resources to all involved in the thriving game finance industry

With GameFi, crypto game developers can accelerate their project delivery through pre-designed, ready-to-integrate smart contracts. The development of blockchain games can be greatly accelerated with factory contracts, NFTs, and Play to Earn mechanics.

GameFi is the only game-centric launchpad designed to be chain-independent yet explicitly designed for games.

GameFi has many well-renowned partners like Polygon, Chainlink, Kucoin, and others.

The price of the GameFi $GAFI native token is currently $33.20. GameFi ($GAFI) can be traded on, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, and other exchanges.


BLOKPAD was the First Launchpad Set ever released in the Metaverse, created by Bloktopia. Bloktopia, which owns BLOKPAD, is a 21-story tall Virtual Skyscraper and the center of the crypto market, featuring immersive content and a one-stop crypto information hub.

BLOKPAD’s Launchpad Mission

BLOKPAD launchpad is dedicated to incubating and launching high-quality crypto projects geared toward the crypto and metaverse sectors. Through Blokpad, projects can connect in the immersive and vibrant Bloktopia Metaverse

Bloktopia was the most successful IDO of 2021, thanks to its $BLOK token launch. 

In order to offer the best crypto projects to Bloktopians and Non-Bloktopians, Bloktopia set up BLOKPAD $BPAD to streamline the process.

BLOKPAD Two Main Services

As a result of community feedback, BLOKPAD decided to split its launchpad into two services after launching the SIDUS NFT Heroes project. 

These two primary BlokPad services are BLOKPAD INCUBATE and BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL.

BLOKPAD INCUBATE (formerly known as VIP) provides incubation and launchpad for elite projects. BLOKPAD INCUBATE will use $BLOK as the staking token. It will be operated through the Polygon Network. Polygon Network, headquartered in India, offers faster scaleable layer-2 solutions for transactions on multiple blockchains, especially Ethereum, at lower prices.

BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL operates as a launching pad for all projects looking to get off the ground. $BPAD will serve as a staking token for allocations in BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL. This will be handled by the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC).

BlokPad’s staking rewards and access to premium launchpad projects are among the most attractive features of the ecosystem. The Binance Smart Chain also offers $BPAD to the community. 

The price of the BlokPad $BPAD native token is currently $0.008. BlokPad ($BPAD) can be traded on PancakeSwap and other exchanges.


Launchpads have taken off in the past few years riding the crypto winds, benefitting both startups and crypto investors.

Crypto Launchpads successfully connect investors with crypto-based projects in their early stages before they go public, offering investors a secure and regulated environment alongside affordable token prices. On the other side, crypto startups are exposed to keen investors looking to immediately fund promising projects.Bloktopia News

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be treated as such. This content is the opinion of a third party, and this site does not recommend that any specific cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held, or that any crypto investment should be made. The Crypto market is high-risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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