Why Bloktopia Goes MultiChain Web3 $BLOK Coin Roadmap 2022 | Bloktopia Alpha Metaverse, BNB Chain & AMA CTO Simon Benson April Updates

Bloktopia Alpha Metaverse

With its stunning and eagerly awaited Alpha Version, Bloktopia Metaverse sets the bar high when it comes to developing immersive 3D virtual worlds. As an early mover that is constantly pushing the envelope and making new significant partnerships almost on a daily basis, it puts itself at the top of the Metaverse game. 

Despite being in the early stages of development, it is awe-inspiring to step inside the Bloktopia Alpha Version 21-story tall Metaverse Skyscraper and experience the adrenaline rush firsthand.

Unlike Microsoft, Meta, and other key players which are still in the early development stages and do not currently have a working product, Bloktopia Metaverse has seen an increasing demand for its Crypto-Powered Alpha Virtual Reality Skyscraper and its native $BLOK token.

Alpha Version Live

With the Bloktopia Alpha Version being live, members of the Bloktopia community, also known as Bloktopians, have the rare opportunity to experience the 3D Bloktopia Metaverse for the first time.

While Alpha Version provides only a glimpse of what’s about to happen later in 2022, it’s easy to see the tremendous potential of the Bloktopia Metaverse that sets it apart from its competitors.

Through first-person and third-person perspectives, players will be able to see Bloktopia Alpha Version, play games, explore NFT displays, and explore virtual stores to learn what Bloktopia tenants bring to the table.

Testing Bloktopia Alpha Version

Bloktopia and the broader tech community fully understand that testing a product in its early stages and providing quality feedback on user experience often involves finding and documenting software bugs

To make sure that their community and partners are provided with the best user experience possible, the Bloktopia team believes this test is essential. Bloktopia Alpha Version intends to create a world-class Metaverse by incorporating users’ feedback to create a high-quality product.

One-Stop Crypto Hub

By the very nature of the development process, any new product must undergo an in-depth review and receive quality feedback before going on the market.

As a future One-Stop Crypto Metaverse Hub, Bloktopia VR Skyscraper will benefit substantially from this testing process.

Bloktopia Alpha Metaverse, a functioning and playable demonstration of what will be available in 2022, was launched on February 15, 2022, and can be accessed through the Bloktopia Discord server dedicated to its community.

Bloktopians can join Bloktopia’s Discord server, a place to have talks with like-minded individuals interested in exclusive updates and engaging conversations.

Bloktopia Goes Multichain 2022

There has been a lot of buzz about Bloktopia $BLOK recently, as it is one of the most-talked-about Web3 Metaverse Crypto projects awaiting listing on a major exchange.

Then, earlier this week, Binance BNB CHAIN announced its new Multichain Strategy that included Bloktopia’s $BLOK coin to be launched on the Binance network starting March 30, 2022

The entire Bloktopia community warmly welcomed the BNB Chain announcement, as it goes well along with Bloktopia’s Web3 MultiChain approach outlined earlier this week as part of the Bloktopia 2022 Product Roadmap.

From Polygon To MultiChain

Bloktopia is built upon the Polygon blockchain

Polygon is an Ethereum based token that enables cheap and fast transactions over layer-2 side chains (chains that run on the Ethereum network).

Bloktopia chose to build its Web3 Metaverse platform on top of the Polygon blockchain since it is one of the best layer-2 Ethereum scaling solutions in the blockchain industry today. 

Web3 Direction

Taking a strong Web 3.0 directionPolygon has recently raised nearly $450 million in a funding round led by Sequoia Capital India. 

Polygon (MATIC) announced that the funds would also enable the company to invest in its cutting-edge zero-knowledge (ZK) technology, which is vital to bringing the next billion users into the world of Web 3.0.

However, as game rules are constantly being rewritten, developing the Bloktopia Metaverse will require an additional push to extend it to other networks besides Polygon, giving the team a competitive edge in the Metaverse race.

Bloktopia Multichain Expansion

Bloktopia is a Metaverse Trailblazer of its kind, and although Polygon has been and remains Bloktopia’s Key Strategic Partner, Bloktopia, as planned in its 2022 Roadmap, has undertaken to expand to a multichain vision

Blockchain Faces Limits

Bloktopia is on a mission to encourage worldwide crypto adoption by building a platform that attracts many users. 

Having a ringside view of the digital space, many experts think it is becoming evident that the Internet infrastructure has historically been quite disjointed and has become increasingly difficult to scale.

Blockchain Needs To Evolve

Therefore, the technical development of blockchain should evolve and realize the fact that being isolated and unconnected is not the most powerful position as being affiliated with an open Web 3.0 environment

Though the crypto industry is still in its adoption stage, the number of users seems to have grown beyond the capabilities of the technology. 

Congestion and high costs are among the most common challenges in the crypto industry we’re facing today.

Announcing a step towards a MultiChain approach, Bloktopia cuts to the chase and reveals its plan to overcome these challenges.

MultiChain Approach

To help make blockchain a worldwide adopted industry, Bloktopia aims to provide an attractive solution to new cryptocurrency users and experienced enthusiasts alike. 

The MultiChain approach can provide a hassle-free experience to end-users through simplified transactions

The addition of new chains to the $BLOK network, namely MultiChainswill not result in an increase in token supply. The total token supply will remain the same.

The company says it will explore all options to ensure Bloktopia has the greatest chance of succeeding with the move to the Web3 multichain approach.

By teaming up with more networks, it will be possible to eliminate scaling issues with technologies such as bridges, parachains, and other features to ensure seamless transitions for users of Web 3.0.

What is Binance? 

Binance Exchange, based in Hong Kong, is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume and has grown tremendously in recent years. With over 3000 employees and operations in more than 180 countries, it transacts more than $1 trillion in trade every month.

Binance Network BNB CHAIN Welcomes Bloktopia 

Bloktopia’s $BLOK token was recently launched on the Binance network as part of BNB CHAIN’s new Multichain strategy, thus giving additional wind in Bloktopia’s sails toward MultiChain.

What is BNB Chain and Why Does It Matter?

First, we want to explore Binance’s smart chain evolution, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain are now known as BNB Chain
  • BNB Chain will create the parallel virtual ecosystem infrastructure of the world with the concept of MetaFi
  • Binance Chain is powered by the blockchain gas token BNB, or “Build and Build” (previously called Binance Coin).

BNB and Binance were born in 2017. 

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was introduced three years later. Binance Smart Chain grew and evolved along with Binance. 

The birth of BSC coincided with the DeFi revolution when public interest in blockchain-based financial solutions was on the rise. Both Binance and BSC are still linked through BNB.

It’s Even More Than It Looks

There is much more to BNB than just Binance. The Binance platform and BNB have created a living ecosystem. A vision is to have everyone own BNB eventually; as such, it needs to be allowed to spread its wings freely. 

“It is essential that Binance and BSC set sail on separate courses for BNB to live up to its full potential. Hence those two chains, Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) became BNB Chain.”

Originally called Binance Coin, the BNB token stands for “Build and Build.” BNB not only fuels BNB Chain transactions (like Ethereum gas) but also serves as a governance token

BNB Defi and MetaFi

Companies and experts worldwide use the terms ‘Metaverse‘ and ‘Meta.’ 

BNB Chain states that the term ‘Metais not used as an umbrella term for the Metaverse; more often, it refers to something contributing to the overall picture

However, the company prefers using the term MetaFi

BNB Chain has recently undergone major technical updates, including a new Multichain Strategy, which has prompted its community to move towards MetaFi.

What is MetaFi?

In a nutshell, the MetaFi word is a combination of ‘Meta,’ meaning meta ecosystem, and ‘Fi,’ which means DeFi (decentralized finance).

MetaFi consolidates diverse types of projects such as Metaverse, GameFi, DeFi, SocialFi, NFTs, and Web3 into one initiative – MetaFi.

Fortunately, this consolidation process can be accomplished thanks to the metadata for identifying ownership

Due to the metadata standards defined by MetaFi, blockchain functionality can be merged into one meta ecosystem that is interoperable with multiple blockchains and platforms

MetaFi Purpose

Through MetaFi, new digital ecosystems will be created that include a variety of functionalities based on digital assets, providing users with new possibilities as well as enabling mass adoption of the Metaverse.

Using the BNB platform and its new Multichain Strategy, creators, developers, and entrepreneurs can build on the MetaFi.

Bloktopia MultiChain Roadmap

Along with the many Q2, Q3, and Q4 Roadmap milestones such as the NFT Land Sale Launch, Wallet, and Multiple Avatar Selection Launch, Bloktopia’s objectives also include launching a Multichain Token, allowing users to enter and interact with Bloktopia on multiple chains.

With the recent announcement and access to the Metaverse on the BNB Chain using the BNB $BLOK token as part of the BNB Chain Multichain Strategy, Bloktopia can boldly enter the new MultiChain phase of its existence.

Simon Benson, Bloktopia CTO

More info about Bloktopia MultiChain and Technical Product Roadmap 2022 will be shared in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the Bloktopia Discord server. Simon Benson, CTO of Bloktopia, will hold an AMA on the Bloktopia Discord server in April 2022

AMA CTO Simon Benson

In order to help bring the Bloktopia Product Roadmap to life, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session will be hosted on the Bloktopia Discord server to allow customers to ask Simon Benson anything they want. 

Simon has worked on AAA games such as Call of Duty, World Rally Championship & Motorstorm and has over 25 years of commercial immersive development experience, pioneering stereoscopic 3D console gaming. 

Benson’s LinkedIn bio reveals an experienced technology consultant specializing in immersive and real-time interactive development. A rare find outside Silicon Valley, he is a commercial immersive development expert with over 25 years of experience in the military, motorsports, and consumer entertainment. 

Highlights of his career include:

  • Leading multimillion-dollar AAA games.
  • Pioneering 3D console gaming.
  • Founding the PlayStation VR project.

His previous role was Director of Immersive Technology at Sony, and he is cited as an inventor on more than 50 patents.

AMA Exlusive Details

Simon Benson also commented on the new Bloktopia Roadmap 2022 release:

“We have been working very hard behind the scenes to establish a scope of work and subsequent set of milestones which allows us to move in line with the pace of the sector.

We are really happy with where we have got to, but appreciate that there is a lot of detail to cover in the roadmap, and as such I will be hosting an AMA to help answer any questions that Bloktopians may have.

We’re really looking forward to hearing the communities thoughts on our development schedule.”

About Bloktopia

Bloktopia is a decentralized Web3 Metaverse One-Stop Crypto-Hub powered by Polygon, designed to deliver an unforgettable VR experience to the crypto community and connect users in one immersive and engaging virtual world.

The Bloktopia Web3 Skyscraper is essentially a building with 21 floors dedicated to honoring 21 million Bitcoins.

The Bloktopia Skyscraper will represent the central hub and be the gathering place for all cryptocurrency-related levels of expertise.

With Bloktopia, VR is utilized to interact, play crypto-based games, enjoy, and engage in many ways, enabling the first-person perspective unavailable anywhere else. 

Bloktopia will bring crypto-related information and interactive content under the same roof for the very first time.

$BLOK coin owners will be known as Bloktopians, and Bloktopia will serve as a central hub for crypto enthusiasts at all levels. 

In the Bloktopia Metaverse, players will earn revenue through a variety of opportunities, including real estate ownership, advertising revenue, and Play-To-Earn games and activities. 

Bloktopia’s Four Pillars


This is the first segment that takes into account how difficult it can be to navigate the crypto world.

The Internet is flooded with resources and information on Crypto and Web3, including YouTube, Telegram, and Crypto Twitter, and they are very fragmented at the moment.

Bloktopia is geared towards addressing this challenge by positioning itself as a central hub where users can gather and learn in a safe and open environment.


With the many income streams offered by Bloktopia, there are many ways to earn revenue. Bloktopians have many options for building wealth, including Bloktopia real estate, passive $BLOK coin earning, advertising, and staking.


Play is another essential component of any metaverse ecosystem, and competition, fun, and relaxation cannot exist without it. Through Bloktopia, users are able to interact with friends, play interactive games, and network while exploring a virtual reality world from a first-person viewpoint.


Finally, developers will give their users the chance to push the limits of their creativity by designing scenes, challenges, artworks, and more, creating them with a simple tool, and then participating in events to win prizes.

Bloktopia News

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