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Metaverse Marches On

Metaverse continues to receive a massive infusion of new interest and investments from global industry-leading companies, despite some skeptics claiming it’s nothing more than a gleam in someone’s eye.

Virtual Worlds and innovative Web3-driven Economies are becoming an extremely dominant phenomenon that has been acknowledged by many giant companies like Sony, Lego, Meta, Microsoft, Tesla, and many more. 

Indeed, this list even extends to major financial institutions and governments worldwide that have made significant moves toward Blockchain and Metaverse.

By taking advantage of blockchain technology, the Metaverse is melting the once impenetrable heatproof tech barrier between physical and virtual reality, making it possible to radically redefine contemporary lifestyles and significantly alter the way we envision the future

The Metaverse is anticipated to grow at a rate of 40% by the end of the decade and hit the bull’s eye, reaching a staggering $670 billion by 2030.

At the same time, blockchain technology is fueling the growth of the NFT craze, which is gaining tremendous traction and enjoying sales of more than $17.6 billion.

Metaverse and Web3 innovations are indeed stimulating the global shift toward virtual reality immersion, and these advancements are music to the ears of crypto-daredevils.

Builders of the Metaverse are on the frontline and constantly pushing the technology forward, making a dream more real day by day. We salute them

That said, let’s stay constructively realistic. We still have a long way to go before Metaverse is accepted as an industry standard, and it will take a lot of growing pains, sweat, and tears to establish the proper infrastructure.

Today, we’re talking about one of the most prominent Metaverse architects – Wilder World

In Short, What is Wilder World?

Founded by 3d artist Frank Wilder comes the most ambitious metaverse project to date. An all-encompassing Wilder World Metaverse project looking to create a better tomorrow is set in a utopian future in which society has overcome social shortcomings.

All those interested in Metaverse, Web3, and NFTs will have more to think about after experiencing what Wilder World has to offer.

There is no need to look any further; if you’ve been searching for a real-life Ready Player One, you’re in luck; Wilder World is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Wilder World aims to provide a decentralized platform for artists and creators

Wilder World Metaverse allows creators to showcase their projects and products to a broader audience. It also strives to deliver exposure to virtual reality through a community-centered platform. 

It hopes to accomplish this by creating cities for exploration. Wiami, one of the Wilder World‘s first cities, bears a striking similarity to the famous city of Miami. 

Wiami was designed to enable users to explore metaverses. It is also possible to play numerous in-game contests in Wilder World and earn income at the same time. 

Ready Player One Alike

In a Wilder World, VR and AR are seamlessly integrated, bringing together a fully immersive, realistic digital world that could support a global economy, reach full internet scale, and host billions of users daily.

Wilder World Web3 based project is a contender for metaverse dominance against companies like Microsoft, Meta, and others.

Developed by a team of talented digital artists from around the world, the project has tremendous funding backing and has been in the works for seven years.

A full-scale Metaverse Platform is what makes this project utterly unique.

The company excels at creating the best-quality, most useful, and most versatile NFTs on the market. According to some, this is the closest thing to Ready Player One that exists today. 

Perhaps one day, we can all spend a great deal of time in this virtual Wilder World Metaverse, working, socializing, and earning a living.

Zero, zSpace, and Wilder World

When people say “Wilder World,” a lot of the time, what they are actually referring to is either Zero or zSpace.

What’s the difference between the three?

Plain and simple, Zero is the underlying technology of zSpace; a fully immersive and photorealistic metaverse made up of universes, galaxies, and planets.

Wilder World is the first universe that will be in zSpace and launch on the Zero platform. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them in more detail.

Zero & zSpace

The internet, as we know it today, is called “Web2” and something known as Web3” will be its successor. Web3 will transfer us to a reality where a metaverse is fully integrated into daily life through our jobs, social circles, and financials. Everything will be connected digitally.

Wilder World could be the Web3 Metaverse project that radically disrupts the current internet.

What is Zero?

Zero is a peer-to-peer social network and Web3 OS.

In a nutshell, it’s a social platform, NFT marketplace, and base layer for zSpace, gaming applications, and DAOs all rolled into one. 

zSpace Metaverse

A key characteristic of Zero is that it provides a platform for any person or team to enter the zSpace Metaverse, create a DAO, and scale it. 

“Zero is, in a nutshell, a social platform, NFT marketplace, and base layer for gaming applications and DAOs all rolled into one.”

Wilder World & Zero Guide

Wilder World ($WILD) is the first Metaverse launched on the Zero platform.

Consequently, it will be able to contain multiple galaxies and many worlds within its realm of influence.

Wiami Game

Initially, Wilder World ($WILD) will be centered around Wiami, a topographical 1/1 digital representation of Miami.

Wiami is meant to serve as a Central Hub for the Metaverse as it houses the headquarters of many of the biggest projects in the crypto industry as well as the primary residence of many citizens of zSpace

Wilder World Partnerships

Here is a list of the partnerships announced to date, but there will be many more:

Illuvium, VaynerNFT, Zed Run, BossLogicUniverse, Ledger, CoinMarketCap, Huxley, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, Yield Guild Games, Polkastarter Gaming Guild, The Doge Pound, Animoca Brands’ REVV Motorsport, Knights of Degen, Immutable X, Players Only.

Wilder KOLs

Besides project partnerships, Wilder World announced collaborations with the following KOLs (Key opinion leaders):

  • BossLogic,
  • Beeple,
  • Anthony Pompliano,
  • Jake Paul,
  • Nyjah Huston,
  • Baron Davis,
  • Michael Carter-Williams,
  • 888

Who’s Funding Wilder World?

The financial backing for this project is tremendous, a key factor in ensuring scalability and competitiveness in the emerging metaverse industry. Funding for the project has come from the following:

Wilder World Team

Approximately 100 people from over 15 countries are working on the Wilder World project. Here are a few team members and their roles:

  • Frank Wilder: The Artist
  • n3o (“Neo”): The Architect
  • Phoenix Wilder: Fellow Artist
  • David Waslen: Finance/Partnerships
  • Hypno Wilder: Partnerships
  • Quantum Wilder: CMO
  • Sunshine, Rayne, and Chris Wilder: Community
  • Freedom Wilder: H.R

Who is Frank Wilder?

Frank Wilder can be viewed as an OG in the NFT space. He got into digital art in 2013 and minted his first NFT in 2017.

Before NFTs, he was selling physical “totems” (3D printed necklaces made of silver, gold, and precious jewels) and creating other digital art that could be 3D printed. Frank formed a passionate community around his physical art and even took on clients like Justin Bieber and Kevin Durant. 

He built a loyal following and pb where members were known as “Friends of Frank”. 

While other OG NFT artists were releasing NFTs, Frank was busy building the metaverse with the other Wilders instead of minting large amounts of art. Working on the metaverse is why the entire NFT space doesn’t know much about the Wilders as NFT artists.

Zero Master Plan

It contains a comprehensive document that uncovers the full potential of Wilder World. It’s worth checking it out.

Zero Objectives

Attract the World’s Top Creators

The project is already made up of some of the most talented developers, artists, and bright minds in the world. They plan on continuing to poach top talent from companies globally by providing incentives that traditional corporations simply can’t offer.

Mimic Reality as Close as Possible

Persistence: There is one single global game state that all players experience simultaneously within the Metaverse. In real life, if we were to leave a football at a park, it would still be there until another person eventually came and moved it. If a building were to burn down in a different country, and we were to visit it a week later, it would still be burned down when we see it. It’s the same in zSpace; when all players experience the same thing when events occur.

Photorealism: Characters, landscapes, objects, and interactions between users look, and feel, as close to real-life as is technologically possible. We’re not talking good, and we’re not talking just AAA quality; we’re talking as great as possible with today’s currently available technology. As technology continues to improve, so will the realism of zSpace.

Massively Multiplayer: zSpace is designed to support internet-scale, meaning billions of players with trillions of unique assets. Additionally, all players should be able to move seamlessly through zSpace, meaning a player should be able to keep walking and never stop.

Mixed Reality: 3D assets should be able to be experienced inside and outside of zSpace. zSpace is intended to support VR and AR technology integration, desktop computers, browsers (via streaming), and mobile phones and tablets.

Distributed: zSpace, similar to Bitcoin, will be hosted and maintained by a distributed community using cryptographic incentives with no central intermediary.

Societal Connectivity: Money earned inside zSpace should be able to be used to buy real things outside of zSpace, and vice versa.

Decentralized & Distributed Architecture

A primary challenge of this project is seamlessly stitching together environments hosted on separate servers or instances while also being run on a decentralized network with various nodes and physical distances between them.

To overcome this hurdle, Zero is using Unreal Engine, their own virtual server management, and virtual wallet, and enabling user devices to operate as nodes that provide CPU, GPU, and bandwidth in exchange for their Infinity token as an incentive.

Open Source Hardware

This is another one of the biggest challenges that the Zero team will face. 

At the core of this challenge is the idea that if Apple, Meta, and Google control the hardware (computers, VR headsets, etc.), then the metaverse’s fate and digital freedom for humanity are still in the hands of big tech corporations. 

The Zero team is aware of the challenge at hand and will take the necessary measures to solve it.

Photorealistic Graphics

In order for a full-scale metaverse to exist, it needs to look as close to real-life as it can get. We’re talking about a digital space where businesses hold meetings, users do shopping, gamers complete quests, and students attend class. 

In order to appeal to the masses, anything less than photorealism isn’t going to cut it. 

Seamlessly Add Projects and Currencies

If a metaverse project is not open to accepting other projects, it may not be viewed as a metaverse. In theory, if we wanted to take Wilder World and input all of it into Axie Infinity, we couldn’t do it. It isn’t possible, at least not yet.

That’s because Axie, like many other projects listed as metaverses, is just plug-ins that will eventually converge on an actual metaverse platform; a platform like Zero. 

On the other hand, if we wanted to take Axie Infinity in its entirety and put it on the Zero platform with its token and own planet, we could do that.

That is the defining unique characteristic that separates Zero project from the rest that is currently available. 

The ability to add other currencies into Zero gives tremendous freedom to creators and projects looking to join the Metaverse. 

They’re able to essentially create their own ecosystem within the overall ecosystem while also being seamlessly connected to all of zSpace.

Expansive Space for Users

Metaverses need to be able to take on the full scale of the internet because Web3 will replace Web2We can’t make the internet smaller. The Zero platform is the only currently available project with that capability.

Zero is designed to support internet-scale; that’s billions of players and trillions of unique digital assets. Right, so Zero is designed to support a massive metaverse, but just how big is zSpace?

zSpace Capacity

zSpace is made up of universes, galaxies, and worlds. In zSpace, scarcity is present because there can, and will only ever be, a maximum number of each. In total, there is a possibility for:

  • 1,024 Universes (each universe can contain up to 256 galaxies)
  • 262,144 Galaxies (each galaxy can contain up to 256 worlds)
  • 67,108,864 Worlds

Given that individual worlds will vary in scope and size, virtual land limits are firmly set at the galaxy level. This accomplishes variability and diversity at the world level while also bringing some degree of uniformity to zSpace. The maximum area of land that can be issued within a unique galaxy is 1,800 km² or roughly the surface area of Alaska.

As for the entirety of the zSpace metaverse, the total maximum available land area is 471,859,200 km², or roughly 93% the size of planet Earth

To put that into perspective even further, only around 30% of the surface area of Earth is landmass, and much of that is uninhabitable, so humans actually currently occupy less than 50% of land available. That’s less than 15% of the Earth.

With zSpace providing 93% of Earth’s surface area we’ll have plenty of room for a very long time.

Wilder World 5D metaverse-ready NFTs

zSpace is entirely built on NFTs. They are at the core of this Web3-based project and will play a key role in the future.

So far, the Wilders has launched a number of NFTs for Wilder World. Let’s focus on the two biggest drops, both of which can be now purchased on the Wilder World Marketplace and OpenSea. The collection currently consists of the very first 5D metaverse-ready NFTs ever launched.

Hopefully, you have learned enough about Zero and Wilder World from this guide to understand basic concepts. Let’s take a look at what else we can find at the Wilder World store.

What is Air Wild Season Zero?

Air Wilds was the first collection drop that the Wilders created.

99 Pairs were put up for auction on September 16, 2021. This collection of shoes will be wearable by your avatar in Wilder World, and each pair has special abilities to aid the owner in their journeys through the metaverse.

This launch, aside from being historic, was a tremendous success for the project. 

With only 99 Air Wilds and billions of potential players, along with the historical significance of the Air Wilds, it’s hard not to imagine the secondary sales that these will one day fetch.

What Is Wilder Wheels?

Wilder Wheels is essentially a game in Wiami in which players can race other players for rewards.

It is powered by the $WILD token. It is possible to rent another user’s car for a limited period if you do not have a car of your own. Wilder Wheels launched on October 28th, 2021 amid a big marketing push by the Wilder team that saw numerous new partnerships announced. 

Wheels is a collection of 10,101 AAA quality 5D cars ready to drive, and race, around Wiami

They will be a part of the first P2E (play-to-earn) element of Wilder World as drivers can race each other for pink slips. Wheels are not just cars for racing and getting around Wiami, they will eventually be able to be staked and fractionalized

Owners of the first 1,000 Wheels minted gain access to the exclusive “Wilder Hideout” within Wiami, % ownership of the land it occupies, and 2X staking rewards

Cars with this trait have the “The Wilder Hideout” trait within the “Environment” trait category on OpenSea.

Wilder Cribs

Wilder Cribs is a collection of 99 luxury condos located in the Qube Building in the heart of Wiami

The Qube features 39 floors and six uniquely crafted floor plansAs the first real estate offered for sale by Wilder World, Cribs have fetched massive six-figure sale prices on secondary markets. 

Wilder Craft

Wilder Craft dropped on December 16, 2021, as a new form of transportation for Wilder citizens.

As a collection of only 99 1 of 1 NFTs, Crafts are currently the rarest vehicles in Wiami and provide air superiority to owners. 

Wilder World Staking

Metropolis is a revolutionary staking system introduced into Wilder World. The key feature is that 100% of profits generated by Wilder World will be redistributed to citizens of Wilder World

As the Wilders put it, this nation is one that “does not indebt their citizens but instead rewards them.” 

How do you become a citizen of Wilder World and participate in profit-sharing? By owning at least one $WILD token. Simple as that.

How does Wilder World generate revenue for its citizens? This comes from three primary sources:

  • Resources (Raw land and minerals)
  • Industry (Web3 gaming, automotive, real estate, fashion, travel, entertainment, and more)
  • Infrastructure (DAO tooling, social networking, A.I. systems, dynamic gameplay systems, etc.)

In Wilder World, there are two types of staking pools: Global Staking Pool and Industry Staking Pool.

Global Staking Pool

The global staking pool gives citizens exposure to the profits of the entire Wilder World economy. 

50% of staking rewards will be paid out in $WILD (tokens vest for one year from date of issuance) and 50% is converted to $LOOT and held in the treasury.

Industry Staking Pool

Industry staking gives citizens exposure to the revenues of specific industries within Wilder World. Industries currently established include Wilder Wheels, Wilder Kicks, and Wilder Guild, for example. 

Industry pools involve staking NFTs within the industry in order to gain rewards.

Let’s assume we own a Wilder Wheel NFT. If we desire, we can stake the vehicle in order to earn a portion of the GDP that is generated by Wilder’s Wheels industryStaking would lock up the asset, meaning we can no longer use it within Wilder World so long as it is staked

This effect increases the scarcity of the NFTs available within the industry for sale, and will inherently increase upward price pressure for the NFTs that aren’t staked and are available for sale.

“100% of profits generated by Wilder World will be redistributed to citizens.”

Wilder World Roadmap 2022

Wilder World has tremendous potential, even as it is still being developed. It gives a futuristic impression of a new, virtual reality world that would be interesting to visit.

When the team completes the development, the metaverse should give the users an excellent opportunity to earn extra income and experience the thrills of discovering a new, overwhelming digital world.

The Wilder World 2022 Roadmap outlines bold new plans, and they are hitting the ground running. 

Wilder World stated:

“Citizens of Wilder World, we have accomplished so much together and this is just the beginning. Since May 2021, with your dedicated support, we have gone quantum creating a new dimension of reality while operating at the speed of light. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. 

It was also not that long ago (August) that we launched our first roadmap, Road to the Metaverse which was then followed by QUANTUM MEOW MODE. Hand on our heart, we pulled out all stops to deliver on these very ambitious milestones and acknowledge that we also altered our path and adjusted some of our objectives and timelines.

We like to dream big and aim for the stars: it’s the Wilder Way. Collectively, we achieved magical results, including securing $30M USDC, which will super charge our ability to bring the Metaverse to life. We also learned some very important lessons that will help us build better together while fully realizing hyperscale in 2022.

It’s super important to catch our breath, take a moment to fully acknowledge what we have created together, and then reactivate our excitement and laser focus for what we are about to deliver as a Nation over the next twelve months.

Our roadmaps for the year ahead will manifest in 3 phases – 

Phase 1: Invoking the Wilder Spirit

The first roadmap invokes the essence of the Wilder Spirit while embracing the fundamentals. Essentially, we will slow down and build up our foundation in order to go fast in the later phases of the roadmap. Getting the basics right was a big takeaway from the community AMAs, and we want you to know we hear you loud and clear.

To us, this includes a more coherent and well-thought-out strategy for our collectors. We will expand on NFT collection utility and prioritize rewarding the ever faithful Wilder Nation who continue to carry the torch with us into uncharted territory.

Deliverables for Phase 1

Wilder.Pets: Possessing characteristics never before seen on a PFP project, Pets is one of the most technically advanced and cutting-edge generative projects to ever grace the metaverse. Each NFT is fully animated and game-ready with realistic fur simulation; a first in the NFT space.

AIR WILD Season 2: The third highly-anticipated release of AIR WILD Kicks. Fully wearable in-game Metaverse-ready NFT sneakers created in collaboration with 5D artist and visionary Chad Knight.

Wilder.Moto: The first collection of Wilder.Moto is a series of procedurally generated 5D 1 of 1 NFT metaverse-ready metabikes that come with dynamic in-game attributes.

Map of South Beach, Little Meow: Wiami has been busy under development! It’s time to reveal where all your favorite Wilder World partnered projects will be located in our first city. We will also be preparing the Wilder Nation for future land sales.

WWMM v.2: Key updates to the Metaverse Market include a fully integrated app, a “buy it now” option, more Gas efficient NFT drops, NFT Rarity, and Advanced sorting to name a few.

Wilder Wheels Racing Loop: We’ll be providing an update on the Alpha process and a roadmap specifically for the Wilder Wheels Racing Loop.

We also want to take this opportunity to give you a glimpse of the future. While Phase 2 & 3 may be subject to change, the key themes will predominantly stay the same.

Phase 2: Pioneering the Wild West

While Phase 1 was about setting the foundation, Phase 2 is about launching hyperscale from those building blocks in the form of metaverse land sales and property development in Wilder World. This is the moment in history where we collectively set our sights west, on the Wiami horizon, and create a new and wild frontier – expansion in the Wilder Nation beyond our wildest dreams, expansion of our hearts and minds and the Wilder Spirit.

Phase 3: Into the Wild

We execute our vision to create a fully decentralized and community-owned virtual nation within our immersive photorealistic metaverse. 

Citizens may transcend deep into the wild as they acquire virtual land, express themselves through unique avatars and decorative NFT assets, and experience the full potential of all our NFT utility. This is the new fifth dimension of reality that we have all been working towards as a community.

We will be providing citizens in-depth updates on Phase 2 & 3 deliverables periodically over the coming months as well as activating a number of community engagement sessions to gather new ideas and feedback.

While the progress we display at a public level is evident, the full extent of our immense progress behind the scenes is oftentimes unclear. 

“We are building a photorealistic metaverse, a massive undertaking that has never been done before. With your support, Wilder Nation is quite literally pioneering the next frontier of humanity’s digital experience.”

We’ve made tremendous investments in our operational infrastructure over the last month, and we’ve hired some amazing talent. From new developers and game designers to concept artists and a marketing team that has doubled in size, the expansion of our team should indicate we are all digging in for the long-haul. We are absolutely ready for hyper-scale, it’s going to be a wild ride!

On a final note, we want to express that it’s heartening to remember just how early we are on this journey into the metaverse. With the Wilder Spirit at the core of our movement leading the way, WAGMI. 

Our team has its eyes on the ultimate prize, and we are working extremely hard to continue advancing the project hand-in-hand with the citizens of the Wilder Nation.

The Wilders salute you, meow and forever.”

Wilder World Metaverse: How it Works

As an NFT platform, Wilder World runs seamlessly using blockchain technology and Web3 innovations. This photorealistic metaverse exposes the users to the NFT industry, which has skyrocketed recently.

There are a few components that are fundamental to the platform. Following is a brief description of some mechanisms that are integral to the Wilder World ecosystem:


The Wilder World platform uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as its core. The Wilder Metaverse contains some of the most amazing 3D artwork exploring virtual reality. 

It is also possible to trade these 3D artworks as NFTs and sell them to earn money. It welcomes not only artists but also art collectors

Because they’re so valuable, art collectors need the rarest pieces. Since collectors know that the rarer the piece, the higher the value, this metaverse has become their favorite. The Wilder World is full of mini-games that allow you to find numerous tokens.

NFT Market:

It is no secret that the non-fungible token industry is exploding, and since these pieces are so scarce, you have to buy or sell them through a Wilder World marketplace

As we have mentioned previously, the metaverse has a large market for collectors, thereby making the market that much more significant. The Wilder World platform also allows users to liquefy assets.

Artists’ Guild:

It is envisaged that the platform will facilitate the connections between creatives and allow them to intermingle within the Metaverse. 

Thus, they will be able to build meaningful relationships and create more projects. The guild welcomes 3D artists and allows them to sell their work for tokens. When artists sell their artwork, they receive payment in $WILD tokens.

Wilder World Mechanism

This Wilder World metaverse is a 3D world that works with NFTs. Zero.space makes it possible for the team to build a realistic world for players. 

It goes without saying that everything in the game is 3-dimensional, and many of the assets that holders own are also NFTs. Interacting with other players, acquiring properties, and even selling some products are all possible inside the game.

It, therefore, has a great deal in common with the real world. Unique projects can be created and minted in the space. Additionally, artists interested in collecting rare and intriguing artwork may join the ecosystem.


NFT marketplaces face some challenges that the Wilder World ecosystem hopes to resolve. The marketplace is rarely decentralized; for the most part, a single organization controls all operations. 

Wilder World plans to remedy this by acting as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) where sellers and buyers get to transact through a community-centered platform.


Besides all the above, Wilder World strives to find a solution to the liquidity issue, which has been a problem throughout the industry. 

As the number of artwork collectors increases, it may be easier to get liquidity when an asset is sold.


Ultimately, Wilder World plans to provide utility, especially to digital products. While many NFTs have no utilities, tokens on Wilder World have a few

An NFT car, for instance, can be driven in the metaverse in addition to being rented. You can also own pets and fly aircraft.

Here’s how to get started

As the Wilder World Metaverse is still in development, many features have not yet been added.

On the Wilder World official website, you can bid on NFTs that have been created, such as kicks and wheels, to become an owner when the developers have everything fully ready. 

You can, however, purchase the $WILD token while the project is still in development. The first step you take to purchase the coin is to register with an exchange that supports it, like Kucoin, Gate.io, and many others.

The account creation process requires entering your basic information, such as your email address, name, and other KYC (Know Your Customer) information. Depositing fiat into your account is the next step. You can choose from various currencies at most exchanges, and you can also use your favorite payment method.

Buying the coin is the final step. When you credit your account with fiat, you can easily search for $WILD and buy the amount you prefer. Once this is done, you can transfer your $WILD token to your preferred wallet. 

You can find more info about Wilder World here.

Bloktopia and Wilder World:

Wilder World announced Bloktopia as their newest collaborators in the Metaverse. Although it may seem like Bloktopia and Wilder World Nation are competitors, it’s exciting news that they will be working together!

Bloktopia is one of the first communities to use the Wilder World Metaverse as soon as it is released from closed beta later this year.

While Wilder World acts as a portal between worlds, Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse created to deliver a unique VR experience for the crypto community and bring users together in one immersive and participating virtual world. 

Bloktopia, incorporating Unity technology by the founders of Sony PlayStation VR, offers some Web3 cyberpunk-style visualizations and a very engaging user experience.

Bloktopia’s new BLOK21 Clubhouse in Wilder World will act as a gateway into both worlds, allowing Wilders and Bloktopian visitors to explore and roam freely in both dimensions of the new reality they are creating together as decentralized, interconnected Metaverses.

Just as $WILD powers the Wilder World Nation, $BLOK powers Bloktopia. You can use it to purchase real estate, purchase avatar items, or buy NFTs on the marketplace. 

We expect that there will be some exciting collaborations in the near future that will benefit both communities and holders. Bloktopia’s community will be one of the first to use Wilder World’s Metaverse once it emerges from closed beta later this year. 

Meanwhile, both projects will collaborate closely on designing the architecture of the BLOK21 Clubhouse in the Wiami and many more metaverse projects.

More About Bloktopia

Bloktopia is a decentralized Web3 Metaverse One-Stop Crypto-Hub powered by Polygon, designed to deliver an unforgettable VR experience to the crypto community and connect users in one immersive and engaging virtual world.

The Bloktopia Web3 Skyscraper is essentially a building with 21 floors dedicated to honoring 21 million Bitcoins.

The Bloktopia Skyscraper will represent the central hub and be the gathering place for all cryptocurrency-related levels of expertise.

With Bloktopia, VR is utilized to interact, play crypto-based games, enjoy, and engage in many ways, enabling the first-person perspective unavailable anywhere else. 

Bloktopia will bring crypto-related information and interactive content under the same roof for the very first time.

$BLOK coin owners will be known as Bloktopians, and Bloktopia will serve as a central hub for crypto enthusiasts at all levels. 

In the Bloktopia Metaverse, players will earn revenue through a variety of opportunities, including real estate ownership, advertising revenue, and Play-To-Earn games and activities. 

Bloktopia’s Four Pillars


This is the first segment that takes into account how difficult it can be to navigate the crypto world.

The Internet is flooded with resources and information on Crypto and Web3, including YouTube, Telegram, and Crypto Twitter, and they are very fragmented at the moment.

Bloktopia is geared towards addressing this challenge by positioning itself as a central hub where users can gather and learn in a safe and open environment.


With the many income streams offered by Bloktopia, there are many ways to earn revenue. Bloktopians have many options for building wealth, including Bloktopia real estate, passive $BLOK coin earning, advertising, and staking.


Play is another essential component of any metaverse ecosystem, and competition, fun, and relaxation cannot exist without it. Through Bloktopia, users are able to interact with friends, play interactive games, and network while exploring a virtual reality world from a first-person viewpoint.


Finally, developers will give their users the chance to push the limits of their creativity by designing scenes, challenges, artworks, and more, creating them with a simple tool, and then participating in events to win prizes.


As an established player in a market with immense potential, Wilder World embodies Metaverse’s ethos into its very foundation.

Wilders are creating the most democratic and inclusive metaverse platform yet, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this experienced team and their superb project.

Bloktopia News

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